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Sandy McIntyre, Editor
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Vol. XVI, No. 38 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida September 27, 2003


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7:00P Pinochle
7:00P Ladies Billiard Practice
Attend Church of your choice
8:30A Water Ex
1:00P Bridge (D)
9:00A Line Dancing

8:30A Water Ex
1:00P Bridge (C)
9:00A Line Dancing (Beg)

8:30A Water Ex
1:00P Scrabble
7:00P Euchre
8:15A Coffee
9:00A RT Meeting
Food Pantry

HEALTHLINE: Jane Pack thanks you for all the cards and calls, and especially the prayers you offered, after her hip surgery 3 weeks ago. She's doing fine.       A scholarship memorial fund for future nurses is being set up as a tribute to Eileen Hawks. If any of you who knew Eileen would like to contribute, information is on the bulletin board.       To send cards to Wilma Kerns of 271 Camelot Drive, whose mother passed away, address them to her Indiana address in our directory.

CONDOLENCES: Our deepest sympathy goes to the family of Gordy Brown of 224 Castle Drive, who passed away last week. A memorial Service was held for him in our clubhouse on Tuesday. Gordy will surely be missed by so many of us who enjoyed his companionship in bowling, playing euchre and billiards, shuffleboarding, golfing. He and his wife, June, have lived at King's Gate for nineteen years.

JOIN THE FUN: Bingo will start Oct. 7th at 7:o'clock in the Clubhouse. We hope everyone will come and have some fun for the evening. There is an announcement on our bulletin board inside the hall & outside. As you can see, we are having some optional games that you can play.
        --- Judy Spears (488-6443) and Fred Lewis (484-4657)

PIANO ACCOMPANIST NEEDED FOR CHORALIERS: Ellie DeWalt is the Chairperson for the King's Gate Club Choraliers. She will arrive back in King's Gate in early December and would like to start rehearsals with the Choraliers the first week in January. Please e-mail Ellie at or write or call her at her northern home in the KGC Phone Directory to volunteer to play the piano for the Choraliers.

ONCE UPON A TIME AT KING'S GATE:       1985 Spring
Due to some break-ins because of the easy access into King's Gate from Route 75, a wall along our boundary was proposed and a committee appointed to investigate. Types of walls considered were all 8 feet high and were wood fence, concrete block, a rock wall, chain link, thorny hedge, and electronic security devices. Membership considered the rock and the block walls would serve the best and both original bids were around $46,000. Since the rock wall would take the least maintenance and its' 36 inch base would provide the most noise abatement, it was selected by ballot by the members. Mr. Morey and the Directors made available from Club funds $12,500 to be used for the wall. The remaining $33,500 would be paid by a one time special assessment of $132 per membership. The contract for the rock wall was let and soon after construction was started. After a portion of the wall was completed, construction stopped. The contractor, at first, said he was having trouble getting the rock, but after a delay of several months, it was learned he was out of business. We were lucky to have only paid as constructed. Much debate went on for the remainder of 1985 as to how to finish the wall. No builder using rock was available, and the wall sat unfinished until June 2, 1986 when a contract was signed to finish the wall with concrete block a total of 1,500 feet, stuccoed on both sides, and painted for $50,084. The contractor completed the wall in 60 days…and that's the reason why we have a décor wall part rock and part block.

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