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Vol. XXIII, No. 36 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida September 18, 2010

REMINDER!   The new street surface will need 30 days to fully cure.   Until mid October, do not wash your house, your driveway or your car in the driveway.   Detergents or other chemicals can damage the new surface, if it has not fully cured.  If you have any questions, please call the office.

CONDOLENCES:   Doris Miller, 86 King Arthur Drive, passed away on September 7.   Our deepest sympathy to her husband, Bob, and their family.   Prayers and cards would be appreciated.   The Miller's northern address is in the KGC Telephone Directory.

HEALTHLINE:   Jim Cook, 166 Duchess Ave, is now at home in Wabash, IN. With the Doctor's approval, they hope to be back in 'Paradise' in late October.   Please keep him and Dolores in your prayers. He thanks you for all the kind sentiments!
      Beverly Gulsby, our former maintenance person, is in Venice Regional Hospital, Room 259.   They found cancer in both lungs.   Please keep her in your prayers, and I'm sure cards would be appreciated.   Her home address is:   115 Woodrose Way, Venice, FL  34293.   Home Phone:  412-4217; Cell Phone:  416-5978      --Irene Bette

Are You Ready to Party?   Our annual Pirate Scavenger Hunt is on for Oct 2nd.   You are cordially invited to go on a Pirate Scavenger Hunt, at 3 PM, Sat., Oct 2nd.   Tickets will be on sale Sat.. Sept 18th and 25th, for $5 P/P.   Pirates, and their wenches, will go out on the hunt in groups of 4, using golf carts.   The hunt will include the Park and the Club. There will be cash prizes for the Pirates and wenches who display the most authentic regalia.   A scavenger list of twenty rhymes, or sayings, will help you find all of the answers to the riddles.
      Return to the ship at 5 PM, to count up all of your scores for prizes:   1st - $15;   2nd - $10;   3rd - $5.
Yo Ho Maties:   come and enjoy a bottle of Rum with us, at Happy Hour - BYOB.
      6 PM:   Enjoy our favorite Fried Chicken dinner with baked beans, cole-slaw & rolls.   Bring along one of your special dishes to share with your fellow Pirateers.
      7 PM: Stay around a while, and dance up a storm on the decks.       --Tom and Martha Hicks

THANK YOU:   A BIG thank you to Sandy McIntyre, who each week faithfully puts the Newsletter on the KGC web site.   I found out this past week how many of the "snowbirds", who are north for the summer, read our paper.   We had many calls and e-mails from people who are away from the Club, after they read "Seat Belts and Air Bags."   The interest in KGC remains, whether we are "in residence" or away.   So, Sandy, on behalf of all of us, who are up north, we want you to know that we appreciate your work.      --SJB

All payments should be in for I Love a Piano, $55.00   This is a matinee show on Sept. 26th, 2010, and buses will load at approximately, l0:00 a.m.

Travel Schedule is posted on the web page, and click on the ship.

Hard Rock on l0/28/2010, $25.00; you can bring a friend.  Payments would be appreciated within the next week.

Hard Rock - Note change of date -  December 2, 2010, a THURSDAY.  $25.00.

SAILOR CIRCUS - Note change of date:   Friday, April 1st, 2011.

Church Basement Ladies:  April 10, 2011; wait list only.

      All Around Tours is offering many trips; I can't book every trip.   I have space reserved for the following:

The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular:   Saturday, November 20th, at Barbara Mann Theatre in Ft. Myers.   Orchestra Seating and lunch at the Golden Coral.   $138.00 per person.

Andre Rieu:    December 10th, 20l0.   Admission to St. Pete Times Forum; dinner after the show at the Colonnade.   Excellent Seats....$154.00 per person.

Forever Plaid: Thurs., Jan.13th, 2011.  Lunch at Ruth Eckerd (box lunch and show).  $45.00.

Glenn Miller Orchestra:  Jan.16, 2011. Lunch at Ruth Eckerd (box lunch and show). $45.00.

Rat Pack is Back:   March 13, 2011, at Ruth Eckerd, with dinner at the Colonnade.  $99.00.

      If you are interested in the above shows...I have space available.   Please book with me, and I will give you the details....

      REMINDER:   January cruise - January 27 - February 6, 2011.  We still have room for you.  Final payments are due for this trip on November 13, 2010.

      Note:  We work with VIP World Travel.  If you have any travel needs, we would appreciate you checking prices with them, before booking your trips. Call 941-377-0017 or toll free, nationwide:  1-800-323-7448.

      MEDICAL FORMS:    If you need to update your medical forms, please pick up a new blank form.  We like to carry a sealed form on each and every traveler, in case of emergency.
      Don and Mary Lou Richmond, Travel Coordinators 94l-484-6807.
      John and Sandy Eade, Travel Partners 484-4440.

THOUGHTS:   Today it is gloomy and very cool in Minnesota.   Makes a return to KGC look more attractive every day.   Think of all the work being done to organize activities for the coming season.   Do want to thank Editor, Sue Logan (and earlier this summer, Dee Hicks) for the work each week on the Newsletter.       --SJB

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