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News       Happy New Year!
May you always have love to share, health to spare and friends that care.

Vol. XXIII, No. 1 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida January 2, 2010

TREE TRIMMING starts 2nd week of January 2010; sign up in the office.     ?? - call Rich, 412-1951

LADIES' WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON GOLF will resume on January 6.   Sign up in the clubhouse by noon Sunday, January 3.   ??   Call Mary C. or Sue S.

TAP DANCING will resume on Monday, January 4th at 9:30 AM in the Clubhouse.   This year, classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays.   If you have questions, call Maureen, 484-5113.

QUILTING GROUPS 1 & 2:   Emily Keele and Julie Walker will be holding a meeting in the Activities Room on Monday, January 4th at 10 AM, for all those interested in quilting, to determine which projects we will be working on over the next few months.   All skill levels are most welcome.   Any questions, contact Julie at 412-0194.       ---Emily & Julie

MOVEMENT FOR HEALTH will resume on January 4th at 11:15.   See you all there.       ---Gigi

THE PRAYER SHAWL GROUP will resume meetings on Jan. 7th, at 10:00 in the Activities Room.   All members and any new members are encouraged to attend.       ---Rose Jones

GOLF:   Men's 9 hole golf will resume Thursday, January 7, 2010; sign-up on green tickets. ---Ben Quirion

LINE DANCING:   Anyone interested in starting beginner line dancing from the basics, can come on Thursday January 7th at 8:30 AM.       ---June McMains

THURSDAY SHUFFLEBOARD will begin on Jan. 7th.   Players are needed to fill the teams.       ---Garvers

KGC CHORUS will begin practice on January 7, 2010 at 2:30 PM, in the Clubhouse.   We are in need of more singers so please come and join us.   No auditions necessary. Any questions, call Eleanor, 485-9714.

JETTY PICNIC:   WHERE: North Jetty.   WHEN: Thursday Jan. 7th.   Social Hour   4-5 PM.   DINNER 5 PM. Come and enjoy the sunset and the talk of the holidays.   Everyone welcome.....Bring your favorite dish for ten.   Remember your social hour snack and refreshment, plus your table settings.       ---Claire Becker

PANCAKE BREAKFAST:   Friday, January 8th, 7:30 AM until 9 AM.   All are welcome!

BLOOD MOBILE will be in KGC, Fri., Jan. 8th, from 8 AM until 11:30 AM.   Please sign up.       ---George A.

LADIES' BIBLE STUDY is still ongoing, Fridays at 1 PM in the Card Room.   Please feel free to stop in for some good (female) fellowship and lively discussion.       ---Mary Carpenter

CANDIDATES NIGHT:   Mark your calendar now, and plan to attend this important night at the Clubhouse, on Saturday, January 9, at 7:00 p.m.   This will be your chance to become informed about the candidates running for the Board of Directors and the Round Table Committee.   We are pleased to see the interest of our residents, since five are running for the Round Table and nine are running for the Board of Directors.

PATIO PARTY:   Next Sunday, January 10th is the first patio party for 2010.   Come from 2 to 4 PM to enjoy the entertainment: Sax on the Beach, and also the refreshments at intermission.   Mark your calendars and plan to attend.   ??, call Lois at 488-3042 or Jessica at 488-5267.

OHIO CLUB will meet for breakfast at PERKINS on Tuesday, January 12, at 9:00. THAT'S MORNING!!   Please wear your nametags.   Sign up in the back of the Clubhouse, by Monday morning, January 11.   Call me if you need a ride, 480-1868.       ---Posie

STAINED GLASS:   We will have another Beginner's class, if there is enough interest.   Class will start Tuesday, January 12th at 1 PM and run for six weeks.   Class fee is $32.00 which covers supplies.   Sign up sheet is on bulletin board in Clubhouse.   The fee will be reduced for anyone wishing to "refresh" their skills by taking the class a second time.   ??   Contact Jessica, 488-5267

NY/NJ BREAKFAST:   Wednesday, January 13th, at 9 AM at Dimitri's Restaurant at Albee Farm Rd. and 41.   Sign up.   Any questions, call Eleanor, 485-9714.

WELCOME PARTY:   The Welcome Committee and Solos will sponsor a party at 7 PM, Wednesday, January 13, to welcome our new owners.   Mark your calendar now, and plan to attend.       ---Shirley Bethke

NEW ENGLAND LUNCH:   We welcome our New England residents, friends, renters and guests for lunch on Friday, January 15, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. at IHOP Restaurant on 4369 Tamiami Trail South, in Venice.   Sign up on the sheet in the Clubhouse, and meet us at IHOP.   Please wear your nametags.   Any questions, call the Fourniers, 488-8281.

HAWAIIAN LUAU on January 16th, in the Clubhouse.   Social 5:30 PM; Dinner 6 PM.   Hula Dancers, Hula Hoops and lots of fun!   Fully catered.   $20 p/p.   Tickets on sale today and Jan. 9th.  ---Tom Hicks

ENTERTAINMENT for January 20th will be Patrick & Matilda.   Tickets will be sold beginning Saturday, January 9th and January 16th.   Patrick is a ventriloquist and his sidekick is Matilda.   We guarantee you lots of laughs.       ---Emil and Shirley DePasquale

AARP DRIVER SAFETY PROGRAM:   Due to high demand, there will be two classes this year.   The first class is Thursday Jan 21 and Friday Jan 22.   The second class is Thursday Jan 28 and Friday Jan 29.   The classes run from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, in the Activities Room.   Sign up sheets for both classes are in the back of the Hall.       ---Jessica Prentice - 488-5267

NEW DVD:   All About Steve.   Also, one donated DVD, Flight of the Phoenix       ---Jean Ickes

ATTENTION all KGC & KGP Veterans and Spouses:   A Big Salute to Vic Griseto who has accepted the Chair of the Vets Club.   Vic and I met a bit today (Tuesday, December 29, 2009) and were able to review some of the Vet Club's concerns.   Please extend to Vic your support, as you did with me.   It was a great pleasure to help all of you and get some needed answers.   God Bless you all.       ---Vince Caudy

2010 CPR/AED:   Here is the list of names for those who are certified and will need re-certification soon.   Remember, going to class allows you to know the latest procedures and to practice what you were taught.
Loretta Brian
Charles and Mary Brady
Dave and Mary Calkins
Louise Eichenlaub
Vic Griseto
Kae Hardesty
Alan and Rosemary Holdway
Rex Ingerick
Sally and Bob Jeffrey
Lydia Johnson
Don Keele
Dick May
Mary Jane Shelby
Charlotte Stears
Bob and Kathy Sudmann
Linda Varty
The date for our next class will be January 23rd, 2010, at 12 noon to 3 PM in the Activity Room.   Anyone who would like to be certified please contact me by e-mail:, or call me after January 5th @ 941-484-7031.   Remember, by attending a class you will be more familiar and gain confidence with the use of CPR/AED, if the occasion ever arises.       ---Emil DePasquale

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES to these King's Gaters with upcoming January birthdays:
        January 9    Carole Weber
        January 9    Chuck McIntyre
        January 10  Linda MacMillan
        January 11  Leta Adams
        January 12  Ralph Garver
        January 13  Reo Leach
        January 14  Connie Wall
        January 15  Chuck Hamilton
        January 15  Alan Holdway
        January 15  Sandy Fleck

PHONE BOOKS:   Pick up your new, Verizon phone books in the Video Library.      ---George Agricola


Tom Patricca 204 543
Linda Varty 186 495
John Schleicher  60 Pins over average, single game.
Sonia Scheerer  52 Pins over average, single game.
     ---Don Fisher

CABLENEWS:   Don Richmond will be operating the KGC TV Channel (117 or 795) until January 4th, when Barb Amatrudo returns.   Please remember to submit your notice to the website -, or use the clip on the sound room door, at the foot of the stage entrance, in the Clubhouse.   Also, remember to check the KGC TV Channel for up-to-date news and information, from the Round Table, the Board of Directors, residents and the KGC Office.   Some examples of the info you will find on KGC TV:   all common building keys have been changed, so if you haven't done so, owners should pick up their two new, common keys from the office; the yard waste dumpsters are only for yard waste (no construction materials allowed); and King's Gate Realty can show any house in King's Gate Club, even if is listed by outside real estate.

     January 3, 2010 - Murder-Mystery Train Ride, leaving approx. 3:00 PM.   Enjoy Two Guys, Two Girls, a train and a Killer Act!   Journey back to the late 1940's, the Golden Era of Railroads and the dawn of lounge acts, for an evening of fun food, and of course, MURDER.   $78 includes round trip transportation, driver's tip and food gratuity.   JOIN US FOR FUN ADVENTURE.   Wait Listed
     January 12, 2010 - George M, An evening show, leaving at 4 PM. Two seats available; CONSIDER JOINING US!   $65.00
     January 14, 2010 - Hard Rock Casino, $25.00.  WAIT LISTED
     January 24, 2010 - Sunday, leaving at 10 AM.   George M.  Wait listed.  $64.00
     March 7, 2010 - Sunday, The King and I.  Wait listed.  $64.00
     March 18, 2010 - Silver Foxes
     March 26, 2010 - Sailor Circus
     April 18, 2010 - Ring of Fire.  Wait Listed.   $64.00
     April 22, 2010 - Ring of Fire.   SECOND BUS - THURS. EVENING. $65.00   Seats available. Book now!
     Oasis of the Sea:  Our cruise is Feb.20-27th, 2010; there are still a few rooms available. After seeing this wonderful ship, I am sure you might want to join us.   If so, please contact VIP World Travel as soon as possible:  1-800-323-7448 or 941-377-0017
     MARK YOUR CALENDARS:   Document Party - Jan. 28th, 2010, Details to follow - time and place!   DON'T FORGET to fill in your on-line check ins....Most of the shows are already full.   For ADVANCE RESERVATIONS, check the website:   WWW.ROYALCARIBBEAN.COM.
            Don and Mary Lou Richmond, Travel Coordinators; John and Sandy Eade, Travel Partners.

NOTICE - VANDALISM:   We all enjoy the visits from our children and grandchildren at this time of the year.   However, there are some visitors that enjoy bringing a little mischief with them.   This week beginning on Saturday night, someone put dishwashing liquid in the spa.   Bob discovered the problem Sunday morning and spent the next three hours draining and cleaning the spa and recalibrating the chemicals in it.   This was on overtime pay!   Monday morning, the lift station on Duchess Ave. was plugged with brown paper towels and the pump had to be replaced.   Tuesday morning the toilet in the men's shower was clogged with the brown paper towels.   Wednesday morning, our staff discovered that someone had apparently taken a bath in the spa because there was a soapy film on the water.   There were also paper towels in the toilet again.   Please, please, please make sure that the mischief makers are not one of your clan.       ---Charles Clotfelter, General Manager

CHRISTMAS SOCIAL AND DINNER 2009 was a great success, attended by 118 members of our King's Gate family.   Many thanks to the committee:   George and Betty Agricola, Fred Bethke, Irene Bette, Gerry Coleman, Gigi Conway, Bill Elliott, Vic Griseto, Ann Kellum, Jean Oakley, Tom and Kathleen Olsen, Angie Richards, Pat Savoie, Sue Simmons, Judy Spears and Sandy Vella, for all their time and effort to make this occasion so grand.   Special thanks to our photographer, Chuck McIntyre.   Also, a big thank you to all the individuals who came to the Clubhouse on Christmas Eve, to help with setting everything up and decorating, plus those who stayed after dinner, to help with the cleanup and to change the Clubhouse back to the regular, Saturday morning seating arrangement.       ---Chairperson, Charlie Fote

FOOTNOTE:   From one who attended the Christmas dinner, the entrée was delicious (roast pork, with all the trimmings), right down to a wonderful dessert.   Irene Bette led a sing-along after dinner, then she entertained us with her delightful singing voice, and we were thrilled when Ernie Auerbach sang a song for us.   THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR A WONDERFUL DAY!       ---SJB

NEW OWNERS:   Welcome to Billy and Sandy Hardesty, who have purchased 264 Camelot Drive, phone 484-9157.   They are from Linn Valley, KA.   We hope you enjoy many happy years at the Club.

RENTERS:   We welcome back the following return renters:
     Bud and Brenda Rose, 177 Princess Ave., from Allison Ont., here until April 15.
     Marti and Nance Conklin, 228 Duchess Ave., phone 412-0740,  from Norwich, NY, here until April 30.
     Dan and Linda Lauzun, 197 Castle DR, from Charlotte, MI, here until March 31.
Enjoy your winter, here with us at the Club.

THOUGHTS:   As you read this, it is already 2010 - and we all wonder, where did 2009 go?   It is a real blessing to be here at King's Gate Club and know we all enjoy every minute we are here.   So, take part in the activities that interest you, make new friends and keep busy (that's a joke, as there is never enough time to do all we want at the Club).   The Newsletter staff joins me in wishing, for each and every one of you, a HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR !!!       ---SJB

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