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Vol. XVI, No. 21 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida May 31, 2003

CONDOLENCES: Hank Bette's mother passed away Wednesday, May 28th at the Heritage Nursing Home. Her ashes will be sent to New Jersey.     --- Ellie Lambiotte, 486-1749

REMEMBER: Please give articles for the Newsletter to Art Carlson at 137 Camelot Dr. or e-mail typing NEWS and the date in the Subj. blank. Please turn in articles before Thursday, and the paper is completed on Thursday morning.

ONCE UPON A TIME AT KING'S GATE: March 30, 1977 - The trust agreement was finalized and the announcement of the new King's Gate Club was made to the people living at the King's Gate R.V. Park. A new concept for an adult mobile home community, owned and operated on a non-profit basis. This is an innovative way of combating the continuing high cost of living. Memberships start at $7,500 for the first 100 members, and the monthly dues are $35.00. It was necessary to sell 100 memberships to make the plan feasible, and five weeks later on May 5th the first 100 memberships were sold. The new owners began looking at Skyline Mobile Home models and placing orders.     ---Don Moriarty.

LADIES LUNCHEON: At "Landmark" in Venice, Wednesday, June 18th at 12:00 noon. Sign-up sheet on the bulletin board. Individual checks including tax and gratuity. Please wear Red, White, or Blue to honor Flag Day.     ---Lois Dievendorf.

MEMORIAL DAY POTLUCK: 113 people attended the memorial day Potluck. A great big THANK YOU to all who helped. ---Couldn't have done it without you!

Thanks to all the volunteers who delivered letters and KG Realty Q&A sheets to all residents the office data base "thought" were still here on May 31st. Thanks also go to volunteers who folded and stuffed copies to be mailed to everyone else on Monday, June 2nd. What surprised me was that the volunteers discovered about 15 owners who seemed to have left without notifying the office.

During emergencies this is the data base which we'll use to identify neighbors who are in residence and might need assistance. Please keep the office informed as you come and go, even if only for a few days. Our emergency coordinators, Mike McDonald and Dick Phillips, will use lists produced by the office from this data base to identify people in residence during an emergency.

We really appreciate all the Block Captains who deliver notices in season. During the summer we'll use the same "Blocks" to deliver emergency notices; as we did today we'll ask others to fill in as Block Captains on an as available basis. I've put a color graphic of the KGC Blocks on the website, to help those who are here coordinate activities.     ---Wren

NOTE: Next week I'll be in California and Sandy McIntyre will still be away so don't expect the newsletter to be posted until one of us return. Thanks also go to Art Carlson for producing the printed version!

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