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Vol. XX, No. 26 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida July 5, 2008

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7:00P Pinochle
8:00A Aerobics
8:30A Water Ex
1:00P Dup. Bridge
7:00P Billiards (L)
7:00P Cribbage
10:30A Bowling
12:00P Ceramics
2:00P Stained Glass
8:00A Aerobics
8:30A Water Ex
1:00P Painting /Drawing
7:00P Poker (M)
8:00A Aerobics
8:30A Water Ex
1:00P Scrabble
8:15A Coffee Social
9:00A R.T. Meeting

REMINDER:   The Clubhouse will be closing on Monday July 14th.   And will remain closed until further notice as the floor will be cleaned and waxed.       The Office Management

HEALTHLINE:   Reo Leach, 301 Ave. of Dukes, reports that her husband Harley had surgery on June 25th to his Aorta.   He is home now, doing well and in good spirits.   He is able to walk some without his walker.   They thank you for the cards and prayers.   Their northern address is in the KGC telephone directory.
Dorothy Downs, 275 Ave. of Queens, is doing very well at her home in Illinois after her double knee replacement surgery on the 24th of June.   Get well cards may be sent to her at: 704 Pheasant Lane, Savoy, IL 61874.

LADIES LUNCHEON:   The Ladies of KGC are invited to attend a luncheon to be held at Ophelia's Restaurant, U.S. 41 in Nokomis, on Tuesday, July 15th, at 11:30 am.   Please sign up on the sheet in the Hall.   We will order from the menu and have separate checks.   Hope to see you there!
Dee 485-2482   -   Gigi 488-7810

THANK YOU:   On behalf of our family, I would like to thank everyone at King's Gate Club for the caring thoughts, card and prayers sent to us on the passing of our Mother, Margaret Craig, formerly 179 Princess Dr.       Thank you, Linda Jameson

NEW OWNERS:   Welcome to Vern and Donna Crane who purchased 136 Camelot Dr.   They are from Dexter, ME.   We hope you enjoy many happy years here at KGC.

OHIO PARTY:   The Ohio northern party was held on Thursday June 26th, 2008 in Columbus Ohio.   We had a great turn out of 28 guests.   We enjoyed a great German meal at Schmidt's in German Village.   Our party room was very nice, decorated with Ohio State flags and cute flower arrangements that were for the ladies and they had pens attached, the men got plain pens.   We had a couple of nice door prizes and everyone received our favorite Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeyes.   Roses to Bob and Betty Winchester for a great party.   We sent cards and prayers to Dick Bartlett and also Jay Dupler.   A Big Thank You to the Winchesters.

SYMPATHY:   Our sincere sympathy to KGC resident Bob Johnson, 273 Ave. of Queens, whose 94-year young Mother passed away on Saturday June 28, 2008.   Cards may be sent to his KGC address.

NORTHERN ADDRESS:   The NY address for Karen Swanson who lost her Mother, Rosalind Hill Tandy, a longtime resident in Kings Gate Park is:   Karen Swanson, 428 Lake Drive Unit 223, Rhinebeck NY 12572. This address is not in the KGC phone directory.

JULY 4TH POTLUCK:   The weekly newsletter is printed before the July 4th Potluck was held.   An early thank you to all who worked on the potluck last evening, watch next week for further news.

VIDEO ROOM:   New DVD added this week:   Ultimate Gift.   John Adams Series… this was a 7-part miniseries that was on PBS and was a huge hit.   Donated - Pearl Harbor.
      The video room has been cleaned out once again.   When I took over two years ago we cleaned out about 200 VCR.   This week we cleaned out 300 VCR, we still have approximately 325 left on the shelves that have not been taken out in over two years.   A few were taken out once or twice but two years is long enough to keep these old VCR -   Also while doing the list I have to report that 92 VCR's were missing.   We all know we were missing the four Sex and the City Tapes but this is ridiculous to have this many missing in two years.  Some that were taken were really great movies, some classic.   I have no control over what is missing but once again it is sad that we have this problem here at KGC.   We did move three VCR that were in the adults to the children's shelf.
      The room looks so nice and neat - like when you clean out your refrigerator and then open the door. It makes you want to stand back and say WOW.   Take a peek and see for yourself.
      Your Bookie, Barb Tompkins, was a great help as she worked right along side me doing this task of cleaning out.   Thanks Barb!
      I also have been trying to clean up some DVD and now put Dream Girls and Miss Congeniality 2 back on the shelf.   I played both of them at home and they worked fine.   If anyone has a problem with any DVD please put one of the notes on the DVD and put it on the TABLE not back on the shelf.   That way I can take it home and try to clean it up.   ALSO, if you pickup a DVD and the card is in the jacket but the DVD is missing just call the person before and ask them if they still have it in their DVD Player.   This is not my job to track down missing DVD'S.
      I was told if you have a DVD and it jumped or is not playing right, take it out.   Put a dab of dish detergent on it.   Run hot water over it and make sure all soap is gone...dry it  with clean cloth and then try it in your DVD before you return it to the video room with a note on the table and say it is not working.
      Please make sure all visitors know the rules regarding our Video Room.       Thank you.     Jean Ickes

Shows for 2008-2009 are as follows:
November 9th, 2008 - Best Little Whore House in Texas
November 17th, 2008 - White Christmas (Thanksgiving evening show)
January 18, 2009 - Singin in the Rain
March 1, 2009 - All Shook Up (Tribute to Elvis)
January Cruise - January 29-February 8, 2009 Southern Caribbean Medley 10 days
April 2009 - April 25-May 2, 2009 MSC Orchestra Bermuda Cruise
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