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Vol. XXIII, No. 3 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida January 16, 2010

CONDOLENCES to Nancy Markowski, and the family of Frank Markowski (renters at 233 Duchess Ave.), who passed away on Tuesday, January 12.   Services will be held in West Eaton, NY.

BOOK MISSING FROM THE LIBRARY:   Dewey, the Small Town Library Cat, by Vicki Myron.   It is the read for the Library club this month, and we would like to have it available for them.   If you have it, please call Eleanor Barth. 485-9714.   Thank you.

REGATTA:   The freeze is over, and the temperature should be ideal for the KGC Regatta at the pool.   Come watch our skilled boatmen, at 1:30 PM on Sunday, January 17.   Refreshments, casual time and good old-fashioned enjoyment to be had by all.       ---Commodore Jerry Becker

TREE TRIMMING starts on Monday the 18th of January.      ---Rich Davis (Note New Ph. #) 941-539-9340

ENTERTAINMENT for January 20th will be Patrick & Matilda.   Tickets will be sold beginning Saturday, January 9th and January 16th.   Patrick is a ventriloquist and his sidekick is Matilda.   We guarantee you lots of laughs.       ---Emil and Shirley DePasquale

AARP DRIVER SAFETY PROGRAM:   First class is Thursday, 1/21 & Friday, 1/22 from 1:00 to 5:00 PM in the Activities Room.   Sign up sheet is in the back of the Hall.   Remember to take and complete the form before class.   Bring driver's license and AARP card to class.   Cost is $12.00 for AARP members, $14.00 for non-members.   Make checks payable to AARP.       ---Jessica Prentice - 488-5267

GET YOUR PICTURE TAKEN FOR THE KGC WEB SITE:   It's helpful to look at the Members Only Picture Books on when you forget someone's name.   Come to the Clubhouse 2:30 to 4 PM on Friday, January 22, to have your picture taken.   Anyone in the 55 Alive class who needs a picture may cut the line during their break.   Wren McMains has the camera and lights to make you look terrific.   Look at the Picture Book at:   Wren took the photos with the solid blue background.   If you don't know the User ID and Password to enter the Members Only area, ask a member of the computer club or the KGC office.   If you don't like your current photo, come have a new one taken.   Tell your friends and neighbors about this photo opportunity.   It would be great if everyone's picture was available.

2010 CPR/AED:   Here is the list of names for those who are certified and will need re-certification soon.  Remember, going to class allows you to know the latest procedures and to practice what you were taught.
Loretta Brian
Charles and Mary Brady
Dave and Mary Calkins
Louise Eichenlaub
Vic Griseto
Kae Hardesty
Alan and Rosemary Holdway
Rex Ingerick
Sally and Bob Jeffrey
Lydia Johnson
Don Keele
Dick May
Mary Jane Shelby
Charlotte Stears
Bob and Kathy Sudmann
Linda Varty
The date for our next class will be January 23rd, 2010, at 12 noon to 3 PM in the Activity Room.   Anyone who would like to be certified please contact me by e-mail:, or call me after January 5th @ 941-484-7031.   Remember, by attending a class you will be more familiar and gain confidence with the use of CPR/AED, if the occasion ever arises.       ---Emil DePasquale

PENNSYLVANIA-WEST VIRGINIA LUNCHEON on Wed., Jan. 27th at 12:30 PM at Millie's Restaurant, 3900 Clark Rd.   All PA and WV residents past & present and their friends are welcome.   Please sign-up at the back of the Clubhouse and wear your nametag.   Questions ~ call Ruth Fleck at 484-8398.

SOLOS:  Please join us on Thursday, January 28th, at 5 PM, at WaterfronToo.  Early bird specials and half-priced drinks available.  Sign up sheet on back wall of Clubhouse.  Questions - call Jeanne Winget, 485-3121 or Alex Ferris, 485-8098.

BEGINNING KNITTING AND CROCHETING:   Did you ever wonder about learning something new?   Maybe, just brush up on a little used skill.   Now is your chance.   Classes will begin Thursday, Feb. 4th, at 11 AM, in the Activities Room, for anyone interested in learning to knit or crochet.   Experienced and very patient, excellent teachers will be present for possible one on one instructions.   Everyone is welcome.   Materials will be provided.   Please join us. ??, call Rose 412-1988.

GREAT LAKES LUNCHEON:   Thursday, February 4th, 12:30 PM at Millie's Restaurant, 3900 Clark Rd.   If you are from any of the great lakes area (Minn., Mich., Illinois, Ind., Wisc. or Canada), please join us.   Please sign up at back of clubhouse and wear your name tag.       ---Loretta (488-0664) or Dot (480-1544).

SUPER BOWL "44" PARTY:   Tickets will be on sale starting today, January 16 through February 6 for the Super Bowl Party, which is on Sunday, February 7, 2010.   Enjoy the game on the "big screen" with your friends.   Snacks at 5:30 PM.   Subs at 6:00 PM.   Kickoff approx. 6:28 PM. Ice cream bars are also included for the price of $6.   BYOB.   "Pool" squares will also be available for sale.   Even if your team is not in the Super Bowl, you can get in the spirit and cheer for someone else's team.   If you have any questions, call Gene & Mickey  -  488-8281

NY-NJ LUNCHEON on Thursday, February 18, 2010 at Leftcoast Seafood Restaurant at 12:30 P.M.   Please sign up, wear you name tags.   Any questions call Eleanor 485-9714.

NEW DVDs added to the Video Library this week:   Ghost of Girlfriend Past and 500 Days of Summer.   Two donated DVDs have also been added:   Double Jeopardy and Maid in Manhattan.       ---Jean Ickes

GREETING CARDS:   Please remember to donate cards you have received by depositing them in the box, in the closet to the right of the video room door.   They will be taken to the Village on the Isle, where they are recycled for sale in their gift shop.   Questions - Jeanne Winget, 485-3121

LADIES' BILLIARDS:   The first half of league play has ended with the following results:
     1st place:   Inez Mercer (Capt.), Gisele Bossom, Vicky May, Angie Richards
     2nd place:   Kerrie Morawa (Capt.), Betty Dowling, Leota Kelsey, Sandy McIntyre
     3rd place:   Betty Mohr (Capt.), Barbara Amatrudo, Joan Potts, Sonia Scheerer
     4th place:   Margaret Goff (Capt.), Lou Grimme, Dee Hicks, Jessica Prentice
Thanks go to our subs, Sharon Kenney and Lois Luther.   Welcome to our new sub, Shirley DePasquale.   Practice and learning continues on Sunday nights at 7 PM.       ---Inez Mercer

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES to these King's Gaters with later January birthdays:
     January 24   E.F. Holmes
     January 24   Linda Varty
     January 24   Theresa Hanlon
     January 25   Sandy Vella
     January 25   Bob Donovan
     January 26   Ruth Hazeldine
     January 28   Maggie Sorrell
     January 28   Patricia Savoie
     January 29   Norm Randall
     January 31   Don Fisher
     January 31   Adeline Aukstikalnis
For a list of all January birthdays, see the 'Celebrating Life' list under Healthline, in the Clubhouse.   If you would like your birthday posted, and published in the newsletter, please sign a "Celebrating Life" form in the Clubhouse and give it to Rose Jones, Healthline Chairperson, 150 Duchess.


Jim Rundall 246 625
Dick Schleicher 203 597
Chuck Brady 195 555
Fred Carbone 200 543
Tom Patricca 191 535
Cheryl Patricca 188 465
Dick Nolin  51 Pins over average, single game.
Sonia Scheerer  81 Pins over average, single game.             ---Don Fisher

MONDAY SHUFFLE - ATTENTION CAPTAINS:   Please bring score sheets for January 18, on Monday.   We have decided to have only one playoff at the end of February, due to all the cancellations in January.   Hopefully, this will keep us on track for the remaining weeks of the season.       ---Ralph Garver

THURSDAY SHUFFLEBOARD - January 14, 2010  -  Ralph Garver

Position   Team   Won Lost
1 6 10 8
2 1 9 9 *
3 2 9 9 *
4 5 9 9 *
5 8 9 9 *
6 3 8 10
7 4 7 11
8 7 6 12

ATTENTION ALL KGC CHAIRPERSONS:   Please submit your 2010 budget requests (income and expenses) in writing, to Jim Alex, 35 Castle DR, by February 15, 2010.

ORCHIDS to Shirley Bethke and her Welcome Committee, and the KGC Solos, for arranging a beautiful party, Wednesday evening in the Clubhouse, to welcome our new owners.   All those attending the event enjoyed hearing our new residents introduce themselves, as well as the wonderful array of refreshments.   Thanks to all who helped to make it such a lovely evening.

KING'S GATE CLUB TALENT SHOW will be on Saturday, February 13th.   Tickets ($5.00 per person) will be sold at the Saturday morning meetings on January 30th  and February 6th.   We expect a sell out show, as in the past, so get your tickets early.   The ticket price includes beer, wine and soft drinks prior to the show and punch and cookies at intermission.   Doors open at 6 PM; show starts at 7 PM.   (Acts needed).   Producers:   Chuck and Jan Collins, 488-5065; Curt and Linda MacMillan, 484-8927.

MUSIC LOVERS:   Do you sing along to your favorite radio station or CD?   Maybe you sang in a high school choir or just in the shower?   The King's Gate Chorus, led by Eleanor Barth, meets in the Clubhouse, at 2:30 PM on Thursdays and needs your voice!   Come join us and make new friends - no audition required

January 24 - George M, Sold Out.  Wait List.
March 7   -   The King and I.  $64.00.   Wait List.
March 18   -   Silver Foxes.   Great show at Venice Theatre; support our own Irene Bette.   Excellent seats; reserve your seat now… $22.00.
March 26   -   Sailor Circus.   Support our young children of Sarasota County; great show for $15.00.   Reserve your seats now.
April 18   -   Ring of Fire.   (Tribute to Johnny Cash).   Wait List.   $64.00
April 22   -   Ring of Fire. (Thursday evening). OPEN SEATS AVAILABLE. $65.00


*** Where shall we travel next?   I am open for suggestions; considering Southern Caribbean at the end of January, 2011.
If you have any questions regarding any of the above or have any travel questions, please feel free to contact Mary Lou at 484-6807 or at
            Don and Mary Richmond, Travel Coordinators; John and Sandy Eade, Travel Partners

RENTERS:   Welcome to King's Gate Club.
     Bob and Doris Becony, 326 King Arthur DR., from Boswell, PA, here until March 31.
     Joe and Nancy Bonner, 109 King Arthur DR., from Chalfont, PA, here until March 31.
     Marie Gossett and Judy Schivochow, 285 Ave. of Queens, from Onaway, MI, here until April 1.
     Tom and Dolores McDermott, 312 Camelot DR., from West Bloomfield, MI, here until April 10.     
     Tom and Dianne Mellenger, 314 Castle DR., from Orchard Park, NY, are here until March 31.
     James and Fran Palmer, 104 King Arthur DR., from Shrewsbury, MA, here until March 30.
     Frank and Sandra Rundell, 167 Duchess Ave., from Flushing, MI, here until April 4.
     Dick and Carol Young, 222 Princess Ave., from Hampstead, NH, here until March 31.
Enjoy your stay with us!

RETURN RENTERS:  Welcome back.
     Adeline Aukstikalnis, 331 Camelot DR., from Gardner, MA, here until April.
     Roy and Margaret Bakeoven, 32 Castle DR., from Hatboro, PA, here until April 1.
     Joe and Roberta Blood, 287 Ave. of Queens from Flushing, MI, here until April 1.
     Terry and Gay Grogan, 127 Camelot DR., from Centerville, OH, here until April 9.
     Phyllis Koenig, 34 Castle DR., from Windham, ME, here until March 31.
     David and Sharon Lones, 286 Ave. of Queens, from Lancaster, OH, here until March 31.
     Frank and Nancy Markowski, 233 Duchess Ave., from West Eaton, NY, here until February 28.
     Robert and Lucille Olson, 265 Camelot DR., from Hull, MA, here until March 31.
     Richard and Rozella Runnels, 3 Castle DR., from Clinton Twp., MI, here for the month of January.
     Gerald and Lynne Summerhays, 329 King Arthur DR, from Crossville, TN, here until February 28.
     Homer and Jean Zeigler, 205 Squire Ct., from Willow Street, PA, here until April 30.
We're happy to have you back with us at KGC - enjoy your stay!

THOUGHTS:   Life at KGC is BUSY!!!   There are so many activities - something for everyone - that it is impossible to do all the things that one wants to do.   No excuse to be bored here.   And, of course, renters are also invited to join in the activities.   When I hear someone (who doesn't live here) talk about being bored in retirement, I would like to hand that person a card, with the KGC name, and tell them they better move here.       ---SJB

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