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Vol. XXIII, No. 41 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida October 23, 2010

KGC BOOK CLUB will meet in the Book and Game Room, on Monday, October 25, at 1 PM.   See details below.

STAINED GLASS:   Interested in learning Stained Glass?   Want a "refresher"?   Come to the Activities Room, Tuesday, Oct 26, at 1 PM, for more info.   Questions?   Call Jessica Prentice at 488-5267.

DOMINOS has started on Thursday nights in the Clubhouse, at 7 PM.   New players are always welcome.   No sign up - just show up before 7 PM.       --Barb Amatrudo

LEAGUE SHUFFLEBOARD will begin on Monday, Nov. 1, at 9:30 AM.   We need players.   Everyone is welcome.   Practice at 10 AM on Saturdays, until 11/1.       --Sandy Garver

BLOOD DRIVE:   The blood mobile will be at KGC on Friday, Nov. 5, from at 8:30 until 11:30 AM.   If you can donate blood, please consider this note-worthy cause; there is always a high demand for blood in our area.   A sign-up sheet is posted in the clubhouse - pick your time.       --George Agricola

FLU SHOTS' CORRECTION DATE:   The wrong date was previously given in the newsletter.   The CORRECT DATE is NOVEMBER 12, from 2 to 3 PM in the KGC Hall.       --Eleanor Gregory

SAVE THE DATE:   This season's first Patio Party will be held on Sunday, November 14, from 2 to 4 PM.   Patty Highland will entertain us with her music to listen and dance to, and an ice cream social will be held during intermission.   The Round Table invites all to come and enjoy the music, greet friends and enjoy our patio and pool.       --Barb Amatrudo

BOWLING October 19, 2010:

High Series' Bowlers (w/hdcp) High single (w/hdcp)
John Vella 630 251
Val Mackas 613
Fred Carbone 609
Grace See 588 215
Mary Carpenter 571
Angela Richards 470

The results of last week's bowling are posted on the bulletin board.       --Ben Quirion

NEW TO VIDEO LIBRARY:   Letters to Juliet.   Still waiting for someone to return 2nd disc for the John Adams Series.       --Jean Ickes

KGC BOOK CLUB:   The first meeting, of the season, will be held on Monday, October 25 at 1:00, in the Book and Game Room.   Pat Cavalier will lead the discussion on Half Broke Horses, by Jeannette Walls.   This true-life novel is about the author's grandmother, who was born in 1901, in a one-room dugout in West Texas.   By age six, she was helping her father break horses.   At fifteen, she left home to teach in a frontier town -- riding five hundred miles on her Mustang pony, alone, to her job in Arizona.  She learned to drive a car and fly a plane, and, with her husband, ran a vast ranch.  This fascinating story is a journey from the turn of the twentieth century to the post-WWII era.
      The Round Table purchased a copy of this book, which is being circulated among Book Club members and will be placed in the KGC Library after Oct. 25.  It is also available from the Public Library.   Call Venice Library (861-1330) or Jacaranda Library (861-1260), or request the book online at   A copy will be transferred from the Gulf Gate Library, where it's on the shelf, to the library of your choice.   Everyone is welcome to attend the Book Club meeting.
                  --Sandy McIntyre for Betty Dowling, who is still in Pennsylvania.

TRAVEL:   The travel desk is located in the back of the hall each Saturday, before the social meeting.   We show you what we have to offer and make reservations for our shows.   Please check us out.   If you plan on traveling with us, on any of the upcoming shows, I need a medical form filled out and put in a sealed envelope, in case of an emergency.   We have the forms at the travel desk.   We try to collect payments one month in advance, for upcoming shows, as buses have to be ordered and reservations have to be paid in advance.

  You may want to bring a sweater, as sometimes it is very cool in the casino.   We should be back between 3:30-4:00 PM.
HARD ROCK -12/2:   The bus usually fills up fast, so sign up now...$25.00
THE SINGING CHRISTMAS TREE - DEC. 8, 7 PM at the First Baptist Church, in Sarasota, $10.   Today is the last day to sign up, before tickets go on sale to the public.   If you want to go, you must sign up today.   Drive yourself or car pool.   I have maps available.
ANDRE RIEU - DEC. 10:   Admission to St. Pete Times Forum and dinner before the show at the Colonnade.   Excellent seats:   $154.00 per person.
Forever Plaid - January 13, 2011:   Lunch at Ruth Eckerd (box lunch) and show, $45.00.
Glenn Miller Orchestra - January 26:   Lunch at Ruth Eckerd (box lunch) and show, $45.00.
Rat Pack is Back - March 13, 2011:   Ruth Eckerd, with dinner at the Colonnade,  $99.00.

Reminder:  Eastern Caribbean Cruise on January 27 - Feb.6, 2011.   We still have room for you!   Final payments are due by November 13th, 2010.   Document party:   January 7th, 2011.   Mark your calendars.

UPCOMING SHOWS:   Flamingo Court, Feb. 27, 2011, Unsinkable Molly Brown, March 6, 2011, Silver Foxes, 3/16/2011, Sailor Circus, April 1, 2011 and Church Basement Ladies, 4/10/2011 (sold out).   Second date:   Thursday evening show, 4/7/2011, $60.00.

There is something for everyone; sign up today!   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me...thank you.   Mary Lou

Don and Mary Lou Richmond, Travel Coordinators:   941-484-6807
John and Sandy Eade, Travel Partners:   941-484-4440

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