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Vol. XXIII, No. 18 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida May 8, 2010

THANKS to this wonderful KGC community for all the cards, food, flowers, prayers, and visits.   It is a privilege to live here and experience such strong support.       ---June McMains

BILL HILDRETH'S memorial services will be on Friday May 14th 2010 at the Sarasota National Cemetery at 2:00pm, and I invite everyone to join us for the service.   The address is 9810 State Road 72, (Clark Rd) Sarasota Florida 34241.   There will be a reception following the service at the Kings Gate Club Hall.       ---Alice Hildreth
Any questions, you may contact Mary Lou Richmond at 484-6807, Memorial Chairman.

TRAVEL:   If you have any travel needs, please remember to at least check out prices with VIP World Travel.   They have a toll free number, 1-800-323-7448; local number, 377-0017.
      January 27- February 6, 2011 - 10 day, Eastern Caribbean Cruise.   We still have room for you on the Emerald Princess; consider joining us.
      Watch the KGC web page for upcoming shows; as we get booked, we will let you know.
Any travel questions, contact:   Don and Mary Lou Richmond, Travel Coordinators.
      John and Sandy Eade, Travel Partners.

VIDEO ROOM:   The Talent Show DVD is now in the Video Room for your viewing.   Please check it out just like the regular videos.   DVD's added this week:   Crazy Heart and Its Complicated.   Also Avatar is now in the library.       Thank you.   Jean Ickes

TIME CHANGE:   Pool exercises will change to 8:30 AM on Monday May 17th.       ---Bob Johnson

MOVEMENT FOR HEALTH:   Congratulations to all who participated in this exercise program this past season.   The flexibility and balance you achieved and maintained were outstanding.   "Your children should be very proud of you".   Keep active, flexible and healthy, and have a wonderful summer.   I will look forward to welcoming you all back in November.       ---Gigi

ORCHIDS:   To Loretta Brian who will take over as Bingo Director in the Fall, and to Helen Tebbets, who was Director for Tuesday evening Bingo for the past two years.

CABLENEWS:   During the summer months there will be various operators at Cablenews.   Therefore, it is very important to remember to send all items to or leave them on the clip located on the Control Room door.
Beginning on Thursday, May 13, Dee Hicks will be operating Cablenews while we are on vacation.   Your cooperation makes our job so much easier.       ---Barb Amatrudo

Beachwear type cover-up for ladies or shirts for men must be worn over dry swimsuits whenever bathing attire is worn in the recreational hall, exercise room, crafts room, billiard room or card room.   Footwear is also required.   Wet bathing suits must not be worn in any of the above areas.

VELLAS MOVING WITHIN CLUB:   John and Sandy Vella are moving from 204 Squire Court to their home at 269 Camelot Drive.   Phone number remains the same.

NEW OWNERS:   Welcome to the following new owners:
Adeline Aukstikalnis, who has purchased 210 Castle Drive.   She is from Gardner, MA, and has rented here for the past two years.
Charles and Georgia Hughes, who have purchased 326 King Arthur Drive.   They are from Jackson, OH, and were previously owners of 210 Castle Drive.
We hope you all enjoy many happy years with us here at the Club!

PRAYER SHAWLS:   Rose Jones, who is in charge of the Prayer Shawl Group, announced that 46 prayer shawls have been given to residents this year.   She further stated that 146 have been given altogether since the group was started in 2007.   What wonderful work all you members of the Group are doing!   See Rose if you are interested in knitting for the Group.

IRENE BETTE:   We are so proud of Irene!   She recently received the Venice Theatre's 2010 President's Award in recognition of outstanding volunteer service.   This award is given annually to a volunteer whose work in the past year has gone far beyond the call of duty in more than one area of the Theatre's activities.   Irene has been a volunteer for the past 12 years, but here is a short list of her work the past year:   House management and ushering for both theatres during the season, performing member of the Silver Foxes, volunteer for the Loveland Partnership, volunteer for Troupe in a Trunk, volunteer with Venice Theatre auditions, member of the Raising More Money Development team and annual donor, and lastly daily volunteer clerical and planning for the Education Department.   We're happy that you're a resident of KGC, Irene!

RECIPE:   This week we have a delicious recipe from Lyn Donovan, which we thought you all might enjoy:
           "DEVILED EGGS"
     6 hard-boiled eggs
     3 Tb. mayonnaise
     1/2 stock celery (remove string), finely diced
     1/2 tsp. Mrs. Dash (original)
     1/4 tsp. "Radia" Complete Seasoning
     2 shakes each - salt and pepper

Slice eggs in half - remove yolks.   Mash yolks, add mayonnaise and mix.  
Then add all other ingredients.   Mix and adjust seasonings to
taste.   Spoon egg mixture into egg white halves.   Sprinkle with paprika.  
(Can also add a small amount of finely diced onion if wish).   Enjoy!
Thanks for sharing this recipe with us, Lyn.

THOUGHTS:   When I think of all the work that is done by members of KGC, it is almost impossible to believe.   One of the great reasons to live at the Club is because of the wonderful volunteers.   Now things will quiet down a little, but plans are already underway for next season.      ---SJB

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