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Vol. XXIII, No. 48 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida November 27, 2010

THANK YOU:   My family and I wish to thank all of you that sent cards, mass cards and prayers for our Mom.   We were lucky to have her for so long and at home.   MY ONLY REGRET IS THAT SHE DIDN'T COME DOWN AND SEE WHAT A CARING AND SPECIAL PLACE I CALL HOME.   GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.       --Angie Richards

BOOK CLUB will meet at 1 PM on Monday, Nov., 29th, in the Book and Game room to review "The Help" by Katherine Stockett.   This popular, NY Times best-seller about the lives and relation of women in the south in the '60's, is poignant and thought provoking.   Come join us, as Eleanor Barth leads the discussion.   Questions?   Call Betty Dowling, 484-8380

MOVIE for December 1st, at 7:30 PM, will be the second part of Empire Falls.       --Arlene Hyde

LINE DANCING:   New beginner line dancers can come for extra help at 8:30 AM, on Thursday, December 2nd.       --June McMains

THE NY-NJ BREAKFAST will be on December 2nd, at 9 AM, at our annual restaurant, Millie's, on Clark Road.   Hope those who are back for the season, including renters, will sign up and come for a delicious meal.   Any questions, call Eleanor at 485-9714.

The OHIO CLUB will meet Thursday, December 9, from 3-5 in the Clubhouse.   Bring finger food (last year's variety was wonderful--remember the Buckeyes), something to drink, AND A WHITE ELEPHANT.   The item is not as important as the wrapping.   This is your chance to be artistic and tempt the rest of us.   Our exchange will be a bit different this year.   Bring something THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE!   The less serious, the better.   You do not have to put your name on it.   Sign up, and wear your nametag.   See you there.       --Posie and George 480-1868

REGATTA:   Our first regatta of this season will be Sunday, December 12th at the pool, at 1:30 PM.   New owners and renters are strongly invited to join in.   For information about our Regatta, please call the Commodore, Jerry Becker, at 412-0879.   Hot dogs and other goodies will be available.   Hope to see many of you there.      --Roland Carey

KGC Roundtable presents entertainment on December 15, 2010.   Tickets will be on sale Saturday, December 4th and 11th, for our first entertainment of the season!   There will be the Memories who sing and play instruments and impersonate and Paul Pitts, a tenor, with a thunderous voice in the manner of Pavarotti.   Doors open @ 6:15, the music begins @ 7:00 P.M. with a short intermission between acts.   Tickets are $8.00/person and you can also buy them at the door on opening night.   Please support our Round Table.       --Emil and Shirley DePasquale

PIZZA-HORSE RACES PARTY:   Thanks to the following people who helped to make this event such a success:   Chair - Fred Lewis; Consultant - Mary Porzio; Bookies - Marge Fulgoni, Gerry Coleman, Fran Yaros, Arlene Herbert and Mary Ann Lyford; Odds Makers - Judy Spears, Jan Collins and Hank Baxter; Trash Clean-up - Dick Lyford.   Several ladies also helped in the kitchen.   This is always a fun evening and was well-attended by our residents.      --SJB

CELEBRATING LIFE:   Wish a very, Happy Birthday to the following KGC residents!

BOWLING results (with handicap)   -   November 16, 2010: --   Ben Quirion

High Series High Game
Judy Auerbach 643 Judy Auerbach 238
Joan Potts 630 Arlene Herbert 224
Sonia Scheerer 623 Sonia Scheerer 223

High Series High Game
Gene Fournier 601 Dick Nolin 220
Dick Nolin 594 Gene Fournier 215
Lou Herbert 587 Bill Gilbert 213

BOWLING results (with handicap)   -   November 23, 2010   --   Ben Quirion

High Series High Game
Judy Auerbach 615 Sonia Scheerer 230
Lorraine Quirion 605 Grace See 227
Grace See 598 Arlene Herbert 225

High Series High Game
Dick Lyford 603 Hank Baxter 229
Bill Gilbert 597 Ben Quirion 223
John Vella 591 John Vella 212

Congratulations to George Ray, who bowled a Scratch Game of 242.

HARD ROCK -12/2:   The bus usually fills up fast, so sign up now...$25.   This includes round trip transportation, $25 in free play, $5 food coupons and bus driver's tip.   NEXT HARD ROCK WILL BE JANUARY 13TH, 2011...SAME DEAL (BACK IN TIME FOR JETTY PICNIC).
Forever Plaid - January 13, 2011:   Lunch at Ruth Eckerd (box lunch) and show, $45.00.   Payments due Dec.4th, 2010.
Glenn Miller Orchestra - January 26:   Lunch at Ruth Eckerd (box lunch) and show, $45.00. Payments would be appreciated.
Rat Pack is Back - March 13, 2011:   Ruth Eckerd, with dinner at the Colonnade, $99.00.
REMINDER:   Trips booked with All Around Tours do NOT include tips for bus driver or tour guide, so have a couple singles available.
Reminder:   Eastern Caribbean Cruise on January 27 - Feb.6, 2011.   We still have room for you!   Final payments were due by November 13th, 2010.   Document party:   January 7th, 2011.   Mark your calendars.
Flamingo Court, Feb. 27, 2011, Unsinkable Molly Brown, March 6, 2011, Silver Foxes, 3/16/2011, Sailor Circus, April 1, 2011 and Church Basement Ladies, 4/10/2011 (sold out).   Second date:   Thursday evening show, 4/7/2011, $60.00.
There is something for everyone; sign up today!   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me...thank you.
Don and Mary Lou Richmond, Travel Coordinators:  941-484-6807
John and Sandy Eade, Travel Partners:  941-484-4440

KINGS GATE CLUB OFFICE MANAGER:   Michele Rachal, our Office Manager, has completed the 40 hour course of study for taking the Community Association Manager's license examination.   The course she took was a webinar computer class that she participated in for many evenings in her office.   This was a significant sacrifice for her and her family over several weeks.   Michele, as she has done on other classes, passed her state examination with a score of 98.   Of course, she was angry that she did not make a perfect score.   This new credential allows Michele the opportunity to advance further in her career with King's Gate Club.   Michele is always helpful to our residents and never too busy to answer our questions, etc.   We're proud of you, Michele!

WALKING AFTER DARK:   When walking after dark in the Club, please be sure to carry a flashlight and wear light clothes.   And, of course, in the daylight or dark, be sure to walk toward the traffic.

LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE:   Thanks to Tom Patricca, Chair, and to Martha Hicks and Mary Jane Shelby for the work they are doing to help beautify our Club.   Eve, the Custodian, helps them.   Rod and Lucy Kent have "adopted" the gazebo and are working there.   Some people have volunteered to help with watering the plants, and more help is needed.

THOUGHTS:   It's that time of year again - time to seriously consider running for either the Board of Directors or the Round Table.   I served on the Round Table Committee and eventually was Round Table Chair from 2001-03.   I found that it was a rewarding experience, and you realize what a wonderful place King's Gate Club is to live.   You must indicate your desire to run for the BOD or Round Table on, or before, December 3, 2010.   Please give this serious thought - you will be happy if you do decide to be a candidate.       --SJB

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