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News There's no time like the present. But a couple of minutes ago bore a striking similarity.

Vol. XX, No. 1 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida January 5, 2008

SAFETY PATROL:  A class has been scheduled for Tuesday, January 8, at 2:00 p.m. at the Clubhouse for all of our residents that are unsure what to do while on Safety Patrol.   It is everyone's responsibility to make sure KGC is a safe place to live.   Everyone should take their turn to sign-up.   No excuses for not signing up.   Singles may ask another resident or your Safety Patrol Co-Chairman, Rae and Art Burmaster to accompany them while on patrol.   There should not be any blank nights on the Safety Patrol calendar.   Any questions call Rae and Art Burmaster at 412-9224.

DONUTS & PASTRIES:   Our Donuts, Pastries and Coffee costs continue to rise.   Be considerate of your friends and neighbors and take only one and make sure you make a donation to defray these rising costs.

REGATTA SEASON BEGINS:   Regatta returns to KGC for the 2008 season …  REV up the boats, prepare for stronger water currents, making the course that much more competitive for our skilled Boats men of KGC…   Regatta will be at the pool on the 6th of January @ 1:30 p.m.   New participants welcomed, and all the rules and regulations explained in full prior to the start.   Everyone welcomed to join and cheer for their favorites!!!!!!       ---COMMODORE   Jerry Becker

GOLF:   The Monday golf outing for women and men will resume on Monday, January 7.   Sign up by Sunday Noon in the Clubhouse.   We will continue to play at Calusa, starting around 2:00 p.m.   Cocktail hour at our Clubhouse after golf.   BYOB.   This is for golfers and would-be golfers.   The format is a Scramble, so your bad shot doesn't really count.   Chair:   Dick Madden, 480-1514

JETTY PICNIC:   Where: North Jetty.   When: January 10th.   Social Hour 4:00-5:00 p.m.   Dinner at 5:00 p.m.   Watch the beautiful Sunsets on the FIRST Jetty Picnic for the New Year….. Bring your table setting and a dish for ten people.       ---Claire Becker

NEW ENGLAND LUNCHEON:   Calling all New Englanders!!   We will be meeting for lunch on Thursday, January 10, 2008 at 11:30 a.m. at the Elks Lodge, 1021 Discovery Way (off Knights Trail), Venice.   We look forward to seeing all our New England friends - residents, renters and guests to continue the spirit of the holidays.   Signup on the sheet in the Clubhouse.   Please wear your nametags.       Any questions call Gene & Mickey Fournier  -  488-8281

NY - NJ LUNCHEON:   The NY - NJ luncheon will be at Left Coast Seafood Restaurant on US 41 Bypass at 11:30 a.m. The date has been changed to Thursday January 10, 2008.   Signup sheet in the Clubhouse, and please wear your name tags.       Any questions call Barth's 485-9714

HOSPICE INFORMATION: Saturday, January 12th, Melissa Heath, the Director of Community Relations for Tidewell Hospice will be giving us a presentation explaining Hospice and how it helps families in times of need.   There will be time for questions and she will have informational pamphlets available.   Plan on staying after our regular social meeting and learning what Hospice is all about.

PATIO PARTY:   Sunday January 13th will be our first Patio Party of 2008.   Jay Smith will entertain and the Round Table will run it, Jessica Prentice is coordinator.   Plan to attend for an afternoon of great entertainment.

VOLUNTEER NEEDED:   We are looking for someone or some group to run the March 30th Patio Party.   Jimmy Sotto, local entertainer will be here.   Contact the Round Table Chairman or Jim Purkey.

ENTERTAINMENT:   LAUGHING WITH THE LEGENDS January 16, at 7:30 p.m.   Tickets will be on sale Saturday January 5th and 12th.  $10.00 per person.   Relive the Fabulous 50's with "Gurl and Girl" singing, dancing, costumes, comedy skits, red hot piano playing!   Come and have a Blast with the Past!!       Questions: Cavalier or Depasquale

CITRUS TREES:  At this time of year citrus fruit begins to fall to the ground and, if not picked up, will become a mess when the mowers come by.   Please pick up all fruit to avoid the mess of the mowers and to discourage rodents.

LIBRARY UPDATE:   We start 2008 with a wealth of books from our donations.   You Western fans will be delighted to know that we have 17 new titles by Zane Grey.   They are waiting for you in the Western section.   Historical fiction buffs we have a book described as "Gone with the Wind rewritten by a Dublin apprentice to Charles Dickens", Redemption Fall by Joseph O'Connor looks very interesting.   Patrick Smith who writes about Florida history, has 3 books with the titles Forever Island and Allaptatah, (2 in 1) The River is Home and Angel City (2 in 1), and A Land Remembered.
Don't know if we have a title or author that you like?   Look in our card catalogs - the black and while boxes by the mysteries.       --- Happy New Year!   Barb Tompkins

CPR/AED PROGRAM:   The certification for the following people who were certified in the CPR/AED PROGRAM has expired.  The must attend a recertification class for any new material and refresh what they have learned.   The class is scheduled for January 26, 2008, a Saturday.   Please keep this date open.   You can call me, Emil DePasquale any time after January 5th, to sign up for the class.   My number is 484-7031.
Judy Auerbach
Charles Brady
Mary Brady
Loretta Brian
Ron Carpenter
Lee Chiles
Charles Clotfelter
Rich Davis
Louise Eichenlaub
Art Grams
Vic Grisetto
Dorothy Holden
John Kureja
Ellie Lambiotte
Dick May
Vicky May
Marilyn Phillips
Betty Ulbright

STAINED GLASS:   Both the Tuesday and Thursday afternoon stained glass sessions are open to everyone at this time.   So come join us to work on your current project.       ??'s - call Jessica, Bob or Fran

VIDEO:   Three new DVD'S that were requested from residents...Slap Shot - Waking Ned Devine - The Gods Must Be Crazy 1& 11.   Also donated to the club, "Monster".       ---Jean Ickes

55 ALIVE DRIVERS REFRESHER COURSE:   The driver's class will be held on Thursday, Friday, January 31 and February 1.   The class will be held from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Activities Room.   Sign up sheet and information in the back of the Hall.   Questions ?? Harry Kiel 488-6670

ORCHIDS:   To our KGC Chorus, Director Eleanor Barth and Accompanist Gwen Aldridge.   We all enjoyed your singing at Saturday meeting a couple of weeks ago and are now looking forward to a repeat performance.

SUPER BOWL "42" PARTY:   Tickets will be on sale starting Saturday January 12, and for the next few Saturdays for the Super Bowl Party which will be on Sunday February 3, 2008.   Social Hour is 5:30 p.m. and the game at 6:30 p.m.   Enjoy the game on the "big screen" with your friends and neighbors.   Subs, snacks and ice cream bars are included for the price of $5.00.   BYOB.   "Pool" Squares will also be available for sale.   Even if your team isn't in the Super Bowl you can cheer for your friends' team.  Questions call Gene & Mickey 488-8281

TRAVEL:   Guys and Dolls, February 10th, 2008, Broadway Palms, wait listed, but need names on wait list, payment is due at this time.   $60.00 each.
      Jersey Boys March 1, 2008.     Jersey Boys have a few openings, if interested please sign up now, as payments are due.  This is at Tampa Performing Arts, bus transportation, lovely lunch pre-show and tickets, all taxes and gratuities included   $156.00 each
      Jersey Boys March 8, 2008.     Same as above wait listed.   Need names on wait list.
Anyone that has sent payments in, stop and pick up receipts and tickets at travel desk today.
      Anyone that is interested in a Kings Gate Club tee shirt, they can be purchased at the Dome. The booth is Florida Inspirations, she will sell them to you the same price we had for travel $9.00 for small, med. and large. $10.00 for XL and XXL, just tell her that you are from Kings Gate Club, and Mary Lou sent you.   You may want to use them for bowling, tennis or any other activity.
      VIP world Travel will host a River Boat Cruise in September, Viking Cruise Line, only 5 cabins left, if interested see me today.   September 21-October 5, 2008, Amsterdam to Budapest, aboard the Viking Pride.

RETURNING RENTERS:   Welcome to the following returning renters;
Marion Daur, 326 King Arthur Drive, from Katonah, NY, here 'til April 30, phone 914-426-5964 - she will be getting a local phone line but will not have it until at least next week.
Rich and Sally Engelgau, 287 Castle Drive, from Port Huron, MI.
Darryl and Judi Leathers, 225 Duchess Ave., from Stanwood, MI, here 'til April, phone 480-9572.
Clair Smith, 12 Castle Drive, from Templeton, MA, phone 485-6065.
Marti and Nance Conklin, 228 Duchess Ave., from Norwich, NY, here 'til April 30, phone 412-0740.

NEW YEAR'S EVE DANCE 2007:   We want to say thank you to the following people who made this New Year's Eve Dance a success.   First thanks to M.C. Jay Dupler.   Then thanks to Doris Dupler, Carole and Tom Weber, Gigi Conway, Betty and Bob Winchester, Arlene and Lou Herbert.   These people did decorations, picking up food, cleaning, promotion, ticket sales, etc. plus plus plus.       ---The Quirions, Co-Chairs.

And we want to thank Ben and Lorraine Quirion for agreeing to chair this dance.   It was a delightful evening.   The hors d'oeuvres were delicious, including small sandwiches, shrimp, desserts and of course the traditional macaroons.   The Kool Katz duo played excellent music.   There was music for everyone to enjoy!   It was a wonderful way to end 2007 and start 2008.   So, thanks to all of you who worked.

KING'S GATE CLUB CARD PLAYERS:   You're invited to the "DEAL ME IN" card party to benefit Literacy Volunteers of South Sarasota County on Thursday, January 24, 2008, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m., at Aston Gardens on S. Pinebrook Rd., Venice. The tickets are $7.00 each with advance reservations.   Call Sandy McIntyre at 412-0107 for individual or table reservations.   Refreshments and door prizes will be provided.   You'll have fun and help support two programs: Basic Literacy (helping native-born adults with reading and writing) and English as a Second Language (teaching functional English to foreign-born adults).       ---Sandy McIntyre  412-0107

A RESIDENT REMINISCES:   FRED LEWIS.   This week we interviewed Fred Lewis.   Fred and his wife, Janet, purchased their home at 308 Ave. of Dukes in 1994.   Fred said they came down here to visit Janet's brother who was renting at the Club.   He said he and Janet then came down and rented here for three years, got "hooked" and purchased a home.   They are seasonal residents and spend about seven months a year at the Club.

Fred was born in Putman City, IN.   He graduated from Eminence High School.   He then went to General Telephone Electronics School.   He went to work for Western Electric Telephone Installation for ten years, was a Supervisor for two years, and then went to Indiana Bell Telephone.   He worked for these companies for a total of 36 years.

Fred and Janet were married June 20, 1959.   They lived most of their married life in Avon, IN (where they still spend their summers).   They have two daughters and a son.   They have seven grandchildren - 3 boys and 4 girls.   Fred has one brother, Ted, who also owns at KGC.

He is just completing his second 2-year term on the Round Table Committee.   He has been in charge of Bingo on Tuesday evenings for four or five years.   He also was in charge of Texas Hold'em Poker.   He is a regular member of a shuffleboard team.   One of his hobbies is working with golf carts.

Fred has been in charge of the Golf Cart Parade in December for several years.   He says this year there were the most golf cart entries.   He also was very pleased with the tremendous turnout of people to watch the parade and attend the party in the clubhouse.

Fred says he likes the social activities and the lifestyle at the Club and is very happy to be living here.

We're happy Fred and Janet are residents at the Club, and we appreciate all the work they have done for KGC.       ---SJB

THOUGHTS:   As we start a new year, I wonder how 2007 could have gone by so rapidly.   Think it's because of all our activities here that time flies by (and not because of our age - Ha!).   At any rate, it's a good time to say THANKS to ALL who have helped to make King's Gate Club such a wonderful place to live - and that includes all the residents.       ---SJB

-- Tire shop:  "Invite us to your next blowout."
-- Church:  "Salvation guaranteed, or your sins cheerfully refunded."
-- Auto-body shop:  "May we have the next dents?'
-- Butcher's window:  "The best of the wurst."
-- Pizza shop:  "We knead the dough."  
-- Septic-tank truck:  "Yesterday's meals on wheels."
-- Hotel:  "We need inn-experienced people."
-- Taxidermist's window:  "We know our stuff."
-- Towing company:  "We don't charge and arm and a leg.  We want tows."

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