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Vol. XVI, No. 27 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida July 12, 2003

Bud Porzio is doing well after his knee replacement.  Bud would like to thank everyone for their cards and prayers.  Visitors are welcome.  
Mary Jane Christopherson is doing as well as can be expected after her operation.  Mary Jane said visitors are welcome.

--- Eleanor Gregory

Caryll and Tom Piepmeyer (192 Castle Dr.) just celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary July 4th with a party at Dante's in Cincinnati.   The music, buffet, champagne, and entire program were well planned by a niece and a sister.   Caryll and Tom said it was great to have friends and relatives who have been close during those year get together for a good time.

Doris Roslund, formerly of KGC, is now residing at an assisted residence in PA.  Her address is Mrs. Doris Roslund, Willowbrook Rm. 227, 150 Edella Rd., Clark Summit, PA 18411.  I'm sure cards would be appreciated.

--- Eleanor Gregory

Ed and Tess Cronk, Marilyn and Dick Phillips, and Jackie and Nip Barker attended a 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration for Janet and Ketch Morrell at Shell Point in Ft. Myers. The Morrell's six children and most grandchildren were in attendance.  Family and friends joined Jan and Ketch for lunch and a cruise of the Ft. Myers area.  Later everyone enjoyed a video slide show produced by several of Morrell's children of their years together.   A beautiful day for a beautiful couple.   Here are a few photos for those who know the Morrells.  

--- Nip Barker

LAST CALL for the ladies luncheon on Wednesday, July 16th, at 12 o'clock noon at Sharky's on the Pier with doors open at 11:30 am.  You may order from the menu and separate checks will include tax and tip.  "BY THE SEA" will be our luncheon theme.  We have a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board, please sign up by July 13th.  We look forward to seeing you there and having a fun time.   Questions? Call Ginny, 484-0079;  Dee, 485-2482;  Fran, 484-8681, or  Joanie, 480-9174.

SOLO CLUB MEETING:   Solos will meet at Waterfrontoo, 2205 N. Tamiami Trail.  The date is Thursday, July 31 at 5:30 PM; order from the menu.  This is a good time to meet and learn others names…….so, please wear your name tag.  Any questions, or need a ride, call me, Dick Bartlett, 485-1039.

VOLUNTEERS:   KGC needs several volunteers to help Khammay with picking up yard trash on Tuesday and Friday mornings.  Call Mike Mooney, Manager, in KGC Office, 484-6119.

THE GREAT TREE CASE:   After the site plan for the King's Gate Club was approved by the Sarasota County Engineers in early 1976, the Club developer, Lynn Morey, asked for a permit to proceed.  The developer and the Country Engineering Department did not specify which trees should remain and which could be removed.  When the Country Engineering Department delivered the permit, the developer was told to remove any trees that were necessary to accomplish the layout.  

The developer cleared the land, and dug the lake and used this for fill.  After all the ground work was complete and construction was under way, a suit was filed by the Florida State Attorney's Office against the developers of King's Gate Club because the permit must state which trees can be removed and stripping of the land was not approved.  The case stopped all construction and drug on for 15 months until September 19, 1977 when the case was dismissed.  Under the agreement, the developer agreed to plant two trees on each lot in the park, which I think was carried out.  It has been obvious to the residents that spreading the lake soil over the park has raised our level to the point where we have never been flooded even the time when we had 24 inches of rain in three days and this year when we had close to 20 inches in four days.   Good idea Lynn!

--- Don Moriarty


Can you imagine working at the following Company?  It has a little over 500 employees with the following statistics:

Can you guess which organization this is?  Give up?

It's the 535 members of your United States Congress.  The same group that perpetually cranks out hundreds upon hundreds of new laws designed to keep the rest of us in line.

--- Contributed by Lois Dievendorf

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