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Vol. XVI, No. 22 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida June 7, 2003

CONDOLENCES and our deepest sympathy to Joan at the death of her husband, Eugene Euvrard, who died on June 3. A memorial service for Eugene will be held at 2 PM in our clubhouse Sunday, the 8th. Father Steve will be conducting the service.

(from the Kingsgate Journal, 1997 news.)
Legend of Shakett Creek: In the 1800s when the early settlers attempted to enter our area they had to cut their way through. When the Knight family came down the mid-state ridge and fought their way to the Gulf they came upon a broad creek near the head of Dona Bay which they had to ford. The mules pulling the wagons failed to budge. Holding ears in front of the mules failed to move and when whips and all other methods failed the elder Knight got an idea and instructed his sons to get the dried deer hides out of one of the wagons because he knew they made a wicked, crackling noise when they were handled. Standing along the lead team of mules, his son shook the hides and the mules bolted across the creek. Using the same method the rest of the wagons crossed over. Because of this proof of the efficiency of deer hides, the creek was named Shakit Creek and it still bares that name. The Knights built a large house on the south bank of the creek and staked a claim to all the land from the Gulf to the Myakka River, ten miles across and thirty miles long. They prospered with as many as thirty thousand head of cattle and became one of the leading families on the Gulf Coast. (Knight's Trail)

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