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Vol. XVI, No. 32 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida August 16, 2003

CONDOLENCES:   Our deepest sympathy to the family of Eleanor Norman, 55 King Arthur Dr., who passed away on Sunday, April 10th, while staying with her son, Dion Hinskey, in Sebring, FL.  Eleanor moved to King's Gate in 1980 with her husband, Norm, who passed away in 1990.  She had many talents including cooking, crafts, hairdressing, and ballroom dancing.  She volunteered her talents decorating for various KGC events and working at the annual Fair.  She liked to Travel and went on many trips and cruises.  She will be sorely missed by her friends here in King's Gate Club.
Memorial services will be at Our Savior Lutheran Church, 2705 N. Tamiami Trail, Nokomis, this morning at 11:00 AM.  Her children's addresses are:   Judy and Jim Blow, 22921 West Keyes, Taylor, MI 48180  and  Dion and Lee Hinskey, 4008 Cortez, Sebring, FL  33872.  Memorial donations may be made to Our Savior Lutheran Church or your favorite charity.

LADIES LUNCHEON:   Thirty King's Gate Club ladies journeyed to Sarasota Square Mall for lunch at Ruby Tuesday restaurant on Thursday.  Many thanks to hostesses Judy Leight, Joann Lemonds,  and Lorraine Letting who created an angelic atmosphere with Angel favors, centerpieces, and door prizes.  Theme prizes were won by Lois Dievendorf (smallest angel), Marge Fulgoni (largest angel) and Mary Lou Richmond (prettiest angel).  Door prizes went to Helen Larsen, Joannie Grubaugh, Mary Jane Christopherson, Mary Porzio, and Sandy McIntyre.

KING'S GATE CLUB SOLO CLUB MEETING at the Oyster Bar, 7250 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, on Thursday, August 28 at 6:00 PM.  Order from the menu.  Special price on drinks.  Extra menus on the counter at Clubhouse.  This is a good time to meet and learn others' names.  Bring a Solo friend.  Please wear your name tag.  Any questions or need a ride, call me.       --- Dick Bartlett, 485-1039

SECURITY NOTICE:   Some of you may not know that two golf carts were stolen this summer in King's Gate Club.  In response to these thefts, the following notice was read at the Saturday morning meeting on August 9.
The Gates to the Community are now closed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
This decision was made in the majority interest, for the welfare of the Community.
The Board and your Manager felt it was our first and obvious line of defense to deter further thefts.
We regret the inconvenience.   We further encourage cooperation with the message on Channel 33 directing your service providers to the KGC Office for issuance of a pass so we will know who is in here at a glance to the vehicle windshield.
It is everyone's responsibility to question and report suspicious person(s) or vehicles.   The Sheriff's Office has been requested to provide special attention to us, but you have to help yourself and your own Community too.                   --- Mike Mooney, Manager

PETITION FOR NIGHT-TIME-ONLY GATE CLOSINGS:   In response to the preceding Security Notice, 35 unit owners (the majority at the meeting) signed a request to the Board to return the gates to night-time-only closings.  This request was given to the office Monday morning, August 11, along with a Service Request expressing the following:  We ask the Board to remember that a majority of KGC members voted for night-time-only gate closings not too long ago. The 35 signers of the attached petition still believe that the disadvantages of day-time closing outweigh the misconception of added protection.   Three of the petition signers were the owner of a stolen golf cart, this month's Security Chairman, and our Vice-President.   Therefore, we appeal for an immediate reversal of the gate closing times, back to what had been satisfactory for many years, night-time-only closings.          
Editorial Note:  On Monday, August 11, Mike Mooney delivered copies of this petition to Board members in residence and mailed copies to out-of-town Board members.   Members who did not have an opportunity to sign the petition may express their opinion by contacting Wren McMains, Board President, and Tom Patricca, Chairman of the Gate Closing Committee.                  --- Richard Phillips

MORE ON THE GATE CLOSINGS:   A "Community Living" column from the Tampa Tribune was also read and distributed at the August 9 meeting.  Richard White, Tribune correspondent, in response to a security question from a reader, stated:   "Another issue owners fail to understand is that gate security is not a protection from crime.  It is pretty and makes owners feel comfortable, which is a misconception and causes owners to become complacent.  Many communities no longer call it security.  They are renaming it access control to reduce liability.  Gate security does not have the responsibility, or in your words, the ability to secure the property."    (The questioner had a burglary and stated, "So the security is not really serving the purpose of securing the property.")

FOR INTERNET USERS - MICROSOFT WINDOWS PROBLEM:   Microsoft has a "bug" which allows people to download and execute any program on your machine.  These programs could broadcast your financial data, delete everything on your machine, or cause other kinds of havoc.  There is no problem if you are running Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows Millennium Edition (Me) operating systems.  However, if you are running Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows NT, you need to install a "patch" (fix) as soon as possible.  Links to the patches can be found in the "RESOLUTION" section at MS03-026, Knowledge Base ID 823980.    More information:   MS Security Bulletin
I had thought this was more of a problem for those with cable modems.  However, even with an up-to-date anti-virus program, I got the W32/Lovsan.worm virus this week while attached to a dial-up line.  I saw a second computer infected within a few minutes of connecting to the internet.  Given the potential danger, I recommend you install the patch.  More information: W32/Lovsan.worm    If you need help installing the patch, contact Nip Barker or Sandy McIntyre.

--- Wren McMains

February saw a flurry of new membership sales (12 sales) with total memberships sold now standing at 185.  Lightening hit the pool and put it out of operation with $2,400 in repairs required.  Orville Walker, Howard Darbee, George McIntyre, and Chuck Messenger painted the entire entrance to the park.  Effective May 15, 1981, the memberships were increased to $15,000.  On October 18th, nine homes were broken into by cutting the fence along the I-75 roadway which is under construction.  None of the homes were occupied.  
King's Gate Club members who were on the list of members at the end of 1981 who are still members today in the 2003 phonebook.  Ada Alakna, Don and Dorothy Avery, Gisele Bossom, Edward Capua, Sue Cavallo, Howard Darbee, Alma Dupuis, Marjorie Hufford, James Larson, Dan Manley, Don and Lorraine Moriarty, Edward and Barb Neumann, Eleanor Norman, Leon and Florence Porch, Don and Bonnie Purkey, Vincent Renga, Love Richey, Jeannette Rylands, Dorothea Shaefer, Thurman and Margaret Sorrell, Donald and Wanda Toland, Verlin and Marion Treend, and Jim and Carol Veverka.                   --- Don Moriarty

The response below from Wren McMains was not included in the printed Newsletter, however, it was announced at the Saturday meeting that this is available online and that a printed copy may be obtained from the King's Gate Office on Monday.

I was really surprised by the petition against closing the gates for a few weeks to minimize the risk of additional thefts.  We closed the gates for a few weeks this spring in a similar situation, and there seemed to be little problem beyond some "gate rage" by residents trying to sneak in behind other residents.  No one believes gates can prevent ALL theft, but if we are able to keep thieves from driving through and casing the place, it certainly will cut down on theft.  Most thieves will follow the path of least resistance and look elsewhere.

After the theft of two golf carts, Mike Mooney and I discussed the situation and we decided to temporarily close the gates until he had a better handle on the situation. Unlike this spring when the office was able to let vendors in, by the time gates were finally closed this time Anne was away and Mike Mooney was in class.  I think this led to many of the problems the first few days the gates were closed; hopefully those have been resolved.

We continue to walk the line of maximizing both convenience and security.  Personally I'm worried about where each of us will stand with our insurance companies who give us a "gated community discount".  On the one hand if we start asking questions, we may have to keep the gates closed all the time.  On the other hand, if we take no action to minimize the risk we may find we are un-insured because we claimed to be gated but then left the gates open.

For now let's walk the line, closing the gate during the day when prudent due to the high risk of theft and keeping it open during the day during periods when the risk seems less.  Mike Mooney is on vacation next week, but I've asked him to review the situation the next week and report by e-Mail to the Board members just after Labor Day.   If necessary we'll have a conference call Board meeting at that time.

I have asked Mike Mooney to assign vendors permanent PIN numbers along with their pass which is to be displayed on their dash.  Residents should then only need to give the PIN of the week to a house guest who is expected when you're not there and the gates are closed (either at night, or when the need arises to close them during the day.)

Giving access to potential home buyers should not be a problem when the office is open.  After they identify themselves, the office can let them in.  I know Mike Mooney has been good about directing potential buyers to homes for sale by owner and would let potential buyers cruise the community after they have been identified.  One of the things many potential buyers are looking for is security; they will think it a good thing, not a bad thing, when they are asked to identify themselves to cruise around KGC.

A suggestion I made to Mike Mooney before I left in June was to have volunteers available on the weekends to show homes for sale by King's Gate Realty.  If the gate was closed on the weekend, these same people could open the gate for prospective buyers who identifies themselves.  They could look at homes listed with KGR as well as those for sale by owner.  Mike decided to initially just have potential buyers call his cell phone on weekends so he could judge the demand.

Let's work together, keeping the gates open during the day when the risk doesn't appear too great, and making suggestions how to improve operations when the gate is closed (both at night or during times of high risk).

If you have any suggestions, call or e-Mail Tom Patricca or me.

I hope any King's Gaters caught in the blackout of 2003 will send their stories to Sandy McIntyre for next week's newsletter. Let's compare with stories from 1965 when June was caught in the NYC subway. Send those along too.


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