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Shirley Bethke
Mary Carpenter
Sandy McIntyre
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Sue Logan
, Editor
News The roundest knight in King Arthur's round table was Sir Circumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.

Vol. XXIII, No. 12 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida March 27, 2010

THANKS:   I would like to thank everyone for your cards and meals while I recuperate.   It really lifts the spirits to know that so many care.   This is why we live here.       --Curt and Linda MacMillan

CONDOLENCES:   Becky Nunn, who lived in King's Gate Club for many years with her husband, Bud, passed away on March 25th.   She inherited the house her parents owned at 98 King Arthur Drive, and her sister, Gloria Clark, also lived in the club for many years.   Sympathy cards may be sent to Mr. Albert Nunn, 1758 Red Cedar Lane, Rock Hill, South Carolina   29732.

NEW KGC PHONE BOOKS:   The 2010/11 phone books are ready and will be distributed TODAY, before and after the social meeting.   Unit owners are entitled to one free directory, IF they have already completed their Resident Profile Form and returned it to the office.   (These forms were distributed a while ago by the office.)   Renters, and anyone wishing an extra directory, can purchase one for $2.       --Maureen Fitzgerald

GUIDE DOGS:   KGC-Princess is here today with her new Puppy Raisers, Joyce and Mike Propsom, residents of Sarasota.   Give them a warm KGC welcome.   Today is Lorraine and Thor Erickson's day at KGC, who have retired from the SEGD Puppy Raising program.   This is OUR day to say Thank You Lorraine and Thor.   Please visit with them and show your KGC appreciation for a job well done.       --Jackie and Nip Barker

DUCHESS AVE BLOCK PARY:   Today Sat., March 27 from 4-7 PM. ??? Call the Tompkins at 480-9294.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to put up seasonal decorations in the Clubhouse.   Remember the beautiful decorations, made by Virginia Kureja, which adorned the Clubhouse walls a year ago, for Easter and other holidays?   Virg is unable to do the decorating this year, but the decorations await some eager, able-bodied volunteers.   Please see or call Jim Purkey, 412-1228

PATIO PARTY:   Tomorrow, Sunday March 28th from 2 to 4 PM.   Enjoy an Ice Cream Sundae and good music.   Any questions, contact Roz Marray, 845-781-8519.

PRESIDENT'S CUP GOLF OUTING is tomorrow, Sunday, March 28.   Banquet following at the KGC Clubhouse:   Sandwiches, beer, wine and setups; BYOB.       --Vic Griseto

BOOK CLUB will meet Mon., Mar.29 @ 1 PM in the library.   The selection is The Orchid Thief, by Susan Orlean, presented by Maggie Dannemiller.   This is a fascinating account of the orchid culture with much of Florida background and history.   Everyone is invited to attend. Questions???   Betty Dowling, 484 8380.

OHIO LUNCHEON will be at 12:30, Wednesday, March 31, at BELLA BREZZA (on the site of the old Key West Restaurant and Casey's Bar and Grill, off 41 by Patriot Park).   George and I had the PIZZA BUFFET: pizza, salad, and beverage for $8.   We saw the sliders and the salads and each could have been shared.   Think about that!   I'd appreciate early sign up so I know which room to choose.   Sign up in the Clubhouse.   Please wear your nametag.   Posie and George, 480-1868/740-815-6425

MOVIE for Wednesday March 31st will be THE BLIND SIDE with Sandra Bullock.   The story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy who became an All American football player and first round NFL draft pick with the help of a caring woman and her family.   See why Sandra Bullock won the academy award for Best Actress this year.   Rated PG 13.   "PLANET EARTH" at 7 PM; Movie 7:30.       --Arlene Hyde

LIFE SKILLS COURSE:   Thursday, April 1, Thursday, April 8 and Thursday, April 15, in the Clubhouse from 10 to 11 AM.   Sign up at Saturday morning meetings.       --Vic Grisetto

JETTY PICNIC:   Thursday, April 1, at the North Jetty.   Social Hour:  4-5 PM.  Dinner @ 5 PM.  Everyone   welcome!   Enjoy the fun and relaxation.   Not an April Fools!   It's for real….  Enjoy the nice spring weather.   Bring your favorite dish for twelve.   Remember your snacks and table settings.      Chairperson, Claire Becker

SOLOS:   Please join us at 5 PM Thursday, April 1, at Althea's.   Sign up in the Clubhouse.   Please wear your name tags. ???   Pat Pethigal, 488-0519 or Lucille Anderson, 488-4573.

TRIVIA:   April 3rd at 7 PM in the Hall.   Come and join in the fun. Answer fun, brain teaser questions for a chance at the jackpot.   The more people that play, the bigger the jackpot.  $1.00 P/P.   BYOB, snacks and your friends.  ???   Call Karen Swanson, 485-2092

SUMMER BOWLING begins on April 6, at Venice Lanes.   Start time is 10 AM.   No need to sign up; just show up ten minutes ahead of time.   Bring quarters if you want to play for the colored pins.       --Tom Patricca, Mary Porzio

SPRING DANCE:   Tickets available today and next Saturday for the spring dance, Steppin' Out, which will be held on April 10th.   Social at 6:30; dancing 7-9 PM.   Music by our KGC DJ's.   No charge.   BYOB and an hors d'oeuvre to share.   Questions, call June McMains or Neil Crane.

NY-NJ PATIO PARTY:   Saturday, April 17, from 3:00 to 5:00 P.M.   Bring appetizer to pass and your drink.   Please sign up at the clubhouse.   Friends, guests, renters welcome.   Any ??   Call Eleanor, 485-9714

GREAT LAKES BREAKFAST:   Tuesday, April 20th, 9 AM at IHOP Restaurant, 4369 Tamiami Trail, Venice.   Sign up sheet at back of Clubhouse.   Please wear name tags.     Questions: 488-0664 or 480-1544

SUCCESSFUL KGC FAIR:   Raising money for the Club, working together, meeting new people, and enjoying the whole experience is what the King's Gate Club Fair is all about.   I want to THANK every one of you who contributed in any way to the 2010 Fair.   Every hour of work and every donation is greatly appreciated.   We had almost the same number of cars come in the gate this year as last year.       --Chuck McIntyre, Fair Chairman

FAIR WINNER:   Our winner for this year's Florida Lotto - Millionaire's booth was Dave Vass, of South Venice - congratulations to him.   We also want to thank our KGC volunteers who worked in this booth this year.   Your efforts were very much appreciated.       --Betty/George Agricola

FLEA MARKET:   To all who helped, from bringing the boxes to the clubhouse, setting up and selling, a HUGE Thank You.   We could not have done it without you.   We would also like to thank all the men who helped us, all year, move the heavy items.       --Angie and Fran  
Note:   Fran will chair the Flea Market, and Angie will co-chair, for next year.

FAIR BAKERY BOOTH:   Thanks to all who contributed bake goods to the Bakery Booth for the Fair.   You made it another success!       --Mary Jane Shelby, Bakery Chair

SILVER FOXES:   About 120 of our residents enjoyed the Silver Foxes at the Venice Theatre last week.   And, we're so proud of our own Irene Bette, who is so active with this group!

DVDs added this week:   Precious, Blind Side, Brothers and New Moon.   Also donated, Clearing and Untraceable.   NOTE:  PLEASE, if you take out a DVD, mark the card with you house No. and date.   Please do not keep the current ones out more than two days.   If you don't plan to watch it within two days, return it so others can!   It's really not fair to all residents, especially when the card is NOT in the box!!       --Jean Ickes

CELEBRATING LIFE:  Happy Birthday to these King's Gaters with April birthdays!
                April 3     Wayne Crippin
                April 3     Anita Kast
                April 5     George Agricola
                April 6     Irene Bette
                April 7     Charlotte Alex
                April 7     April Griseto
                April 8     Kae Hardesty
                April 9     Blanche Madden
                April 10   Dick Madden
                April 16   Sue Simmons
                April 17   Joan Potts
                April 19   Janet Squier
                April 20   Curt MacMillan
                April 22   Robert Adams
                April 23   Louis Herbert
                April 23   Sharon Stout
                April 24   Pat Cavalier
                April 25   Art Grams
                April 28   Dot Inman
                April 29   Bob VanDeSteene
                April 29   Helen Westbrook
                April 30   Shirley Bethke
If you would like your birthday announced in the newsletter, please fill out a "Celebrating Life" form (in the clubhouse), and give it to Rose Jones, 150 Duchess Ave., or Sue Logan,129 Camelot DR.

RULE 8 - ANTENNAS.   Because of the length of this rule, any resident that is contemplating installing any type of antenna is asked to refer to, for information on this rule.       --Don Richmond

        1st Place  - Bobcats:   Angela Richards, Tom Patricca, Helen Tebbets, Norm Randall
        2nd Place - Panthers:   Marcia Nolin, Lou Herbert, Kerrie Morawa, Don Fisher
League Bowling starts October 12, 2010       --Don Fisher

LADIES' BILLIARDS standings, for the second half of league play, are as follows  (note the 2nd place tie):
        1st Place  -  Inez Mercer (Capt.), Gisele Bossom, Vicky May and Angie Richards.
        2nd Place -  Kerrie Morawa (Capt.), Betty Dowling, Leota Kelsey and Sandy McIntyre.
        2nd Place -  Betty Mohr (Capt.), Barbara Amatrudo, Sharon Kenney and Sonia Scheerer.
        3rd Place  -  Margaret Goff (Capt.), Lou Grimme, Dee Hicks and Jessica Prentice.
Thanks to the following subs:   Shirley DePasquale, Lois Luther and Joan Potts.
League play has ended for the season.   Practice and learning will switch from Sunday to Monday, at 7 PM.   It's a good time to learn or "sharpen" your skills.   All are welcome.       --Inez Mercer

ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE:   Thanks to the Entertainment Committee, who have planned so many programs for our enjoyment this season.   Emil DePasquale is Chair, assisted by his wife Shirley, and Pat and Mike Cavalier.   Ken McBride, 'Himself', was the consummate entertainer on Wednesday and was enjoyed by all who attended this program.   His program was varied and it was a joy to hear his patriotism - a good reminder of how proud we are to be Americans (or Canadians).   Now, we'll look forward to next fall, and the programs you have arranged for us.

FORMER RESIDENT NEWS:   Last week we visited former residents Janet and Ketch Morrell at Shell Point in Fort Myers and had a delicious lunch in their restaurant there.   We had a good visit and caught up on news.   The Morrells remember their time at the Club very fondly and say hello to all who would remember them.       --SJB

TRAVEL:   Just a note of thanks to everyone who joined us for Silver Foxes, it was one of their best shows, and we were very proud of Irene Bette.   Thank you for the 120 that attended.   You all deserve a rose!
     Sailor Circus was attended well and I thank everyone that attended this year's performance.   I think that everyone that attended had a great time.
     We have had a busy travel season.   Next week, I will present a check to the Round Table for our profits from Kings Gate Club Travel.   I thank each and every one of you that traveled with us this 2009-2010 season.   I will have a detailed report for the club next week.
Ring of Fire - Sunday, 4/18/2010.   Leaving approx 10:00 a.m. I have a couple seats available if you're interested...this is a tribute to Johnny Cash.
Ring of Fire - Thurs. evening, 4/22/2010.   Leaving approx. 4:00 PM, sold out, but need a wait list for both shows.  All payments for these two shows should be in this week.

January 27- Feb. 6th, 2011 Princess Cruise is filling up fast.   We have 50 plus already booked and would like your name on our list.   All details at the travel desk or on the web page.

Anyone for Greece in September 2010?   VIP World Travel has a great trip offer by Insight Tours.   It is 7 days land and 3 days cruising the islands.   There are early booking discounts, etc.   Several people in the club have shown interest.   You must act soon for the early discounts; total cost about $3500.00.   For more details, see Gigi Conway or give her a call at 488-7810.

Anyone interested in New Years Eve cruise?   5 days on Celebrity Cruise line, good group rates.   I have one lady that would like to get another lady or a group of ladies to join her.   Please see Mary Lou.
Don and Mary Lou Richmond, Travel Coordinators, 484 6807; John and Sandy Eade Travel Partners.  

RESIDENT NEWS:   Last Saturday evening, Fred and I went to the South Venice Baptist Church to hear Ron Carpenter and company present a "Happy Concert."   Ron sang and played the guitar, and was in his usual good form.   Ron says they will have another concert in the Fall - so watch for an announcement.   Ron is so generous with his talent.   We're proud to have you as a Club resident!

THOUGHTS:   Chair Chuck McIntyre and ALL who worked at the Annual Fair last Saturday can look back on another successful day.   And, we were blessed with the best weather of the season.   Many people in the community look forward to our Fair.   Often when I meet new people and say where I live, they immediately say "Oh, that's where you have the wonderful Fair."   So, we have a good reputation and are well-known.   IT WAS A GREAT DAY!       --SJB

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