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Vol. XVI, No. 29 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida July 26, 2003


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7:00P Pinochle
7:00P Ladies

8:30A Water Ex.
1:00P Bridge
9:00A Line
8:30A Water Ex.
9:00A Line
5:30P Solos
8:30A Water Ex.
1:00P Scrabble
7:00P Euchre
8:15A Coffee
9:00A RT Meeting
   Food Pantry

HEALTHLINE:   Al Rodecki (149 Duchess) had a knee replacement on July 14 near his home in Baldwinville, MA.   He is scheduled to come home from Rehab today.   Mary Jane reported that he is doing very well.   Cards may be sent to his northern address.     Val Zabielski (280 Ave. of Queens) had a kidney removed in Wisconsin.   Prayers and cards will be appreciated.                                    --- Eleanor Gregory

CONDOLENCES:   Our deepest sympathy to Peter Helfrich (239 Ave. of Barons) on the death of his wife, Martha, and to their two sons and daughter who were here for Martha's Memorial Mass on Monday.  Martha passed away unexpectedly on July 14th in Gettysburg, PA, where they were attending their granddaughter's wedding.  The Helfriches have been residents of King's Gate Club for twelve years and were Round Table Entertainment Co-Chairpersons from 1993 to 1996.  Martha sang with the KGC Choraliers and also was a member of both her church and diocesan choirs.  A donation from King's Gate Club has been sent to the Moffitt Cancer Center in Martha's memory.  

ICE CREAM SOCIAL:   Sunday, July 27, 1:00 - 3:00 PM.  Make your own Sundae (all the fixings).  Donations accepted.                                   --- Lois Dievendorf

SOLO CLUB MEETING:   Solos will meet at Waterfrontoo, 2205 N. Tamiami Trail on Thurs., July 31 at 5:30 PM; order from the menu.  This is a good time to meet and learn others names….so, please wear your name tag.  Any questions, or need a ride, call me, Dick Bartlett, 485-1039.

NEW OWNERS:   Welcome to the new owners of 10 Castle Drive…..Stuart and Eunice Shear.  We wish you MANY happy years at King's Gate Club!  The Shears were King's Gate Park residents.  Their summer address is E24417 Birch Lake Road, Watersmeet, MI, but their mailing address is     P. O. Box 922, Land O'Lakes, WI.  Watersmeet is a tiny town located on the Michigan/Wisconsin border.

FOOD PANTRY COLLECTION NEXT SATURDAY:   The South County Food Pantry provided this list of suggested items needed:  Peanut Butter, Instant Milk, Spaghetti Sauce, Crackers, Canned Meats, Dried Beans - 1 lb. pkg., Rice - 1 lb. pkg., Soup, Instant Coffee, Toilet Tissue, Jelly, Cereal, Dry Spaghetti - 1 lb., Instant Potatoes, Canned Fruit & Vegetables, Sugar - 2 lb. pkg., Macaroni & Cheese, Canned Pasta, Hamburger / Tuna Helper, Soap.   The items on the list are the basics that are provided to each needy family.   Donations are not restricted to this list.  Cash donations are used to purchase perishable and out-of-stock food items.  During the summer season, the need is great.  There are fewer people making donations, and more people in need due to the off-season decline in employment particularly for restaurant employees.

--- Joan Cherwa

KGC TRAVEL:   Let's Go Cruising!!  Make your booking with VIP World Travel as we sail from Tampa aboard Holland/American's "Veendam" on a 7-day cruise to Key West, Belize, Guatemala and Cozumel.  Date is January 10-17, 2004.  Your hosts, Jackie and Nip Barker, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary (2/19) on this cruise.  There will be an on-board Cocktail Party to recognize other cruise couples' anniversaries anytime during 2004.  Cruise information is available at the Travel Board Carousel.  Call VIP at local: 377-0017 or long distance: 800-323-7448 for Sue or Allan or mail your registration from the flyer.  Be sure and book soon for best cabin selection.  The ship is already half booked.  Check our website:  and click on the Carribean Cruise for a printable flyer with info and deck plans.

--- Nip Barker

BLUE HERON RESCUE:   Last Saturday in Dee and Lyle Hicks backyard (45 King Arthur Dr.), a rescue volunteer  from Pelican Man's Bird Sanctuary captured the Blue Heron with the large fishing lure caught in its neck.  He was unable to remove the lure on the spot, so he took the bird to their hospital.  Several hours later, he returned and released the heron which flew away.  Photos by Chuck McIntyre and Dee Hicks may be seen on our web page at:
Dee reports that the heron returned the next day, and is now much more suspicious of friendly humans.  We learned from the Bird Sanctuary personnel that herons, egrets, etc. should not be fed hot dogs or bologna because nitrates are toxic to birds' livers and may eventually kill them.  To report an injured bird, please call 388-4444.  Also, if you're interested in training to be a rescuer or volunteering in another capacity, contact Joanne Davis, Volunteer Coordinator.  Visit their website at:

--- Sandy McIntyre

FLEA MARKET DONATIONS:   We're disappointed to report that donations to the King's Gate Fair Flea Market continue to disappear from the unlocked drop-off trailer.  Evidently someone thinks these items are available on a "first-come first-take" basis.  Please help spread the word that these things have been donated to raise money for our Club.  If you see something in the unlocked trailer that you'd like to buy, contact Patty Ray 484-8078 or Dee Hicks 485-2482.  They monitor donations daily, and move the more valuable and pilferable items to locked storage.   To insure that your donations benefit everyone at King's Gate Club, you may call Patty or Dee to arrange to drop off items at their homes or to have them meet you at the Flea Market storage.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN KING'S GATE…….Some thoughts by John Galaba, an original member…..
John said that the original plan called for up to 500 homes in the King's Gate Club when along came I-75 and a large section of the land was taken along our east border and the new plan was reduced to 331.  The first plan called for a mote around the castle, a store, a pharmacy, and a part-time beauty and barber shop.  The developers planned to spend a million one hundred thousand, but when the costs mounted to a million nine hundred thousand, the "extras" went out the window.  Most of the new residents anticipated moving into the park in early 1978 and had their homes bought and scheduled for delivery and when the county held up the occupancy permit, the mobile homes were parked along King's Way road for several weeks.  The county issued the permit the latter part of March and people started moving in.  Since the property sloped down from the north to Salt Creek and the fill from the lake was not enough, 200 truck loads of fill were brought in.  The first home installed in the park was that of Mr. & Mrs. Russ Thomas #45.  John and Millie Galaba #63 was second, and third was Mr. & Mrs. John Bas #106.  John Galaba was appointed the first President in October of 1979 and by January of 1980 a set of By Laws were submitted to the owners for approval.  Entertainment in the early years was supplied once or twice each month by the Crossland Saving Bank at the corner of Farm Road and Route 41, but we had no stage.  The developer, Mr. Morey, told the owners that there was not enough money, but he agreed to buy the lumber and our volunteer carpenter owners built the stage and later the dressing rooms.  John recalled that the largest alligator he remembered was over 10 feet when it was removed.  (A sad note, John Galaba's wife, Millie, had a stroke and died on a Club-sponsored trip to Hawaii in the mid-eighties.)

--- Don Moriarty

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