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Vol. XXIII, No. 23 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida June 12, 2010

SYMPATHY:   Jeanne Steele, 302 Ave of Dukes, died Wednesday June 9th at Sunset Lake Nursing/Rehab facility.   Funeral arrangements have not been finalized.   Sympathy may be sent to her son, John Steele, P.O. Box 43, Brokaw, WI 54568.

THANK YOU:   Sincere thanks for your calls, visits and cards.   They were all a Great Help.      Thank you again,   Jack Gregory

SOLO'S:   Please sign up in the back of the hall to join us at Rosebuds on Thursday June 24th at 5:00pm.   Wear your name tags.   Any questions call   --   Jean 485-9245   --   Irene 485-3353

  A home site is the lot described in the Club documents as being assigned in a KGC Membership Certificate to a member for the placement of a manufactured housing unit and any permitted attached structures. The various components of "home site" and assignment of maintenance requirements and responsibilities are as follows:

All areas of the Club that are covered with grass and reachable with power mowers or hand-held, power-string type trimmers are the responsibility of the Club for: mowing, edging, fertilizing, pest and weed control.

All flower boxes, planters, and rock or mulch filled containment areas that are placed next to the housing unit, or around trees, are the responsibility of the home site owner/member to remove weeds and non-planted growth. Any weed growth that protrudes above the top edge of a containment area shall not be visible from the street. All planted shrubbery shall be trimmed to a height not exceeding triple the width of the containment area. This does not apply to trees which are covered below. Trellises with vines that are attached to the home must not be taller than the home at the point of attachment. Noticeable mildew stains on the home, walls, roofs, lampposts, and building fascia shall be removed by the home site owner/member. Plant growth in the rain gutters of the home shall be removed by the home site owner/member.

1. It is the responsibility of the Club to trim and maintain all trees and shrubbery on common grounds.
2. It is the responsibility of the home site owner/member to trim all trees and shrubbery on their home site, includes all the "right of ways" that abut the home site.
3. All large spreading and/or tall trees (pineapple palms, scrub oaks, Norfolk Island pines, fruit trees, etc.) must be kept trimmed by the owner/member to prevent fronds, limbs, etc. from touching a neighbor's home, encroaching on road traffic areas, and hanging low enough to prevent mowing around the base of the tree.
4. All palm trees must be trimmed by the home site owner/member to remove dying fronds and seed pods.
5. Trees that are on the State of Florida list of "trash trees" cannot be planted. Any tree of this type presently located on a home site shall be prevented by the home site owner/member from having uncontrolled growth and spreading of seeds to other areas.

1. Any violations of this rule will be photographed showing a dimensional reference where needed.   
2. The General Manager will send a "Notice of Violation" to the owner/member along with a photo.
3. A list (logbook) of all violations, and actions taken, will be kept by the General Manager and submitted to the Board of Directors for review.
4. If the home site owner/member has not replied within 30 days of the mailing of "Notice of Violation," the General Manager shall proceed to bring the violation into conformance with this rule by the use of staff employees or contracted labor, and charge the cost to the home site owner/member's account. The General Manager is authorized to negotiate a mutually acceptable solution to the problem with the home site owner/member.       Don Richmond

UPDATE: The Spa is now under construction and seems to be ahead of schedule.   The anticipated completion date is June 17th.   Stay tuned for additional updates!

TRAVEL:   If you have any travel needs, please remember to at least check out prices with VIP World Travel.   They have a toll free number, 1-800-323-7448; local number, 377-0017.
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     Watch the KGC web page for upcoming shows; as we get booked, we will let you know.
Please check out our web page  and click on travel, scroll down to Oasis and enjoy three pages of our cruise, we sure had a good time and hope you consider joining us in January 2011.
Any travel questions, feel free to contact:   Don and Mary Lou Richmond, Travel Coordinator; John and Sandy Eade, Travel Partners

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