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Vol. XVI, No. 30 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida August 2, 2003

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7:00P Pinochle
7:00P Ladies
8:30A Water Ex.
1:00P Bridge
9:00A Line
8:30A Water Ex.
9:00A Line
8:30A Water Ex.
1:00P Scrabble
7:00P Euchre
8:15A Coffee
9:00A RT Meeting

HEALTHLINE:   Lorraine Moriarty slipped and fell off an exercise machine at the YMCA.  She broke her clavicle (collarbone) bone and is in a sling.  She has to now go for a MRI to check other muscles.  Cards would be appreciated.             --- Eleanor Gregory

FORMER RESIDENT NEWS:   Don King, former resident of KGC, passed away July 27 in Venice.  Last year he moved to Venice to live with his daughter.  Don was very active in our Club and also sold real estate.  Condolences may be sent to:  Mrs. Doris King, % Barbara DeVries, 4 Alton Ct., Brookline, MA  02446.              --- Eleanor Gregory

THANK YOU is not enough to say to all of you who sent me cards, telephone calls, prayers and concerns since my surgery.  Many have brought food, ran errands, and taken me to therapy.  I'm very thankful for everything you've done.

--- Mary Jane Christopherson

NEWS FROM THE NORTH:   Howard and Doris Darbee, 286 Avenue of Queens, are now residing in Country Club Retirement Center in Dover, Ohio.  They traveled there via private plane from Michigan as Howard is recovering from a double broken hip.  Their address is 862 E. Iron Avenue Ext., Apartment 114, Dover, OH  44622, telephone (330) 365-2498.             --- Vince Caudy

KGC TRAVEL:   "Veendam" cruise Jan. 10-17, 2004, is already selling well. There are 20 cabins reserved, six are booked and ALL veranda rooms on the ship have been booked.  Thinking about it! Then make a deposit now rather than later.  Deposit refundable up to final payment.  Visit the website for information: Happy Heart Tours announces for early 2004 - at Tampa Performing Arts Center - "Say Goodnight Gracie," "Jesus Christ Superstar," and               "Les Miserables."  Also, "The Producers" available for reservations August 8th.   This will sell out FAST.  If interested, call me and tell me.  "Dixie Stampede" at Orlando will have matinee dates in Spring 2004.  At Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater - "Miss Saigon," "Anne Murray - Christmas," "Wayne Newton - Christmas," "Canadian Brass," "Thoroughly Modern Millie," "Ann-Margaret," "Engelbert Humperdinck," "42nd Street," and "Vickie Lawrence & Mama". ,,,,Lots of shows for everyone.             --- Nip, 485-9308

NOT TOO MANY YEARS AGO AT KING'S GATE:   Christmas 1979/1980
The sixty-three homes on site and occupied at the end of 1979 were decorated for the holidays and members were planning their first New Year's Eve party with Bea Thomas in charge.  A survey of lot owners show that 33 members hail from Florida, 17 from Michigan, 12 from New York, 11 from Indiana, 10 each from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, and 5 or less from North Carolina, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, and two from Canada.  The Trustees purchased a gas grill on a portable cart for parties around the pool and the shuffleboard courts.  The proposed budget for 1980 totals $90,390.  Lynn Morey announced that King's Gate Club will be promoted in 33 newspapers in ten states with a circulation of over four million readers.  Swimming classes will begin after the first of the year every Monday at 1:00 PM.  A special thank you to Mr. And Mrs. Red Treend for donating the decorative Coat of Arms plaque for the clubhouse.             --- Don Moriarty

HAVE YOU BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH AAADD?   (Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder)

This is how it goes. . .

I decide to clean off the front patio.  I start to the patio and notice mail on the desk that needs to be taken down to the Post Office.  Ok, I'm going to the Post Office. . .

BUT FIRST I'm going to go through the mail that was delivered.  I lay the car keys down on the desk.  After discarding the junk mail, I notice the trash can is full.  OK, I'll just put the bills on my desk . . .

BUT FIRST I'll take the trash out.  But since I'm going to be near the mailbox, I'll address a few bills.  Yes, now where is the checkbook?  Oops. . . there's only one check left.  Where did I put the extra checks?  Oh, there is my empty coffee cup from last night on my desk.  I'm going to look for those checks. . .

BUT FIRST I need to put the cup back in the kitchen.  I start to head for the kitchen and look out my window, notice the flowers need a drink of water because of the extreme heat.  I put the cup on the counter and there's my extra pair of glasses on the kitchen counter.

What are they doing there?  I'll just put them away. . .

BUT FIRST I need to water those plants.  I head for the door and. . .

Aaaagh!  Someone left the TV remote in the wrong place.  Okay, I'll put the remote away and water the plants . . .

BUT FIRST I need to find those checks.

END OF DAY:   The patio has not been cleaned, bills still unpaid, cup still on the counter, checkbook still has only one check left, lost my car keys. . .

And, when I try to figure out how come nothing got done today, I'm baffled because. . .


I realize this condition is serious. . .

I'd get help…

BUT FIRST. . .I think I'll check my e-mail.

--- Contributed by Marge Hufford

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