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Vol. XXIII, No. 6 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida February 6, 2010

THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, to the ramp building team - Mike McDonald, Neil Crane, Vern Crane, Dick Lyford, Chuck Shelby and Bob Curtis.   No more steps for me, I have been liberated to the outdoors.   My quality of life has been improved because of the generosity of these men.   Thank you all so much.   I went to pick up our mail for the first time since we've lived here.   I am very grateful to you for fixing this part of my life.   You are the best!   Sincerely, Betty Agricola

MANY THANKS to KGC for the donation to Tidewell Hospice in Bud's memory.   It was much appreciated.   They were wonderful to him, in his last days.       ---Mary Porzio

THANK YOU all for the prayers, cards and phone calls, and special thanks to the Prayer Shawl Group, for the lovely prayer shawl for Eric.   It meant so very much to him.   Eric and I will be flying to Halifax on Monday, so that he can be treated closer to our home, in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.       ---Ruth Hazeldine

CONDOLENCES to Barb Dewar and the family of Don Dewar, who passed away on Jan. 31, at age 86.   Don and Barb bought in KGC in 1982, sold in 1996 and then rented here for four more years.   Don was on the BOD during the transition from the original developer to the 'Club' ownership.   He enjoyed playing tennis, was a great card player, and he continued to be active until the last 1.5 years of his life.   Don was also the grandfather of three of Ruth and Eric Hazeldine's grandchildren!   Notes and cards may be sent to Barb Dewar, 3 Meadow Lane, RRI, Bellwood, Ontario, NOB1JO  Canada

CABLENEWS:   Get all the latest news and information on Club activities by watching Channel 117 or 795 on your TV.   Notices from KGC office, and times and locations of activities, are posted daily.   Items to be included can be e-mailed to, left on the clip on the Sound Room door, at the foot of the stage entrance in the Clubhouse or on the clip at 183 Princess Ave.       ---Barb Amatrudo

CRIBBAGE is played on Monday night in the clubhouse - not the Library - until the Billiard season is finished.   Please change this on your KGC February Calendar.       ---Mary Porzio

WARNING:   Some residents are receiving a solicitation in the mail, from Florida Anchor & Barrier Co., offering to inspect under their homes for various problems.   The Club does not know anything about this company and has not authorized this company to make these inspections.   Please use caution when you allow a company that you do not know to inspect your home.       ---Charles Clotfelter, KGC Manager

TONIGHT:   Saturday, February 6th, all are welcome to join us for the February Music Appreciation evening in the Clubhouse from 7.00 pm until 9.00 pm.   In the first hour, we shall have music by Mozart, Grieg, Britten and Bach.   Please feel free to bring snacks to share during the break; lemonade will be provided.   After the break we have a great selection of music by Italian composers, Palestrina, Vivaldi, Boccherini, Rossini, Verdi and Paganini, whilst our eyes feast as we explore the wonderful city of Florence via DVD.       ---Alan & Rosemary 412-3872

REGATTA:   At 1:30 PM tomorrow, Feb. 7th at the POOL.   A good warm up for Super Bowl Sunday.   Everyone welcome for another challenging show by our skilled boats men.   Refreshments served before and during the event.       ---Commodore Jerry Becker

SUPER BOWL "44" PARTY:   Tickets are still on sale today for the Super Bowl Party, which is on Sunday, February 7 - tomorrow!   Enjoy the game on the "big screen" with your friends.   Snacks at 5:30 PM.   Subs at 6:00 PM.   Kickoff approx. 6:28 PM.   Ice cream bars also included for the price of $6.   BYOB.   "Pool" squares also available for sale.   Even if your team is not in the Super Bowl, you can get in the spirit and cheer for someone else's team.   If you have any questions, call Gene & Mickey  -  488-8281

PATRIOTIC NIGHT 2010:   Recognition of military veterans, fire fighters, law enforcement officers and other occupations that serve the public good.   Many Faces of Old Glory is the story about our American flag.   You can't tell the story about the flag, without telling the story about the USA:  who we are, where we came from and how we got here.   It's a grade school history lesson, one we should never forget!   Come to the Clubhouse at 5:48 PM, on February 10th, for some social time; then you will be served hot dogs and apple pie (the all American dish).   Vane Scott's video at 7 PM.   Donations accepted for the dogs and pie.   So remember, on Wednesday, February 10th, it's a date at 5:48 PM.       ---George Becker

OHIO LUNCHEON will be at Millie's Rest. on Thursday, February 11, at 12:30.   If you have not joined us before, try to come this time.   Ohio Renters, I know where you live!   New buyers, check us out.   Sign up in the Clubhouse. Wear your nametag.       ---Posie Gallaher 480-1868 or George Crobaugh 484-3288

NEW ENGLAND LUNCH BUFFET:   It's time for our New England get-together again.   All New England residents, friends, renters and guests are welcome to join us for a Lunch Buffet on Thursday, February 11, 2010, at 12:30 PM at Dimitri's at 405 US 41 By Pass North, Venice.   Sign up on the sheet in the Clubhouse and meet us there.   Please wear your nametags.   Any questions call Gene and Mickey --488-8281

H1N1 FLU SHOTS will be available at no charge in the Book & Game Room from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 11, 2010.   If you want to receive this shot, please sign up in the KGC office.

BOARD of DIRECTORS' WORKSHOP will be held on Tuesday, February 9, 2010 at 4:00 p.m. to discuss the final proposals for providing the club's bulk TV service.   The meeting is open to all members and time will be provided for member questions and input.   It is anticipated that the Board will award the contract at its meeting on February 18, 2010.

GUIDE DOGS:   The annual KGC Fundraiser for Southeastern Guide Dogs is only two weeks away, on Sat. February 13, 2010.   The economy has been bad and appeals for YOUR available charity dollars are many.   We hope one of your charity choices continues to be SEGD.   KGC-Princess will visit. We Thank You for Your Support.       ---Nip & Jackie Barker

KING'S GATE CLUB TALENT SHOW is Saturday, February 13th.   Tickets ($5 P/P) are on sale today. The ticket price includes beer, wine and soft drinks, prior to the show, and punch and cookies at intermission.   Doors open at 6 PM; show starts at 7 PM.   Producers:  Chuck and Jan Collins, 488-5065; Curt and Linda MacMillan, 484-8927.

ATTENTION ALL KGC CHAIRPERSONS:   Please submit your 2010 budget requests (income and expenses) in writing, to Jim Alex, 35 Castle DR, by February 15, 2010.

NEWS FLASH:   Get your tickets today ($10 p/p), for the Wed., Feb 17 Entertainment.   At intermission that night, we will draw 4 winning tickets for the March 24th Ken McBride Show.   Tickets will be drawn from the paid admissions of Feb.17th----the Mike Rapposelli and Keith Barany Show.   Good luck and let's support the Round Table.   Any questions call 484-7031.       ---Emil

NY-NJ LUNCHEON on Thursday, February 18, 2010 at Left Coast Seafood Restaurant at 12:30 PM.   Please sign up, wear you name tags. Any questions call Eleanor 485-9714.

2nd ANNUAL KGC TEAM TENNIS TOURNAMENT:   Saturday, February 20 at 11:00 A.M.   Come out and watch the Bluebird Team and the Redbird Team play for the KGC tennis championship.   While you're watching, enjoy a light lunch of a hot dog and soda for $2.00 before the Mardi Gras feast in the evening.
See you at the tennis courts!!!       ---Don Keele

MARDI GRAS PARTY AND DANCE - Sat., Feb. 20:   Tickets are on sale today for $20 per person.   Only 2 tickets per household will be sold on Feb. 6.   Remaining tickets will be open to purchase for residents and guests on Sat., Feb. 13.   In case of a sellout, a waiting list will be started.   You will be picking your seats when you buy your ticket, so plan ahead if a group wants to sit together.   To purchase two tickets for another resident on Feb. 6, bring their personal check written for the correct amount.   Please buy your tickets on Saturday mornings.   After the Feb. 13 meeting, contact the Ticket Chairman, Judy Spears, 488-6443, with cancellations or ticket questions.
Mardi Gras Schedule:   Social 6:00 PM; Dinner 6:30 PM. Entertainment by a 6-piece New Orleans Dixieland Band with singer from 7:00 to 10:00 PM.
Mardi Gras Menu:   Catered southern-style mild Jambalaya with Chicken, Classic Shrimp Empanades, Pan-roasted Chicken Drummettes with Voodoo Sauce, Corn Salad Succotash, Sweet Dinner Rolls, topped off with dessert of Mardi Gras Berry Cake.  Punch and coffee will be available.  BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage other than punch, water, and coffee).       ---Tom Hicks

AARP Driver Safety Class:   There will be another driver safety class at King's Gate PARK, Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, from 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM and Friday, Feb 26 from 10 AM - 2 PM.   To sign up, call Lee Moyers, the instructor, at 941-923-0398.

"DEAL ME IN" CARD AND GAME PARTY:   Don't miss out.   Reserve your table for Thurs., Feb. 25, 1:00-4:00 PM, at Village on the Isle to benefit Literacy Volunteers of South Sarasota County.   Call Sandy McIntyre at 412-0107 to reserve a table for four or more.   $10 per person.   Make out checks to Literacy Volunteers and give to Sandy McIntyre.   Bring your own cards or games, and enter the 50/50 drawing and "Teacup Auction" to win great prizes.   Refreshments will be served.   Park behind Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 800 S. Tamiami Trail "on the Island" near the Village on the Isle buildings and enter the Mark Manor lobby.       ---Sandy McIntyre

KGC SOLOS will meet at 5 PM, on Thursday, February 25th, at Bella Brezza Restaurant, 500 Venitia Blvd.  ??  Call Barb Neuman @ 484-3417 or Don Lambiotte @ 486-1749.

UNITED WAY WALK-A-THON:   Thirty King's Gaters have signed up so far, to be walking advertisements for the King's Gate Fair on Sat., Feb. 27th, 8:15-10;45 AM (3+ miles).   It's not too late to sign up to walk or to make a donation for the United Way and Literacy Volunteers.   The Walk-A-Thon collection box is at the back of the room near the Newsletters.   For more info, call Sandy McIntyre, 412-0107.

SPRING IN BLOOM:   The Ladies' Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show will be held on Thursday, March 4, at Jacaranda West Country Club.   Fashions will be by A'Tu.   Tickets will be sold - $20 per person - on Saturdays (February 13, 20 and 27).   If you are going on the cruise, be sure to purchase your luncheon ticket on February 13.       ---Posie and Shirley

KGC VEHICLE TAGS:   Have you recently purchased a new vehicle?   Remember to obtain a new KGC tag, for your vehicle, from the office.   This helps identify vehicles that belong in the Club (or not).

CRAFTERS:  HELP!!!   Items desperately needed for the Fair's Craft Booth.   There is still time.   Please consider making something.   Nothing was left over from last year.   ??  Elsie, 445-4813 or Rose, 412-1988

RULE 2 - RENTAL HOMES:   If a home is offered for rent, it must be registered at the Club office as a rental home.  Members renting their homes must provide the renter with the Rental Application Packet, which includes the Application for Rental and a copy of King's Gate Club Rules and Regulations.   The completed application must be returned to the King's Gate Club office a minimum of 14 days before the date of occupancy.  Homes shall not be rented for less than 30 consecutive days.   a) Renters must register at the Club office immediately upon arrival to make a deposit for gate passes and Club facilities keys (if needed).   b) Each renter shall conform to age requirements in Article 2 of the Articles of Incorporation.

The KGC WOODSHOP will design and construct wheelchair ramps for any club owner who may need one. We have a volunteer crew of very skilled carpenters that will construct them in a few hours. The only cost to owners is for the actual materials (usually around $300), which we will pick up at Lowes and deliver to your home. The labor is free. We have constructed 6 ramps in the last 4 years of which 5 are still in service. Contact me or Mike MacDonald if you have a need for one.       ---Vern Crane

BOWLING, February 2, 2010

Jim Rundell 237 645
Bob Skowron 192 537
Dick Schleicher 192 524
Fred Carbone 183 510
Tom Patricca 174 504
Gene Fournier 193 501
Valentine's Day Cash Award Event - Feb. 9             ---Don Fisher


Position   Team   Won Lost Tie
1 6 93.5 68.5
2 2 93 69
3 1 87 75
4 3 84.5 77.5 *
5 5 84.5 77.5 *
6 4 77.5 84.5
7 7 69.5 92.5
8 8 61.5 100.5


Position   Team   Won Lost Tie
1 2 44.5 27.5
2 1 41.5 30.5
3 6 39 33
4 3 38 34
5 5 36 36
6 4 31 41
7 8 27 45
8 7 26 46
---Ralph Garver

TRAVEL:   Many things going on, hope you have signed up for one of our upcoming trips.
Wed. February 10 - Hard Rock.   Bus will load at 7:15 a.m. and leave at 7:30; we still have room for you if you wish to join us.   Sign up today; all payments should be in today.   Round trip transportation, $25 free play, $5 food coupon and driver's tip included in the $25 cost.
March 7, 2010 -  The King & I, wait listed, $64.00.  Put your name on the wait list; plans change.
March 18, 2010 - Silver Foxes, sign up now, seats are going fast, $22.00
March 26, 2010 - Sailor Circus, best circus in town; great evening out.  $15.00
April l8, 2010    -  Ring of Fire, (Sunday)  tribute to Johnny Cash, Broadway Palm Dinner theatre. $64.00
April 22, 2010   -  Ring of Fire, (Thurs.eve). Broadway Palm Dinner theatre, seats open  $65.00
** We would appreciate all March shows to be paid up in full....thank you.

**Eastern (southern) Caribbean Cruise, on Princess Cruise lines, good ports; 10 days; check the web site for more information or our travel board.  Early bookings are in affect at this time, Jan.28-Feb.11, 2010, only $100.00 per person will hold your stateroom.   This trip will be escorted by Don and Mary Lou your KGC travel hosts.   Private King's Gate Cocktail party on board. 10 night Eastern Caribbean Cruise, port taxes, govt. fees, fare all included, plus round trip motor coach to Ft. Lauderdale.   Any questions, contact Mary Lou at 484-6807, and call VIP World Travel with your reservations.   Ask for Sue or Allan, 377-0017, or toll free 1-800-323-7448.   Hope you consider joining us.   Have a great week in Paradise.
            Don and Mary Lou Richmond, Travel coordinators, John & Sandy Eade, Travel Partners.

RENTERS:   Welcome to Richard and Alice Fox, who are at 188 Camelot Drive until February 28.   They are from Grantville, PA.   Phone:  484-0815.   Enjoy your stay at KGC!

AEROBICS:   Many studies have shown that it's never too late to start exercising.   Regular physical activity greatly reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, back and joint problems and high blood pressure, to name a few.   The benefits include healthy and stronger muscles, bones and joints, an enhanced sense of well being and mental vigor.
     This program is held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 AM to 9 AM, in the Clubhouse, from October through May, and in the activities room, June through September.   This activity is listed as Aerobics, but includes Aerobics, Strength, Stretch, Flexibility and Balance exercises, all of which contribute to preserving our independence.   Every participant is given a questionnaire, written by a doctor, which asks key questions that should be answered before participating in this or any exercise program. This information is for each individual and their doctor.   We stress that each individual go at a pace that is comfortable for them - we are not handing out any medals.
     Since starting this activity in 2005, the number of participants has grown from the two of us to an average, in the winter season, of 35 to 40.   Most gratifying are the many positive comments from folks, as to how various health issues have improved since participating in this activity.       ---Rosemary and Alan Holdway

THOUGHTS:   It's time to sign up to help at our Annual Fair on March 20 (if you haven't already done so).   Especially for new residents, it's a wonderful way to get acquainted.   And, it's fun to work that day.
     See Chuck McIntyre, the Fair Chair, or a Chairman of one of the activities - you will be glad you have signed up to help.      ---SJB

A RESIDENT REMINISCES:   We recently interviewed Norman and Jeanne Randall, who live at 310 Camelot Drive.   They purchased their home in KGC in April, 2002.   However, they rented here for three years before buying in the Club.
     Norm was born in Sanford, Maine, and went to high school there.   He was drafted into the Army in 1944 and took his basic training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, with the field artillery.   He was then shipped over to Europe, and Gen. George Patton drafted him into the Third Army.   He was overseas for 18 months.
     When he returned to the United States, he went to college at Philadelphia University, where he received a degree in Textile Engineering.   After graduation, he worked in the textile mills in Sanford.   He then moved to South Carolina for the next 10 years, then back to Maine, in the textile business.
     Norm and Jeanne have been married for 22 years.   Norm had two children - a son and a daughter (deceased).   His son lives on Cape Cod.   Jeanne had three sons and one daughter.   They live in New England - Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine.   They have five grandchildren.
     About the time Norm was ready to retire, Raytheon offered him a chance to go to Saudi Arabia to do textile quality control, where he was responsible for soldiers' uniforms.   He spent four years there, and, of course, Jeanne was with him.   Then, during the first Gulf War, Jeanne was sent home for about a month, then able to return to Saudi Arabia.   They lived in an international compound in a beautiful home and made friends with people from all over the world.   (What an experience!).   Jeanne belonged to the American Women's Association there and was fortunate to take many trips with them - including Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, Shanghai, Turkey, Greece, a safari in Nairobi, Innsbruck (Austria) and Salzburg (Austria), Italy, Munich, Amsterdam, and to England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.   Norm and Jeanne also took many trips together while over there.
     Norm bowls and plays shuffleboard and Jeanne plays bridge and line dances.   Of course, they also attend many of our functions and attend Saturday morning meetings, etc.
     They both say they have loved every minute of living at KGC.   They first came over here, to look at the Club, when they were staying at Royal Coachman.   We are happy that you decided to make King's Gate Club your winter home, and we hope you enjoy many more happy years here.       ---SJB

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