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Vol. XVI, No. 13 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida April 5, 2003

Saturday, April 5 - Mardi Gras Spring Dance
Sunday, April 6 - Putt Putt Golf Tournament
Wednesday, April 9 - Round Table Executive Committee Meeting

NEW KGC PHONEBOOKS:   Owners may pick up their Resident Profile Forms at the back of the hall before the meeting, fill in emergency contacts and other information, and return them after the meeting in order to receive a new directory.  Also, if you haven't already done so, please sign a Waiver form indicating whether your Club mailings may be delivered to your clip to save postage.   Extra directories are available for $2 each.  The directories will also be available at the Office during the week.

--- Sandy McIntyre

ROUND TABLE PRESENTS:  TONIGHT - Spring Dance - Mardi Gras - 7:00 PM.  Must have a ticket to attend.  Music by "Girl Talk."  Bring hors d'oeuvre, BYOB, and set-ups.      --- Reo Leach

NEW OWNER:   Welcome to Josi Merkin who has purchased 85 King Arthur Drive.  She is from Stamford, CT.   She's listed in the new KGC phonebook, but you'll need to add her phone number (488-1390).   We wish you many happy years at KGC!

ROUND TABLE NEWS:   Vince Caudy is Acting Chair for the Round Table during Don Lambiotte's absence.  Vince can be reached at 486-0725.

CORRECTION:   New residents Tom and Elinor Tyler have purchased 108 King Arthur Drive, formerly Elmendorf residence.

ORCHIDS:   Our sincere thanks to Ike Richards who has been in charge of recycling at KGC for several years.  We appreciate the work you have done FOR US, Ike, and the money you have collected for the Club.   Ike and new Chair of Recycling, Dick Lyford, recently collected $289.22 for the Club by the aluminum they turned in.  Thanks, Guys!    (And it's our guess that Ike will continue to help Dick.)

TRAVEL NEWS:   Nip Barker reduced the Operating Balance in the Travel account and at the end of the operating year, he turned an additional $1,500 in to the Round Table.  Again, Nip, we thank you for ALL the work you have done as Travel Committee Chair.

GUIDE DOGS:   There are six openings for the two-hour tour of Southeastern Guide Dogs on April 8th at 9:30am.   You are on your own.   Signup sheet is on the Bulletin Board.  Map and directions will be delivered to you.   You will enjoy learning more about this wonderful organization.   If you wish to volunteer your time at SEGDI, please ask for a form and card.

Thanks       --- Nip,   485-9308

TENNIS TIPS:   The last session of Tennis Tips was March 27th.  We had 9 players sign up and usually had 5 to 7 players out for each session.   We enjoyed having the program and hope all the players will keep playing during the summer.

--- Alex Ferris & Don Keele

BOWLING:   Congratulations to the winners of our two-week single Bowling for Bucks - 3/25 & 4/1.  
        1.  Angela Richards 1214 1.  Bob Froehlich 1214
        2.  Carole Gualdoni 1203 2.  George Ray 1208
        3.  Grace See 1196 3.  Tom Patricca 1206
        4.  Judy Skowron 1155 4.  John Schleicher 1202
It's the end of the season.    Have a great summer.

SHUFFLEBOARD will start on November 10, 2003.  Anyone who wishes to play must sign up for the 2003-2004 season.  Full-time players must be available for play on November 10, 2003.

--- Tom Patricca

FAIR FINAL FIGURES:   A report of the income and expenses for each activity at the Fair appears on the back of this week's paper Newsletter. You may pick up a copy in the Clubhouse or ask to see a friend's copy. The Fair was very successful bringing in almost as much as last year's Fair (only $63 less net).

THOUGHTS:   A friend of mine publishes a little magazine.  This issue says the art of life is constant adjusting to circumstances.  DO NOT LOOK BACK.  It will neither give you back your past nor satisfy your daydreams.  Your duty, your reward, your destiny, are here and now.  This goes along with enjoying every minute you are fortunate enough to live at King's Gate Club.  Every day is a gift for us to cherish.              --- SJB

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