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Sandy McIntyre, Editor
Shirley Bethke
Arthur Carlson
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Vol. XVI, No. 48 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida December 6, 2003

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1:30P Boat Regatta
7:00P Pinochle
7:00P Ladies Billiard Practice
Attend Church of your choice
9:00A Poker (1 Eyed Jack)
9:30A Water Ex
9:30A Shuffleboard
10:15A Mvmt for Health
1:00P Bridge (D)
7:00P Billiards (L)
7:00P Cribbage
7:00P Bridge (C/P)
9:00A Line Dancing (Adv)
9:00A Horseshoes
12:00P Bowling
12:30P Ceramics
3:45P Yoga
7:00P Bingo
9:00A RT Exec Comm
9:00A Golf (L)
9:30A Water Ex
11:15A Mvmt for Health
12:00P Golf (M)
1:00P Bridge (C)
7:00P Poker (L)
7:00P Poker (M)

9:00A Line Dancing (Beg)
9:00A Poker (1 Eyed Jack)
10:00A Bible
12:30P Crafts
12:30P NY-NJ Luncheon
7:00P Dominoes
7:00P Poker (M)
7:00P Billiards (M)
9:00A Horseshoes
9:30A Water Ex
10:30A Computer - Digital Photo
1:00P Scrabble
7:00P Euchre
8:15A Coffee
9:00A RT Meeting
7:00P Square Dance Party

CALENDAR CORRECTIONS:   The Calendar above was copied from the Online Calendar available at   Please notify Anne Guba in the KGC Office of Calendar changes.

HEALTHLINE:   Received a note from Shirley Bethke telling that Fred is home from the hospital after surgery and is slowly improving. She said they had a snowstorm, first they've "enjoyed" in 20 years, and they definitely prefer Florida sunshine and warm weather. They hope to leave for King's Gate by mid - December.                 --- Blanche Madden, 480-1514

CONDOLENCES:  We extend deepest sympathy to Hank Baxter (94 King Arthur Dr.) upon the death of his wife, Pat, and to their four children. The Baxters moved into King's Gate around 1992, and Pat was very active in Round Table activities such as potlucks, talent shows, and the Welcome Committee.  She was the former owner of Nana's, A Children's Shop, on Venice Avenue.  Her friendly smile and greetings will surely be missed by many.

DECORATE THE HALL FOR CHRISTMAS this morning immediately after the Round Table meeting.  Lots of volunteers are needed.  Please stay to help.

LATE NOTICE:   First "Regatta" will be Sunday, Dec. 7th, at 1:30 PM on the lake.  We will be serving hot dogs.  So grab your jacket and come on down.           --- Roland Carey

MOVEMENT FOR HEALTH:   Note meeting time on Monday, Dec. 8th, has been changed to 10:15 AM.  This change is only for that one day.           --- Gigi Conway

NEW YORK - NEW JERSEY LUNCHEON will be held on Thursday, December 11, 2003, at 12:30 PM at Millie's at 3900 Clark Road, Sarasota.  Please sign up on the sheet on the bulletin board.  Please wear name tags.  Any questions, call Barth's 485-9714.  Come and enjoy the food and Christmas decorations, and ladies, don't forget the lovely boutique next door.

LUMINARIES:   Next Saturday, December 13th, we will be folding bags before meeting, so come early and help.  The more people, the faster we finish!         Thanks,  Judy and George Reardon

SQUARE DANCE PARTY:   Come to our Square Dance Party on Saturday, December 13, at 7:30 with national caller Red Bates and Russ Collier.  Everyone is welcome--with or without a partner. You can come to watch, to enjoy the music, to participate or to have a banana split.  Tickets on sale for $5.  For more info call June McMains at 484-5111 or Anna Donnelly at 918-8100.

AN INVITATION to all solos.  An open house at 322 King Arthur Drive from 5:00 PM to whenever.  The date is Sunday, December 14th.  Sign up in the back.  All solos welcome!         --- Ann Kellum

CHRISTMAS PROGRAM this year will be the "Sarasota Sound Waves" from the Rohr Academy in Sarasota under the direction of Julie McHugh.  You will want them back every year after you hear them Wed., Dec. 17th at 7:00 PM.  Tickets are on sale this morning.  Tables will be set up for season ticket holders to BYOB.  If you attended our first show, you have your last chance to have it apply to cost of a season ticket for remaining four programs.                   --- Dave Westbrook

K.G.C. SOLO CLUB New Year's Eve Celebration.  Table #5 has been reserved for us, so sign up while space is available.  Contact Smatkos, 484-4202, or Quirions, 484-3134.  Any questions, call Dick Bartlett.

NEW YEAR'S EVE:   Tickets for New Year's Eve will be available until the limit of 160 tickets are sold.  Tickets are $25.00 per person.  So come and enjoy the dance, delicious hors d'oeuvres and the continental breakfast after midnight.                       ---  Ben & Lorraine Quirion

CRAFTS:   Fleece Cuddles again on Dec. 11th.  Bring specified amount of fleece listed on the sign up sheets, straight pins, cutter, and cutting board.  No sewing involved.
December 18th - Pony bead nametags/necklaces.  Anyone knowing how to make these, contact Barb Tompkins, 480-9294, or Linda Varty, 488-2979.  Jan. 8 and 15th - Swedish weaving classes.  Sign up sheets on side bulletin board.  Limited to 10 each class.                     --- Barb Tompkins

YOGA:   There's a sign up sheet on the bulletin board for a new Yoga Class starting January 7, 2004.  This class will be on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 5:00 PM.  There will also be another class on Tuesday from 3:45 - 4:45 PM, but it is already full.  The cost for the six weeks class is $24.00 payable in advance and is non-refundable.  If you are new to Yoga, you will need to purchase a Sticky Mat for the class.  Men are welcome.  The class is limited to 20 people in each class.  Any questions, please contact Jean Ickes at 488-8967.

KGC TRAVEL has scheduled Sunday matinee shows at the "Broadway Palm Dinner Theater " in Ft. Myers.  Bus round trip, buffet luncheon, show, taxes and tips - $52 each.  Please book before deadline.

Please review literature on the bulletin board, roundie, and notebooks for details on all travel.  Select from many Happy Heart Tours and make your booking with Nip Barker at 485-9308. Visit our web site:
Many thanks for attending the Travel Party. My appreciation for those who helped, Jackie as well as Mary Lou and Don Richmond, Doreen and Gary Exner, Bob and Ann Curtis, and Mike and Pat Cavalier.  It was a fun evening for about 200 who attended.                --- Nip Barker

9-HOLE GOLF LEAGUE:   The new King's Gate 9-Hole Golf League will alternate play between Calusa Golf Club on Wednesdays and Waterford Golf Club on Thursdays.  Register to play by using the GREEN sign-up slips located on the "golf sign-up box" at the rear of the Clubhouse.  Please register prior to Sunday noon.  For further information or details contact either Arnold Baldwin or Charlie Hanlon.              --- Arnold Baldwin, 488-9426



High Games
High Series
Helen Tebbets
Ben Quirion
Roland Carey
Rod See
Bill Thurston
Lou Herbert
Kerri Morawa

Alligators - High Handicap Series - 929

SHUFFLEBOARD………………………December 1, 2003:

Position   Team   Won Lost
1 3 43 29
2 1 40.5 31.5
3 8 39.5 32.5
4 4 38 34
5 6 34 38
5 7 34 38
6 5 32.5 39.5
7 2 27 45

Next day of shuffling is Mon., Dec. 8th at 9:30 AM.  Team # 3 makes courts ready for play and is responsible for clean up after play.  The order of play is Black - Yellow - Yellow.                    --- Ralph Garver

KGC PHONE DIRECTORIES:   "April 2003" is printed on the light blue cover of the most recent KGC phonebook.  If you didn't pick up a copy last Spring, please stop by the KGC Office.  Extra copies are available in the Office for $2.00 each.                --- Sandy McIntyre

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