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Vol. XVI, No. 16 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida April 26, 2003

NEW OWNERS:   Welcome to Lowell and Kae Hardesty who have purchased 21 Castle Drive, phone 485-4229.  They are from Louisburg, Kansas.  We hope you enjoy many happy years at KGC!

JETTY PICNIC:   The next Jetty Picnic will be Wednesday, April 30th, at the North Jetty.  Bring a dish to pass, your beverage, dinner service and come on down to the Jetty. Gather and social time at 5 PM, eat at 6 PM .  Hope to see you.           --- Claire Becker and Gloria Carey

KGC PHONEBOOK CORRECTION:   Please note these corrections on the list of Round Table Committee Chairpersons:  Bloodbank - Bob Johnson; Ceramics - Fran Yaros.          --- Sandy McIntyre

FREE DRUG OFFER:   Contact Lee or Jean Ickes, 116 Camelot, 488-8967, if you can use 65 tablets of Gemfibrozil (generic of Lopid) 600 mg.

KGC BOOK CLUB:  The Monday, April 28 meeting for discussion of "The Hours"  by Michael Cunningham has been cancelled.  Meetings will resume in the Fall.         --- Betty Dowling

SHUFFLEBOARD will start on November 10, 2003.  Anyone who wishes to play must sign up for the 2003-2004 season.  Full-time players must be available for play on Nov. 10, 2003.             --- Tom Patricca

NINETY-ONE by  Ann Hafferkamp (former resident and mother of Ellie DeWalt, 208 Squire).

Some may wonder how I feel
Now that I am nearly ninety-one
Is it only the young generation
That is having any fun?

I enjoy reading a good book
Of adventures on land and sea
Or listen to a good sermon
Sunday morning on TV.

It is fun to do crossword puzzles
And maybe a cryptogram or two
I play bridge every chance I get
And the game of Scrabble too.

It's great to be with my family
Share the pride and admiration
Of each member's accomplishment
Or a birthday celebration.

THOUGHTS:   The weather is perfect, there are still activities, we have a lovely swimming pool, and there are still many people here, SO enjoy each day at KGC!         --- SJB

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