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Vol. XX, No. 45 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida November 15, 2008

HORSE RACE - PIZZA PARTY TODAY:   Doors open at 5:00 PM, Pizza at 6:00 PM. Bring quarters and BYOB.       ---Bud and Mary Porzio

PATIO PARTY:   An Ice Cream Social Patio Party will be tomorrow, Sunday the 16th, from 2:00 - 4:00 PM.   Entertainment by The Kool Katz.       ---Angie and Loretta

CHRISTMAS BOUTIQUE:   Next Saturday morning November 22nd, before and after the Saturday meeting we will have our annual Christmas Boutique.   There will be a large display of Christmas items for sale.   All proceeds go to the Flea Market.       ---Angie and Fran

LAWN MOWING & TRIMMING:   The landscape company will mow & trim our property on Saturday, November 22 and Monday, November 24 in order to give their employees time off for the Thanksgiving holiday.       ---Charles Clotfelter, KGC Manager

THANKSGIVING DINNER:   King's Gate Round Table presents the 2008 Thanksgiving Dinner at the Clubhouse on November 27, 2008.   Social 1:00 PM, Dinner 2:00 PM, BYOB.   Tickets will be sold Saturday, November 15 and 22, 2008.   The price is $8.00 per person.   Please visit the ticket table in the back of the hall.   Volunteers will be graciously accepted to help with the dinner.       ---Jerrine and Walt Smith 488-9669.

LADIES GOLF:   All King's Gate lady golfers are invited to play in a 9-hole scramble on Wednesday, November 19 at CALUSA LAKES.   We'll meet there at 1:00 PM for lunch.   Golf begins at 2:30 PM.   The scramble fee is $5.00.   Sign up in the Clubhouse by Sunday noon.   For more information call Mary Carpenter or Sue Simmons.

MEN'S GOLF:   We are making plans to get the KGC Men's 18 Hole Golf League 2008/2009, up and running.   We are making inquiries at several golf courses and trying to secure prices based on 4 - 6 foursomes each week on Wednesday, starting time 10:30 to 11:00 AM.   Fill out a sign-up slip in the Clubhouse and turn it in no later than Sunday noon before the Wednesday you want to play.   It is important to follow this procedure to meet course booking deadlines and secure the necessary Tee times.   You may invite guests to play with you by adding their name and 18 hole handicap to your sign-up slip.   We will use the Blind Draw method for selecting foursomes unless you have a strong reason to create your own foursome.       ---Vic Griseto, 298 Ave. of Dukes, 488-1788

COMPUTER USERS:   Everyone, no matter your level of expertise, is invited to a special organizational meeting / Q&A session at 10:00 AM on November 21st in the Clubhouse.   Bring a list of things you would like to learn this year and/or questions you would like answered.   Also bring your laptop if you have one and would like help with something, I'm sure someone at the meeting can help you.   Be sure to put your name on your sheet of topics/questions.   We'll answer questions as time permits and then use these lists to schedule sessions starting in December that will cover what interests you.   (No meeting the day after Thanksgiving.)       ---Walt and Wren

NY-NJ OUTING:   Annual NY-NJ outing to Millie's Restaurant on Clark Rd. in Sarasota on Thursday, December 4, 2008 for lunch at 1:00 PM.   Sign up in club house.   Any questions call Eleanor Barth 485-9714.   Hope to see all of you there.

LADIES HOLIDAY LUNCHEON, featuring THE YEAR OF THE BIKE, will be Wednesday, December 3, at Venetian Golf and River Club.   Tickets are $22.00.   We will also begin accepting your contributions for bikes at that time.

ORCHIDS:   To Jerrine and Walt Smith, who have volunteered to chair the Thanksgiving Dinner at the Clubhouse.   And, know you'll have lots of people who will volunteer to help you.

ORCHIDS:   To all those fellows (about 16) who volunteered to help spread mulch around the Club.

WELCOME TO OUR NEIGHBORHOOD:   Saturday, December 6th, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM the King's Gate Realty is going to sponsor a Holiday Tour of Homes.   All homes that are presently for sale will be open.   In addition, we are encouraging residents to participate in this tour by opening their homes for friends to visit and view recent renovations, Christmas decorations, etc.   Anyone interested in having their home on the tour of homes, please contact the Real Estate Office.

THANK YOU:   Many thanks to all those who have generously donated yarn and/or other supplies to the Prayer Shawl Group.   We truly appreciate your kindness.   It is through the generosity and talent of KGC residents and the Round Table that we are able to continue reaching those in need.       Thank you!!!!
      The next meeting for the P.S.G. is November 18, at 3:00 PM in the Card Room.   All interested knitters and those who crochet are invited to attend.   Supplies will be distributed as well as other surprises. Any questions please call Rose, 412-1988

CLOTHE-A-CHILD COLLECTION:   Last Saturday our Club members donated $730.50 for this VERY worthwhile collection.   In March, there will be another collection for this effort.   As most of you already know, money collected will be used to buy clothing and school supplies for needy students.   This will be done next August before school starts.

MEN'S PANCAKE BREAKFAST:   Approximately 155 people attended the first Pancake Breakfast of the season, held on Friday, November 7.   It is just great to see the enthusiasm and energy the fellows have to work at these breakfasts the first Friday of each month!

FLU SHOTS:   A sincere thank-you to Eleanor Gregory who each year arranges for flu shots to be given here at the Club.   It certainly makes it easy for all of us to get our shots.

VIDEO LIBRARY:   OK, here goes…..I am soooo mad… as you know someone took and never returned the four VHS of Sex and the City that was in our Video Library .   We asked whoever took them to please return to KGC no questions asked.   They were never returned.
      On September 25, 2008 I purchased the DVD Sex and The City Movie for our video library.   For the last few weeks this movie has been out along with the CARD.   Again, someone has something against these movies and feel they have a right to discard them.   I am asking whoever took them to PLEASE return them.   Club members, this is your money.   If someone does NOT LIKE the movies that are purchased don't watch them.   We have people waiting to see this movie.   Hopefully whoever reads this and has the movie will just return it to our library.       Thank you.   Jean Ickes

NEW OWNERS:   We welcome Ben Quirion (already a current resident here), Steve Quirion and Adrienne Kozell, who have purchased 32 Castle Drive.   They are from Queensbury, NY.   We hope you enjoy many happy years at the Club.

REGATTA:   Sunday December 14 at 1:30 PM will start our 2008 season of the regatta.   For the new residents of the Club, we gather at the pool and race remote control boats of all sizes and shapes.   All genders welcome. We serve hot dogs and drinks and in the past some wonderful ladies have donated tasty cookies and other goodies.   We ask for donations for the food, no tickets or charges are placed on this event.   We are looking for new people to join in the fun this year.   Should you be interested and have any questions, we will be holding a short meeting on the patio directly after the meeting, this morning, November 15.       ---Roland Carey

WEDDING BELLS:   Congratulations and Best Wishes to Anna Donnelly and Tony Mazzotta, who were married on June 14, 2008, in Cape Cod, MA.   We're all so happy for you both.

      This year the mold and mildew seems to be worse than ever.   Please check out your residence to make sure that all is clean, and, if it is not, have someone pressure wash it.
      Welcome back to our residents.   Please check in at the club office so that we will know that you are again "in residence" at the Club.
      Please observe the stop sign at the exit from the Club on to Kings Way Drive.   The residents leaving Kings Gate Park have the right of way and have reported several near misses at that point.

TRAVEL:   Hard Rock Casino, November 20, 2008, $25.00 includes $25.00 free play and $5.00 food voucher, always a fun trip.   We will leave by 8:00 AM and be one of the first buses in.   A special buffet will be set up in Floyds with soup and salads, deli bar and burger bar, drinks included (coffee, tea, soda) tax and tip, $11.00, less your $5.00 coupon, such a deal!   Payments are due.
      Thanksgiving Day, wonderful Thanksgiving meal with all your friends, the play is Irving Berlin's White Christmas, have a few seats still available, bring a friend.  $65.00 payments are due.  Sign up today.
      December 11, 2008, The Pirates Christmas Dinner Adventure in Orlando.   Experience the magical Christmas on the High Seas (make believe boat not on water) lots of fun and surprises.   $62.00 Sign up now.
      January 29-February 8, 2009, Southern Caribbean Medley on the Emerald Princess, consider joining us for a great 10 days.   This would be a great Christmas gift for your loved ones.  
      April 25-May 2, 2009 7 nights aboard MSC Orchestra to Bermuda, 69 have already booked. Add your name to our list soon.   Call VIP World Travel and book your cabin 377-0017 or 1-800-323-7448.
      May your troubles be less, may your blessings be more, and may nothing but happiness come through your door!   Sign up today and Travel with King's Gate Club, leave all the planning and troubles to us.
      **Don and Mary Lou Richmond Travel Coordinators 484-6807  
      **Sandy & John Eade Travel Partners 484-4440


Bowler High Game   High Series
Helen Tebbets 194 422
Mary Ann Lyford 180 498
Val Mackas 178 4489

Val Mackas bowled 51 pins over average in a single game.       ---Don Fisher


Position   Team   Won Lost
1 3 24 12
2 8 22 14
3 5 20 16
4 4 18 18
5 2 17 19
6 6 17 19
7 1 14 22
8 7 12 24

Monday November 17 Team #2 makes courts ready
Order of Play November 17, Y-B-Y             ---Ralph Garver

THOUGHTS:   On Saturday, November 1, Don Richmond showed a video he had made, and it was beautifully done.   He listed each activity of the Round Table and showed the picture of the Chair of that committee.   Now think of the MANY people who work on each of these committees.   It makes us realize that our residents are hard workers.       ---SJB

Proud of our Nation
They answer her call -
Defending the freedom
and safety of all.
On land or on sea,
or in jets high above,
they went out of duty
and honor and love.
But however they served, Lord,
wherever they went.
Please bless them
and help them
to know what it meant!
And help us to thank them
on Veterans Day -
For we owe them far more
than we could ever say.

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