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Vol. XXIII, No. 24 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida June 19, 2010

CONDOLENCES:   Guy Grimaldi of 20 Castle Dr. died June 14, 2010.   He is survived by his wife Ruth and 4 daughters.   Guy and Ruth were married for 67 years.   They purchased their home in KGC in 1983.   They were from Warren PA.   The funeral service will be in Warren PA on Saturday June 19th.   Any memorials may be given to ManorCare Health Services, 1450 E. Venice Ave. Venice, FL or First United Methodist Church, Market St., Warren PA.

GUIDE DOGS:   KGC DUCHESS, since a puppy, has had problems with being distracted by loud noises.   For this reason, she did not graduate from Guide Dog school. She has received additional training to become a Therapy Dog. She has been returned to her "Puppy Raiser" Leigh Anne Novak for her to use visiting nursing homes and schools, etc.   Princess and Queen continue in their training. Squire has not been born as yet.       --Nip Barker

SOLO'S:   Please sign up in the back of the hall to join us at Rosebuds on Thursday June 24th at 5:00pm.   Wear your name tags.   Any questions call  --  Jean 485-9245  --  Irene 485-3353

RULE 20 - CLUB BUILDINGS & FACILITIES:   The Board of Directors shall have the ultimate and final authority on the use of all Club buildings, facilities, and all events taking place in the Club.       --Don Richmond

     The pool will be closed on Sunday, June 20th in order to remove the chlorine level in the pool water so that it can be pumped into the lake on Monday.   The Spa will remain closed until the pool renovation has been completed.   The contractor tells us that it should take 10 working days to complete the resurfacing of the pool.   The pool bathrooms will be closed until Monday, June 21st to allow the new floor surface to cure.
     KING'S GATE PARK will allow our residents to use their pool while ours is closed.   The Park will require our residents to observe their rules which are somewhat different than ours.
- Pool Hours: 7 A.M. to 10 P.M.
- No lifeguard on duty.   Swim at your own risk.
- Children not allowed in pool area without adult supervision.
- Please shower for suntan oil removal before entering pool.
- Pool reserved for Park residents and guests only.  (KGC residents will be guests)
- Bathing load 70.
- No food or drinks permitted around pool.
- No child not toilet trained is allowed in the pool, with or without diaper.
- No rafts or any other flotation device may be used in pool.
If you have any questions please call the office.

SUMMER OUTING:   How about a PEACE RIVER NATURE TOUR with Captain Kirk on Wednesday, June 30th at 3:00pm.   We can car pool to the marina near Punta Gorda.   Food will be available at the Navigator Grille there with "Real Old Florida Riverfront Dining".   The cost is $25.00 per person.   Need 15 or more to sign up with your cash or check for $25.00 to Gigi Conway.   Deadline is June 25th.   If you are willing to drive, let me know.   Any questions call Gigi - 488-7810

VIDEO ROOM:   The following DVD's have been out more than two weeks and if you have them PLEASE return them to DVD room

1. Evening - out since 6/3/10
2. Ratatouille    out since  ?? did not put date
3  Safe Harbor - out since 4/16
4. Chuck and Larry - out since 3/9
5. Avatar - out since 5/10
6. Untraceable - out since 6/1
7. Clearing - out since 6/8
8. Crazy Heart - out since 6/1
9  24 - Season 4 - out since 3/23
10. Amelia - out since 6/1
11. Time Travelers Wife - out since 6/5
12. This is it - out since 6/1
13. The Hurt Locker - out since 6/1
14  Land of the Lost - out since  4/2
15 - Double Jeopardy - out since 6/1
16  Inglorious Bustards - out since  5/31
17  Night at the Museum Battle of Smithsonian  - out since 12/09
18  Dead Man's Walk - out since 2/10
19  Streets of Laredo - out since 2/10
20  Lonesome Dove - out since 10/09
21  Paper Chase - out since 6/5
22. River Runs Through It - out since 4/10
23. Slum dog Millionaire - out since 4/10

NOW Pray tell WHY do people keep the DVD's out more than three days.  It is just not fair to the residents. I get so many calls asking for certain DVD's and it is frustrating to see why residents do this.  IF ANY of you are reading this UP NORTH and you feel you might have one or more of these please email me  so I can pull the card until you return.  Next week I will put the house NO. on the newsletter and maybe that will ring a bell with people!!       --Jean Ickes

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