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Vol. XXIII, No. 45 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida November 6, 2010

HEALTHLINE:   Angie Richards' mother, Elsie Galanti, died on Thursday, 10-28-10.   Prayers and cards would be appreciated.   Angie is at her daughter's house, in MA; the address is in the Directory.
     Ron Carpenter had a procedure last week and was a little under the weather.   It was good to see him on Sunday night, at the Halloween Party, and we hope his recuperation is a quick one.
     Fran Saylor, 143 Duchess, is home from the hospital and feeling much better.   She thanks those that have prayed and sent cards to her.
     Vickie Miller is home from the hospital.   I spoke to her Wednesday, and she has fibromyalgia which is affecting her muscles.   Her goal is to be here, in KGC, December 30th.   Her address up North is in our Directory.   She thanks everyone for all the cards and calls.      --Irene Bette

LINE DANCING will start on November 9th for advanced, November 11th for beginners, at 9:00 AM in the clubhouse.   New dancers welcome.       --June McMains

MENS 18 HOLES GOLF LEAGUE started last Wednesday, on November 3, at 10:30 AM, at Lake Venice Golf Course.   White sign-up slips are in the KGC Clubhouse golf box.   Try to have your sign-up slip in the box by Sunday at 2 PM.   Questions?   Call Vic Griseto at 488-1788.

MOVEMENT FOR HEALTH begins on Wednesday, Nov. 10th at 11:15 AM, in the clubhouse.   See you there!       --Gigi Conway

LADY GOLFERS needed for the Wednesday afternoon 9-hole ladies' "league".   We have changed our start time to 2 PM.   The fee is $22.00 plus tax, which includes a riding cart.   Come out and play with us.       --Mary Carpenter and Sue Simmons

MOVIE for Wednesday, Nov. 10th, will be IT'S COMPLICATED with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin.   Rated R.   Ten years after their divorce, Jane (Meryl Streep) and Jake (Alec Baldwin) Adler unite for their son's college graduation and unexpectedly end up sleeping together.   But Jake is married, and Jane is embarking on a new romance with her architect, Adam (Steve Martin).   Now, she has to sort out her life -- just when she thought she had it all figured out.   Nancy Meyers writes and directs this Golden Globe-nominated comedy.   Movie 7:30.       --Arlene

THURSDAY 9-HOLES GOLF at Waterford.   Tee time for November is 2:04 PM.       -Ben Quirion

JETTY PICNIC:   Thursday, Nov. 11th, at the North Jetty.   Everyone is welcome to enjoy the fun, relaxation, and the beautiful sunset.   Bring your favorite dish for at least ten people.    Don't forget social hour snacks, your refreshment and place setting.   Social Hour: 4-5. Dinner: 5PM.       --Claire Becker

FLU SHOTS will be given on Friday, NOVEMBER 12, from 2 to 3 PM in the KGC Hall.   Sign up sheet is posted.       --Eleanor Gregory

GUIDE DOGS:   Southeastern Guide Dogs has recently opened a working "Development Center" in downtown Sarasota, at the corner of Main St. and Orange Ave.   Trainers and GD students will use the site to practice on walking the streets.   Information is also available, and sometimes there will be puppies to pet.   Next Saturday, November 13th, our three current "puppies" will visit - you can see your dollars at work.       --Nip Barker

Patio Party, the season's first, will be held on Sunday, November 14, from 2 to 4 PM.   Patty Highland will entertain us with her music to listen and dance to, and an ice cream social will be held during intermission.   The Round Table invites all to come and enjoy the music, greet friends and enjoy our patio and pool.       --Barb Amatrudo and Betty Hamilton

GREAT LAKES LUNCHEON:   Thursday, November 18th, 12 PM at Millie's Restaurant, 3900 Clark Rd., Sarasota.   If you are from Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota or Canada, you are most welcome to attend.   Please sign up on the sheet at back of clubhouse, and be sure to wear your name tag.   Call 488-0664 or 480-1544 for information.       --Dot Grams

SOLOS:   We will meet for dinner at Ophelia's (by Publix), on Thursday, November 18th (earlier because of Thanksgiving), at 5 PM.   Many $10.99 specials, and Happy Hour is 2 for 1.   A menu is posted on the board where you can sign up.   Any questions, call Alex or Jeanne at 485-3121.

NY-NJ BREAKFAST will be on December 2nd, at 9 AM, at our annual restaurant, Millie's, on Clark Road.   Hope those who are back for the season, including renters, will sign up and come for a delicious meal.   Any questions, call Eleanor at 485-9714.

HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR DANCE:   Martha and I would like to thank all of the folks who worked so hard on making this event a success.   We had 154 people in the audience.   From what I hear, they had a wonderful time watching the show and enjoying the Dance.       Thanks again.   Tom & Martha Hicks            Editor's note:   View the Halloween Party photo's on

NOTICE - IMPORTANT INFORMATION:   Last Saturday, I talked about the fire that occurred at Penny Sweitzer's home, on King Arthur Drive.   The fire occurred while having her home power washed.   Water entered one of the external power sockets, and because there was no GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) installed, the water entering the power socket caused sparks, and in turn, a fire.
     This appears to be a rare occurrence, and some folks that have lived at KGC, for many years, could not recall such an event happening. The power wash guy was equally surprised, as he too had never experienced such a thing.
     Fortunately, and thanks to Arlene & Lou Herbert, Lou put the fire out with his extinguisher, and Arlene got Penny out of her home and phoned 911. The local Fire Department arrived and ensured there were no hot spots and that the fire was completely extinguished. Penny's caregiver, Joan Andrews, had Penny stay at her home that night and took care of her.   These are fine examples of the truly caring people and the Community we are so fortunate to live in.
     From personal experience, every time we have had our home power washed, which does have a GFI, the GFI has tripped every time, thus cutting off power to the power outlet.
     If you have any doubt as to whether you have a GFI, or not, my recommendation is to have a licensed electrician inspect your external power sockets, and, if necessary, install a GFI.
     I believe all external power sockets should be water proof and intended for outside use. It is important that whatever is installed meets the local electrical and fire safety codes.       --Alan Holdway

Monday Shuffleboard   -   November 1, 2010       --   Ralph Garver

Position   Team   Won Lost Tie
1 3 11.5 6.5
2 2 11 7 *
3 5 11 7 *
4 8 9.5 8.5
5 4 8.5 9.5
6 1 7 11 *
7 6 7 11 *
8 7 6.5 11.5

WELCOME:   Please welcome Henry Schneider, new owner of 171 Duchess Ave., who moved here from Venice Fl.
      We also welcome back former renters (as well as former owners) George and Patty Ray, who are from Groveport, Ohio.   They are staying at 197 Castle DR.
      Please make them all feel welcome.       --Martha Hicks

BOWLING results (with handicap) - November 2, 2010:

High Series High Game
Dick Nolan 634 239
Bill Thurston 630
Don Fisher 630
Kerrie Morawa 621 221
Dot Grams 641
Sonia Scheerer 625

REMINDER: You MUST call BEN, at 484-3134, if you cannot bowl on scheduled date.
We need new bowlers; call Ben Quirion at 484-3134.

KGC CLOTHING:   Not too early to be shopping for Christmas!   Don't know what to get?   Buy yourself, or your special someone, some clothing, hats or license plates, with the KGC logo on it.   A catalog is available.   Inquiries may be made to Mary Jane Shelby, at 941-484-4612.

The travel desk is located in the back of the hall each Saturday, before the social meeting.   We show you what we have to offer and make reservations for our shows.   Please check us out.   If you plan on traveling with us, on any of the upcoming shows, I need a medical form filled out and put in a sealed envelope, in case of an emergency.   We have the forms at the travel desk.   We try to collect payments one month in advance, for upcoming shows, as buses have to be ordered and reservations have to be paid in advance.
Thanksgiving - November 25:   Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre, round-trip transportation, wonderful Thanksgiving meal, with carved meats and all the trimmings.   Andrews Brothers is the show, in the Off Broadway Theatre, $60.   TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO MAKE RESERVATIONS.
HARD ROCK -12/2:   The bus usually fills up fast, so sign up now...$25.00
ANDRE RIEU - 12/10:   Admission to St. Pete Times Forum and dinner before the show at the Colonnade.   Excellent seats.   $154.00 per person.   Payments due in full, today.  Thank you.
Forever Plaid - January 13, 2011:   Lunch at Ruth Eckerd (box lunch) and show, $45.00.
Glenn Miller Orchestra - January 26:   Lunch at Ruth Eckerd (box lunch) and show, $45.00.
Rat Pack is Back - March 13, 2011:   Ruth Eckerd, with dinner at the Colonnade, $99.00.
Reminder:  Eastern Caribbean Cruise on January 27 - Feb.6, 2011.   We still have room for you!   Final payments are due by November 13th, 2010.   Document party:   January 7th, 2011.   Mark your calendars.
UPCOMING SHOWS:   Flamingo Court, Feb. 27, 2011, Unsinkable Molly Brown, March 6, 2011, Silver Foxes, 3/16/2011, Sailor Circus, April 1, 2011 and Church Basement Ladies, 4/10/2011 (sold out).      Second date:  Thursday evening show, 4/7/2011, $60.00.
There is something for everyone; sign up today!   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me...thank you.  

Do you have plans for Christmas?   All Around Tours is offering a trip to Savannah, on December 23-26th.   $599 per person (based on double occupancy).   Three nights accommodations at Sheraton Four Points Historic District, three full hot breakfasts (at Eli's), dinner at Paula Dean's, Our Lady and Sons, Christmas eve dinner at Eli's, Christmas Day meal, informative tour of Savannah and a holiday party get-together, with gift exchange.   Thursday morning departure; Sunday evening return.   If interested, see me soon!

Don and Mary Lou Richmond, Travel Coordinators:  941-484-6807
John and Sandy Eade, Travel Partners:  941-484-4440

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