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Vol. XXIII, No. 19 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida May 15, 2010

THANK YOU:   Just a note to say thank you to my many friends and neighbors for the prayers, cards, flowers and being there for me after my knee replacement.   This is truly a community of caring friends.       --Pat Sellner

THANK YOU to all of the KGC members for all of the prayers and sympathy wishes for the loss of our mother, Anne Rezin, who passed away in WI on March 26, 2010.   Anne certainly cherished her many friendships and many wonderful years in KGC from 1986 to 2006.   May all of your special memories of her shine in your heart.       --Tom & Kathleen Olsen, 245 Avenue of Barons

TIME CHANGE:   Pool exercises will change to 8:30 am on Monday May 17th.       --Bob Johnson

SOLO'S:   The Solo's will meet Thursday May 20th at 4:30 pm, at the Ivy Steak House, 1185 US 41 Bypass (Regency Square Shopping Center - next to the Kia Dealership).   Sign-up sheet is in rear of hall.   Please wear name tags.   A menu is posted on bulletin board in rear of hall.
      Any questions call Carol Norvell-Cover  -  484-4377

FOOD PANTRY:   182 items were donated to the Food Pantry in May, as well as $308 cash.   A special thanks to our residents for these donations.   Thanks also to the gals who collect these items at the back table at the clubhouse the first Saturday of each month, and to Joe Eichenlaub who delivers the food to South County Food Pantry.

ORCHIDS:   To Don Lambiotte who has agreed to chair the Solo's Group.

SPEED LIMIT:   Remember - the speed limit in the Club is 20 MPH.   Also, walk facing oncoming traffic.   We do not want any accidents!

WANTED:   A person to take over the Flag Display around the pool.   Bob Johnson has been in charge of this display, and he now wishes to retire.   Thanks, Bob, for your work.   If you are willing to take over this duty, contact Jim Purkey.

CABLENEWS:   During the summer months there will be various operators at Cablenews.   Therefore, it is very important to remember to send all items to or leave them on the clip located on the Control Room door.

TRAVEL:   If you have any travel needs, please remember to at least check out prices with VIP World Travel.   They have a toll free number, 1-800-323-7448; local number, 377-0017.
      January 27- February 6, 2011 - 10 day, Eastern Caribbean Cruise.   We still have room for you on the Emerald Princess; consider joining us.
      Watch the KGC web page for upcoming shows; as we get booked, we will let you know.
Please check out our web page and click on travel, scroll down to Oasis and enjoy three pages of our cruise, we sure had a good time and hope you consider joining us in January 2011.
Any travel questions, feel free to contact:   Don and Mary Lou Richmond, Travel Coordinators.
     John and Sandy Eade, Travel Partners.

OHIO residents are planning a gathering on an Ohio River luncheon cruise (B&B Riverboats) on Wednesday July 21, 2010.   All friends of Ohio KGC residents are welcome.
The buffet consists of:
    Beef sirloin tips
    Herb roasted chicken
    Mash potatoes
    Green beans
    Desserts - chef's choice
    Iced tea, coffee, tea (cash bar available)
Cost = $30.00/person
We board at B&B Riverboats at 11:00 am at 101 Riverboat Row, Newport, KY (cross-river from Cincinnati). We can provide directions.   The cruise starts at noon and returns at 2:00 pm.
If interested, please provide a check ($30.00/person) to George Agricola, 24 Castle Dr. before June 5, 2010 OR to 3437 Trovillo Rd., Morrow OH, 45152, before June 30, 2010.

Another activity you may wish include the Reds vs. the Washington Nationals ballgame at Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati on either Tuesday July 20 or Wednesday July 21 at 7:10 pm.   Tickets at 513-381-REDS.       --Betty & George Agricola #24   488-8520

15. a) VEHICLES shall not park or drive on unit lawns or grassy areas, except storage areas, or at the Clubhouse when no paved parking is available without the permission of the Board of Directors.
b) GOLF CARTS shall be prohibited from traveling on grass areas in such a manner as to leave visible tracks. This includes times when grass areas are wet and/or soft.
c) VEHICLES will not be permitted to park in such a way as to create a hazard to the residents of KGC.
1. The following vehicles will display a club decal: Automobiles, trucks, motor homes, RV trailers, boats, boat trailers, utility trailers, golf carts and other motor driven vehicles (i.e. scooters, bicycles, etc.). CLUB DECALS WILL BE PROVIDED UPON REGISTRATION, ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 1, 2007, ACCOMPANIED BY AN INSTRUCTION SHEET FOR PROPER PLACEMENT OF DECALS.
2. Each unit will be provided with two DASHBOARD TAGS to be used by guests at all times while visiting at KGC.  Renters must display the DASHBOARD TAGS during their stay.  Replacement tags will cost $2.00 each.
e) USE OF STORAGE AREA boats, trailers, recreational and commercial vehicles shall not be parked on any drive or location for more than forty-eight hours except in an enclosed area. In excess of forty-eight hours, they must be parked in the designated storage area.  Assignment of specific parking areas for members will be made by the Board of Directors or its representative.  Parking areas will be assigned on an annual basis to currently licensed vehicles only.  However, a motor home may be placed in a driveway for an indefinite time provided it is parked totally under, and does not protrude from under the carport.  Repairs or service of all cars, boats, and recreational vehicles must take place in the utility area provided for that purpose.
The operation of motorcycles within the Club is prohibited.  Mopeds (pedal assisted motorized bikes) and motor scooters (motorized bikes with a wheel diameter of thirteen inches or less), golf carts, etc. may be used within the Club.  Operators of motorized vehicles must be at least 16 years of age.  Florida traffic laws shall apply.
The speed limit of all vehicles in the Club shall be slow and reasonable and never in excess of twenty miles per hour.
      --Don Richmond

RECIPE:   One of the excellent cooks in our Club is Helen Tebbets, and this week she is sharing one of her recipes with us.

     Scald 2 cups milk (cool to lukewarm)
     Add 14 tbs. sugar
     Add 3/4 cake yeast or 2 pkg. dry yeast
     Beat in 2 cups flour until smooth.
     Set aside for 45 minutes.

     Cheese Mixture:
     3 lbs. cottage cheese
     2 cups sugar
     2 eggs
     2 - 8 oz. pkgs. cream cheese
     3/4 cup tapioca
     1 tsp. vanilla

     3rd Step:
     6 cups flour
     1 lb. oleo
     Mix like pie dough.

Then add 4 eggs to the first mixture and mix until smooth.   Let rest 1-1/4 hours.   Make 8 rolls.   Roll each into rectangular shape.   Place 1 cup filling in center.   Cut slits in the side.   Braid over the filling.   Bake at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes.

Thanks, Helen, for sharing this recipe with us.   Enjoy!

THOUGHTS:   Life at the Club is becoming more quiet, but there are still lots of us here.   Last Saturday there were many at the Clubhouse for coffee and the meeting.   It can be a good chance for us to become acquainted with other residents.   We do have many new residents - this is a good time to visit with them.       --SJB

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