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Sandy McIntyre, Editor
Shirley Bethke
Arthur Carlson
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Vol. XVI, No. 43 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida November 1, 2003

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7:00P Pinochle
7:00P Ladies
9:30A Water Ex.
11:15A Movemt.
         For Health
1:00P Bridge (D)
7:00P Cribbage
7:00P Ladies
   Billiards League
9:00A Line
12:30 Ceramics
12:00 Bowling
7:00P Bingo
8:30A & 10:00A         Ladies Golf
9:30A Water Ex.
11:00A Men's         Golf
11:15A Movemt.         For Health

8:30 - 11:00A
9:00A Beg. Line
12:30P Crafts
4:00P Jetty Picnic
7:00P Dominos
7:30A Pancake          Breakfast
9:30A Water Ex.
1:00P Scrabble
7:00P Euchre
8:15A Coffee
9:00A RT Meeting
5:00P Horse
          Race Party

HEALTHLINE:   Ada Alakna, 321 Castle Drive, fell Monday and broke her hip.  She had surgery on Tuesday.  Her caretaker, Joan Andrews, says she is in good spirits and doing well.  Cards may be sent to Bon Secours Hospital in Venice.  
Fred Bethke, 218 Princess Avenue, is in the hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota, suffering severe abdominal pain.  He's undergoing tests.   Fred, we all hope you'll feel better very soon and hurry back to King's Gate.
                                                          --- Ellie Lambiotte, 486-1749

Our sincere sympathy to Tom Robinson, 166 Duchess Avenue, on the death of his wife, Lois, on Oct. 24th in New Jersey.   The Robinsons have been King's Gate Club residents since 1984.  Lois participated in many Club activities over the years:  chairing several Ladies Style Show Luncheons, crafts, working at the Annual Fair, Bingo, and Choraliers.  She was also active in her church choir.  She will be missed by her friends here at King's Gate.  Cards may be sent to Tom at the northern address in the KGC Telephone Directory.

Our sincere sympathy to Dick and Marcia Nolin, 80 King Arthur Dr., on the death of their 47-year-old son, Mark, who passed away on Oct. 26th at his home in Hudson Falls, New York, following a courageous battle with cancer.   Dick and Marcia will be returning to King's Gate in mid-November.  If you wish to send them a sympathy or mass card, please put it in the special box located on their bench instead of mailing it to New York.

FITNESS CLASS:   A fitness instruction class will be held on Nov. 6th and Nov. 7th at 10:00 AM.  Sign up for either class in the Fitness Center.  Limit is five people per class, or you may phone Marion Gladkowski to schedule another time.                            --- Dick May

YOGA:   Due to an emergency medical situation, our instructor will NOT be able to start our class on Tues., Nov. 4th.  More details later.  Any questions, call Jean Ickes at 488-8967.

BLOODMOBILE:   Please sign up TODAY to donate blood on Thurs., Nov. 6th.         --- Bob Johnson

PHONE NUMBER CORRECTION:   Apologies to these new owners for the error last week.        --- Sandy

Simmons, Jim and Sue 5 Castle Dr. 488-3929

LADIES' LUNCHEON AND RE-SALE FASHION  SHOW by Yesterday's Memories at the KGC Clubhouse on Thurs., Nov. 13, at 12:00.  Buffet lunch by Affordable Custom Catering.  Everything furnished.  Lots of door prizes.  Queen to be chosen.  Tickets on sale 10/25/03, 11/01/03, 11/08/03, $10.00 each.  Questions?                              --- Call Joann Lemonds, 484-7692

JETTY PICNIC:   The next Jetty Picnic will be Thurs., Nov. 6th at the North Jetty.  Bring a dish to pass, your beverage, dinner service and come on down to the Jetty.  Gather and social time at 4:00 PM, eat at 5:00 PM .  Hope to see you..                          --- Claire Becker and Gloria  Carey

PANCAKE BREAKFAST:   Let's put all those diets away for awhile.  Next Friday, November 7, will be our first pancake breakfast for the season.  All the men on the committee welcome you back and are ready to serve you.  Bring a good appetite and a friend.              --- Bill Barth

HORSE RACE PIZZA PARTY - NOVEMBER 8th:   It's racing time again.  Be sure to save up your quarters.  The bookies are ready, the horses are ready, hope to see you all there.  Tickets are $5.00 this year.  The pizza will be from Buddy's.             --- Shirley and Bob Froehlich

THANKSGIVING DINNER:   Tickets now on sale for $7.00 each for turkey and trimmings.  Need volunteer decorators, table hosts, kitchen and cleanup help.    Call Ernie and Judy Auerbach at  488-0968, 49 King Arthur.

NEW YEAR'S EVE:   Next week (November 8th) the New Year's Eve Party tickets will go on sale.  They're $25.00 per person with a limit of 160 tickets available.  So plan to get your tickets early.               Thank you,  Ben & Lorraine Quirion

MEN'S GOLF LEAGUE:   Play begins on Wednesday, November 5th.  Same three courses at the Rotonda.  Same prices as last year.  Same tee time - 11:00 AM.          --- Fr. Steve

MEN GOLFERS:   Several men have asked about the possibility of playing only 9 holes of golf instead of 18.  If the idea appeals to you, meet on the patio after Saturday's meeting.      --- Fr. Steve

SHUFFLEBOARD SCHEDULE:   The 2003-2004 Shuffleboard season starts Monday, November 10, at 9:30 AM.  Team captains will deliver the schedule prior to the first day of play.  The Shuffleboard chairpersons are Tom Patricca, Ralph Garver, Sandy Garver, and Rich Davis.

LADIES BILLIARDS:   Women who want to play pool this season (regulars and subs - even if you didn't sign up), please come to the Billiard Room on Mon., Nov. 3, at 7:00 PM.   We will discuss the sub shortage and determine rules for playing "ball in hand" as voted on last spring.   We'll also practice with the new rules Monday night as well as Sunday night at 7:00 PM.             --- Inez Mercer

High Games
High Series
Rod See
Cheryl Patricca

LADIES GOLF:   All women interested in playing golf, our leagues will start Wed. Nov. 5th.  To those who are new to King's Gate, we have a par 3 league at Bird Bay which starts at 10:00 Wed. mornings and an informal league at Venice Lakes for those who want to play a longer course which starts at 8:30 on Wednesdays.  There will be a sign up sheet in the back of the Clubhouse for both courses.  Please sign up by 10:00 AM each Tuesday.  Any questions or anyone wanting to carpool, call Barb Tompkins at 480-9294 or Linda Varty at 488-2979.        --- Barb Tompkins

LIBRARY NOTES:   Nora Roberts has become so prolific (Is there more than one of her?) and takes up so much space on the regular shelves, we have moved her books to the Romance section - top shelf.  We are beginning a nice collection of book tapes.  They are located under the large-print books.  And lots of paperbacks, too…enjoy!        --- Lois Gaines, Marge Hamilton, and Ann Kellum


Admission Cost for each show $6.00 + $.50 tax = $6.50.
Season Ticket for 6 shows (non-transferable) advance sale $25.00 + $2.50 tax = $27.50
You won't want to miss any of these performances so get a season ticket and get one performance free!  Tickets will be on sale beginning this Saturday, November 1.
                            --- Entertainment Committee:  Dave Westbrook, Hank Ouellette, Vic Griseto

KGC TRAVEL has scheduled Sunday matinee shows at the "Broadway Palm Dinner Theater" in Ft. Myers.  Bus round trip, buffet luncheon, show, taxes and tips - $52 each.  Please book before deadline.

Please review literature on the bulletin board, roundie, and notebooks for details on all travel.  Select from many Happy Heart Tours and make your booking with Nip Barker at 485-9308. Visit our web site:            --- Nip Barker

GUIDE DOGS:   "Open House" at Southeastern Guide Dogs in Palmetto, Sunday, Nov 9, 2003 - 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  Limited food items available.  This is a Round Table charity. Get a carload and visit with this opportunity to see the Dogs in action and the complete facility. There is literature with map at Bulletin Board.  

ORCHID SALE:   Donation of 25% of proceeds go to Guide Dogs.  Have made divisions and repotted all of our orchids.   Carport Sale at 217 Camelot after meeting on November 1st.  Have about 20.            --- Nip Barker

CRAFTS GROUP:   All ladies interested in Swedish weaving please bring a skein of yarn and ten dollars to cover the cost of the material and needles.  Those who have already done Swedish weaving, please drop by and give us beginners a hand.  We will meet in the Ceramics room at 12:30 Thursday November 6.            --- Barb Tompkins

THANKS to Dick Lyford and everyone on the Recycling Crew for the $151.16 contributed to the Round Table treasury from the aluminum they hauled away.   Good job, guys!

SEWER SYSTEM UPDATE:   Please don't throw moist wipes into your toilet.  They don't dissolve!  That's what is clogging our pumps!!   Please put them in a plastic bag or other container and throw them in the trash dumpster.            --- Mike Mooney, Manager

SUMMER WELCOME COMMITTEE:   Many thanks to the Summer Welcome Committee (April 15 - November 1).  They were:  Ann Kellum, Marion Gladkowski, Ruth Ingerick, Ruth & Don Paulson, Pat Sellner, Sandy McIntyre, Jean Oakley, and Betty Hamilton.  It was a busy season and a pleasure to greet and meet so many owners and guests.            --- Gigi Conway

WELCOME COFFEE:   It was wonderful to see so many of you at our Welcome Coffee last Saturday evening.  There were 160 of you here!  Many thanks to the Committee of:  Sandy McIntyre, Vince Caudy, Gloria Whisonant, Ellie Lambiotte, Judy Leight, Pat Sellner, Loretta Brian, Mary Carpenter, Barb Amatrudo, Ann Kellum, Charlotte Stears, Helen Tebbets, and Wayne Anderson.  (Hope I did not forget anyone.)  Our many KGC bakers supplied us with such a varied, delicious, abundance of desserts.  Thanks to all of you as well.  Hope it was enjoyable for all.            --- Gigi Conway

FORMER RESIDENT NEWS:   Herb Tiel, formerly of 42 King Arthur Dr., passed away October 21st in Ludington, Michigan.  Herb's wife, Dorothy, passed away January 14, 2003.  Herb is survived by three sons: Jimmy, Chris, and Bob.  Cards may be sent to the Family of Herbert Tiel, % James Tiel, 109 East Ludington Avenue, Ludington, MI  49431.   

ROUND TABLE BUSINESS:   A motion to fund a 25th Silver Anniversary Celebration in February 2005 for an amount up to $15,000 was approved by the Round Table Executive Committee and must now be voted upon by owners.  If you did not pick up your ballot envelope this morning, you will be receiving it in the mail.  You have 21 days to cast your vote.  The motion:   The King's Gate Club Round Table agrees to fund a Silver Anniversary Celebration of King's Gate Club.  The Celebration will be held in February of 2005.  All current and past surviving members of King's Gate Club will be invited.  The Celebration will include a social hour, dinner, and dance.  A committee of six people will be appointed to plan and carry out the Celebration.  The Round Table will fund the Celebration in the amount of up to $15,000.

FLAG DISPOSAL COLLECTION BOX:   Vince Caudy, Veteran's Club Chairperson, alias "Our Flag Man" has contributed to King's Gate Club a refurbished US Postal Collection Box.  This box is located at the East entrance walkway near the newspaper stands.  Having obtained this box through the Nokomis Post Office and following the guidelines, it is now available to all residents.  Please bring all your old, worn, tattered and faded flags for proper disposal.

A tragedy averted:   On June 23 a three-year old girl almost lost her life in our swimming pool.  An alert young man, also a visitor, noticed her under water, pulled her out, gave her CPR, and had her revived by the time the paramedics arrived.  We must all remember our pool is not made for small children and we must look out for small guests at all times.  In March 1987, Thurman Sorrell wrote to Board President George McIntyre:   On one of our trips to the King's Gate R.V. Park, we discovered a bridge from Kings Way to a parcel of very low ground that was covered with palmettos.  It was under brush and appeared to be useless land.  I told Maggie I thought we had serious problems.  Our developer Lynn Morey has built the "Brooklyn Bridge" leading to no-man's land.  We purchased a lot anyway.  When KGC was developed, lots sold for $4,000.  This year (1987) a friend purchased one of these lots for $24,000.  Entertainment for the coming season will be Judy Swares and her great Judy Garland Show, Connie Hanes and her band, and the Déjà Vu Show with Ginger, Bill and Jim Teter.  All three shows $22.50.  The dance committee announced dance music contracts:  Oct., Don Riddell; Nov., Sandy and Any Dee; Jan., Monti Adino; Sandy and Any will repeat in Feb. as will Monti in Mar..  Ron Merritt will be here in Apr.  Tickets are $3.00, BYOB.  Fifty members participated in the Labor Day Picnic golf pitching contest.  George McIntyre and Ellie Borger were declared the winners with runners up Lois Dievendorf and John Soroka.  Lefty Francis was chief cook.  What a great fun place to live.            --- Don Moriarty

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