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News Draw a circle, not a heart, around the one you love because a heart can break but a circle goes on forever.

Vol. XX, No. 6 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida February 9, 2008

HEALTHLINE:   Shirley Bethke, 218 Princess Ave. spent 4 days in Venice Regional Medical Center.   She is now home and recuperating.   Fred says she is taking it easy and doing well.   Cards and prayers are appreciated.

Our sincere sympathy to Larry Jones, 150 Duchess Ave. and family upon the passing of his Mother on Wednesday February 6, 2008 in Erie PA.   She would have been 105 years old next week.   Services to be held in Erie PA.   She leaves her beloved son Larry and several grandchildren.       ---Rae Burmaster, Healthline

TREASURER:   I will be out of town from Saturday February 9th (afternoon) until Sunday February 17th.   Angie Richards will handle any reimbursement requests and income receipts during this time.       ---Jessica Prentice

GUIDE DOGS:   We welcome Lorraine and "Kgc-Baron", now 3 plus months old.   "Baron" is here to ask for your support of SouthEastern Guide Dogs annual "Raffle Ticket Sale".   $5.00 for 6 tickets.   Sign your name and phone number or return address sticker and phone number on ticket.   Purchase of more than one ticket packet and cash or check (made to SouthEastern Guide Dogs) without Raffle ticket purchase, also gladly accepted.   Raffle ticket drawn on February 16 for lucky person to "Name" our next puppy - Queen or Princess or Squire.
We Thank You for Your Support - Jackie and Nip Barker  485-9308

ORCHIDS to Betty Kundrot, who goes to the Clubhouse early every Saturday morning all year and sets out the baked goods so it is ready for our enjoyment.

MICHIGAN BREAKFAST:   February 12, 9:00 a.m., at Millie's Café, 3900 Clark Rd.   Sign-up sheet is posted in Clubhouse.   Please wear your name tags.   All welcome.       ---Loretta Brian  488-0664

ENTERTAINMENT:   Walker and Wolfe will perform here on Wednesday February 13, at 7:30 p.m.   They offer high energy fast-paced variety of singing and dancing.   Tickets will be on sale Saturday February 2nd and 9th, and on opening night.   Ticket price is $9.00.   If you wish to purchase tickets other than the days mentioned, please call me at 484-7031.       ---Emil DePasquale

NEW PHONE DIRECTORY -- PROFILE FORMS:   I will be using the information in the Office database as of Friday, February 15, for the new KGC Telephone Directory.   Our Office Manager, Michele Rashal, said that a large number of Profile Forms have been returned already.  If you're one of the owners who haven't turned in the form, please update, sign, and return it to the Office within the next few days.   You received this form in the mail in early January along with the Gate Card/Clicker update form.   If you've lost the form, you may request another copy from Michele in the KGC Office.
Owners who have an updated Profile Form on file in the Office will be able to pick up their new Directory in early March at no charge.   Extra copies will be available for $2.00 each to owners and renters.       ---Sandy McIntyre

NY-NJ LUNCHEON will be held at the Gold Rush BBQ Restaurant on Thursday, February 21, 2008 at 11:30 a.m.   The menu has beef, chicken, pork, fish, salads, sandwiches, soups, full meals or whatever you want, great corn bread, desserts, and beverages.   Please sign up and come and enjoy. Located on 41 South just beyond Venice Hospital on the east side of the road.   Questions, call Barth's 485-9714

HORSE RACE / PIZZA PARTY:   The tickets are on sale February 9th and 16th for the Horse Race- Pizza Party to be held on February 23rd.   BYOB and Quarters.   $6.00 pp.       ---Bud and Mary Porzio

OHIO CLUB LUNCHEON:   Thursday February 21, 2008, 1:00 p.m. at the Elks Club across I-75 on Discovery Way.   Order off the menu, good prices, nice choices, CASH ONLY.   Wear name tags.   All Ohio residents, renters and guests welcome.   Please sign up on bulletin board.  ?? Mary Lou 484-6807

MEN'S LUNCHEON:   Please reserve Monday, February 25th for this year's version of "Guys' Night Out" with a "Mystery Entertainer" (PG-rated!!).   Following the 11:30 a.m. social time, lunch will be catered by Sonny's Bar-B-Q, and served at 12:00 noon…you won't want to miss the fun!   Tickets are $14.00 and are on sale Saturday mornings.   You will have a choice of pulled pork or chicken as your entrée (side dishes are included).   Beer and wine will also be available. Your sons, grandsons, or any other male visitors are welcome, too!  Per the caterer's request, we'll need a firm count by February 21st, so please sign up early.       ---Don Paulson

STAINED GLASS:   Another beginner class will start Thursday, February 28th, at 2:00 p.m. in the Activities Room.   It is a six week class and there is a $25.00 fee to cover class supplies.   Class size is limited to eight (8) people.   Sign up sheet is on the bulletin board in the Clubhouse.   Sign up by February 14th.   Any questions contact Jessica at 488-5267.

CONGRATULATIONS:   On February 1, 2008, we certified seven (7) new people for the CPR/AED program.   I wish to congratulate them for attending and completing the course.   They are:   Margaret & David Calkin, Sally and Bob Jeffery, Don Keele and Cathy and Bob Sudmann.       Thank you, Emil DePasquale

CONGRATULATIONS to the crew of a First Place Cruise Boat, The Pirate Princess:   Jan and Chuck Collins, Judy and Ernie Auerbach, Anna Donnelly and Tony Mazzotta, Cindy and Dick Clark and Blanche and Dick Madden.   Jan and Ernie are first-class scroungers, and thanks to Ann Kellum for the sail material.

WOMEN'S SPRING LUNCHEON:   Forever Easter is the focus of our Women's Spring Luncheon to be held on Thursday March 6, at the Jacaranda West Country Club.   Enjoy fine food, fun, and the fashion show by La Casa del Quetal.   Tickets for $20.00 will be on sale beginning Saturday February 9.   For questions, call Gigi Conway at 488-7810.

SUPER BOWL PARTY THANK YOU!!   Sincere thanks to everyone who helped in any way to make our Super Bowl Party a fun night.   Nip Barker - tickets and posters, Dick Lyford and Vern Crane - helping Gene with "pool squares," Ellie Lambiotte and Phyllis Brown - collecting tickets, Don Lambiotte - our Blessing, Claire and Jerry Becker, Aggie Flanagan, Sue Logan, Posie Gallaher and Ellie and Ray Goddard - set up and clean up, Bud Porzio and Bob Cook - picking up Subs with Gene, as well as clean up.   Last, but surely not least, Arlene Hyde and Nip Barker - expertise getting the screen ready to see the game.  
      Winners of "pool squares" are:

$5 Pool       1st Quarter Doris Dupler
  2nd Quarter Ruth Zabielski
  3rd Quarter Ruth Zabielski
  End of Game Dot Grams
$1 (#1) Pool 1st Quarter Gene Fournier
  2nd Quarter Sandy McIntyre
  3rd Quarter Sandy McIntyre
  End of Game Dick Madden
$1 (#2) Pool 1st Quarter Barb Armatrudo
  2nd Quarter Jean Oakley
  3rd Quarter Jean Oakley
  End of Game Alice Higgins

Congratulations to all Giants fans.  We Patriots fans will eventually get over our loss!!  
                                 ---Gene and Mickey Fournier
 (And our thanks to Gene and Mickey for chairing this fun event).

ROUND TABLE NEWS:   Officers for the Round Table for 2008-2009 are as follows:
      Chairperson - George Agricola
      Vice-Chair - Jim Purkey
      Secretary - Rosemary Holdway
      Treasurer - Jessica Prentice

Advisors are Barb Amatrudo, Mickey Fournier, Don Lambiotte, Lois Luther, and Angie Richards.
Retiring from the RTC are Rae Burmaster, Fred Lewis, and Pat Cavalier.   Thanks to you all for the work you have done for the Club!

RETURNING RENTERS:   Welcome to the following renters:
Leo and Sandra Tiller, 3 Castle Drive, here until April 15, from Portage, MI, phone 488-6076.
Robert and Marie Richards, 17 Castle Drive, here until April 30, from So. Attleboro, MA, phone 484-1757.
Homer and Jean Zeigler, 54 King Arthur Drive, here until March 31, former owners in the Park, from Willow Street, PA.
Enjoy your stay at the Club!

EXERCISE AND FITNESS:   There is much that we can do to live a better quality life and avoid many problems that can come with increasing age.   We are fortunate to have several exercise programs in our Club.   They are all fine and should be supported if we care about our health.   We have also invested $43,000 of our Round Table funds in developing an excellent fitness center on our grounds.   Our Club leadership has studied the scientific evidence and recognized the importance of health maintenance for older adults.

Exercise programs generally emphasize other endurance training or strength training.   With the exception of the fitness center, our Kings Gate programs promote endurance training, sometimes called cardio or aerobic.   This is important, but it is equally important to increase muscle strength, and muscle strength cannot be improved without using weights or devices which put stress on muscles.   Aerobic programs only serve half our needs.

In strength training, weights are used to strengthen bones and the tissues connecting the joints.   Strength training enables us to counter osteoporosis, improve balance so that we are less likely to fall, reduce arthritis pain, and add strength for the tasks of daily living.   Machines, with weight stacks like we have, make it easy to devise a program for each individual.

Of course, endurance or aerobic training is also found in the fitness center with the treadmills, bicycle and cross trainer.   These endurance training devices help us reduce the risks of heart disease, lower cholesterol, and reduce stress and blood sugar.   It is excellent for your health to use them, but the weight training machines must also be used for a well-rounded program.   In order to be fit, we need BOTH types of exercise.   Half a loaf is not enough!!       ---Dick May
      (If you have any questions, contact Dick - am sure he will be willing to assist you).


Fred Carbone 222 555
Charles Brady 194 535
Patty Ray 200 --
Mary Ann Lyford -- 489
Arlene Herbert -- 473
Dick Nolin 207 - last week --
Bill Fels 193 531
Carole Gualdoni 171 490
Mary Carpenter -- 455

Bill Thurston picked up the 8 - 9 - 10 split
Valentine Cash Event is February 12th.       ---Don Fisher


Position   Team   Won Lost Tie
1 3 40 32  
2 7 39 33  
3 1 37.5 34.5  
4 5 36.5 35.5 *
5 6 36.5 36.5 *
6 2 36 36  
7 4 34.5 37.5  
8 8 28 44  

Monday February 11  Team #7 makes courts ready


Position   Team   Won Lost Tie
1 5 46.5 25.5  
2 2 39.5 32.5 *
3 3 39.5 32.5 *
4 4 38 34  
5 7 35 37  
6 6 33.5 38.5  
7 1 29.5 42.5  
8 8 27.5 44.5  

Thursday February 14  Team #6 makes courts ready
Order of play B - B - Y       ---Ralph Garver

TRAVEL:   Sunday February 10, 2008, bus will be here at 10:00 a.m. for Guys and Dolls,  2 buses, the list is at the travel desk, along with the seating arrangements.   Hope everyone is happy!   We have 104 traveling with us on Sunday.

Hard Rock Casino:   Thursday February 28, 2008, you wanted a 2nd bus and I found one, so I have openings, leaving at 8:15 a.m. all you can eat lunch buffet, includes tax and gratuity plus $15.00 in free play, round trip transportation, bus drivers tip included.  $25.00 payment due at this time.   We will leave there at 3:15 p.m. and back in time for Solo's.

Jersey Boys March 1st, sold out, need wait list in case of illness.
Jersey Boys March 8th, 2 openings, need wait list in case of illness
Anything Goes March 2, 2008 Broadway Palm, wait list, but get your name on the wait list, cancellations always come up.

March 20th, 2008, Silver Foxes, $18.50  Venice Little Theatre, place your orders.
March 28th, 2008 Sailor Circus  $14.00, you provide your own transportation to Sarasota

Cabaret, April 13th, 2008 Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre   $60.00   Wait list.

It is time for us to be thinking of our next year schedule, we book one year in advance, we are open to suggestions.   Everyone traveling with us we would like an updated medical form filled out, available at travel desk, please SEAL, it is for your own protection and my peace of mind.
All recent Panama Canal pictures are up on the web page, check them out!
Travel questions Don and Mary Lou  Travel Coordinators 484-6807

THOUGHTS:   Since I recently spent a few days in the hospital, I have to reiterate what a wonderful place KGC is to live.   We were told by many people they were praying for us, food arrived at our home along with many cards and phone calls.   The caring concern here is wonderful and does a lot to help one feel better.   Thanks to all of you.       ---SJB

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