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News I will clean house, when Sears sells a riding vacuum.

Vol. XX, No. 38 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida October 2, 2010

HEALTHLINE:   Ruth Grimaldi has been moved to Manor Care, Room 138 A.   The address is: 1450 East Venice Ave, Venice, FL 34292.   Telephone: 480-5716.       --Irene Bette

POOL EXERCISES will begin on Mon., Oct. 4th at 9:30 AM. Come join us.       --Bob Johnson

JETTY PICNIC:   Thursday, Oct. 7th. Social time: 4 PM. Dinner: 5 PM. Where: North Jetty.   This is the first Jetty Picnic of the season.   Everyone welcome for a good time by all.   Catch up on the summer news during social hour.   Bring a dish for ten people, plus your place setting.   Looking forward to seeing everyone.       Claire Becker, Chairperson

DVD LIBRARY:   We are still waiting for SOMEONE to return Disc. 2, of the John Adams Series.   No use putting it in the video room, until it has been returned.   Someone took out Lost In Space, but it was returned with no disc.   New DVD: Robin Hood.   Also, I replaced Miss Congeniality 2, with Sandra Bullock, and I Am Legend, with Will Smith.   Donated to the Club: Saving Private Ryan, Iron Man, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and in the Children's Section, Spiderwick and The Lizzie McGuire Movie.       --Jean Ickes

ORCHIDS to Jean Ickes, for all her work in the DVD Library!

BOWLING - Season 2010 - 2011:   The teams are made and posted on the bulletin board, with a sign up sheet for the new bowlers.   League bowling starts on Tuesday, October 12, 2010.   For more information, call Ben Quirion at 484-3134.

FLU SHOTS will be given on November 13, 2010 from 2 - 3 PM, in the KGC Hall.   Sign up sheet will be posted in October.       --Eleanor Gregory

CELEBRATING LIFE: Happy Birthday wishes to these people, with October birthdays:

If you would like your birthday published in the KGC Newsletter, please send your information to, or, if you do not use e-mail, ask a friend or the office to send it for you.


Thank you to the 52 guests we had on our bus Sunday, to Broadway Palm.   The trip was very nice, good food, and the show was excellent.   Tell your friends if you had a good time, and we will be glad to book them for upcoming trips.

Hard Rock:   10/28 - Round trip transportation, $25.00 free play, $5 food coupon, driver's tip and good friendship. Please consider joining us.  We leave at 7:30 AM; back about 3:30 pm.
Thanksgiving 11/25 - Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre. Leaving at 4 PM. Round trip transportation, excellent meal, tax  gratuity and bus driver's tip included.  We are seeing the Andrew Brothers.  This will be in the Off Broadway Theatre: choice seats and very comfortable; only l7 rows in the theatre.  Sign up, and make payments to King's Gate Club Travel - $60.00.
Hard Rock 12/1 -This is the casino in Tampa, same as above, on l0/28.  Sign up now please....$25.00.

All the shows are listed on the web page: and click on the ship for more details on the shows.

All Around Tours is offering many trips:  I can't book every trip, so if you are interested in any of the trips listed below, please sign up now.  Payments for these trips: checks to All Around Tours and bring them to our travel desk.   If you have any questions, see Mary Lou, or call her at home:  484-6807.
The Rocketts' Christmas Spectacular - Saturday November 20, at Barbara Mann Theatre in Ft.Myers.  Orchestra seating, and lunch at the Golden Coral.  $138.00 per person.
Andre Rieu - December l0. Admission to St.Pete Times Forum: dinner before the show at the Colonnade.  Excellent seats.  $154.00 per person/
Forever Plaid -Thursday, January l3.   Lunch at Ruth Eckerd (box lunch and show).  $45.00
Glen Miller Orchestra  - January l6.   Lunch at Ruth Eckerd (box lunch and show).  $45.00
Rat Pack is Back - March 13, 2011.   Ruth Eckerd, with dinner at the Colonnade.   $99.00
If you are interested in the above shows, I have space available.   Please book with me. and I will give you all the details.

Checks are due for The Rocketts' Christmas Spectacular, at this time.

Reminder - Eastern Caribbean Cruise on January 27- Feb.6, 2011:  we still have room for you.  Final payments due by November 13th.  Document Party: Jan.7th, 2011.  Mark your calendars

Medical Forms:   If you need to update your medial forms, please pick up a new blank form, and return it to me in a sealed envelope.   We would appreciate a form for all travelers, in case of emergency.

      Don and Mary Lou Richmond, Travel Coordinators  94l-484-6807.
      John and Sandy Eade, Travel Partners 484-4440.

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