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Vol. XVI, No. 8 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida February 22, 2003

Saturday, Feb. 22, Pizza Horse Race Party
Monday, Feb. 24, Honore Avenue Meeting, 2 PM, Clubhouse  (IMPORTANT EVERYONE ATTEND!)
Monday, Feb. 24, Book Club
Thursday, Feb. 27, New York - New Jersey Patio Party
Thursday, Feb. 27, KGC Solo Club

EXPRESSION OF SYMPATHY:   We were sorry to learn of the passing of Hank Ouellette's brother, in Michigan.  Sympathy cards may be sent to 305 Castle Drive.          --- Blanche Madden,  480-1514

HORSE RACE PIZZA PARTY:   This event is TONIGHT for all those lucky people with tickets.  The horses are ready, the bookies are ready.  Bring your quarters.  BYOB.

HONORE AVE.- I-75 MEETING:   Please come and bring your neighbors to our Clubhouse on Monday, February 24, at 2:00 PM.  A new Honore Avenue plan will be presented by the Sarasota Highway Department with our Commissioner Jon Thaxton present.  It is imperative that all residents of the two King's Gate Parks and Laurel Landings make every effort to attend.             --- Don Moriarty

BOOK CLUB:   The February book choice is "Cross Creek" by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.  Read the book and join us on Monday, February 24, at 12:40 PM in the Library.  This is 20 minutes earlier than originally planned so we can finish in time to go to the Honore Ave meeting at 2:00 PM.

KGC SOLO CLUB meets February 27th, 5 PM at Waterfrontoo Restaurant, 2205 N. Tamiami Trail.  Order from 14 Sunset Specials at $9.95.  Draft beer $1.85, glass of wine $3.50, well drinks $3.50.  Sign up in back.  Please wear your name tag and bring a solo friend.  I will be looking for you.  Any questions, call me at 485-1039.                --- Dick Bartlett

NEW YORK-NEW JERSEY PATIO PARTY: & nbsp;Don't forget to bring your drinks and hot or cold snacks to the New York-New Jersey Patio Party on Thursday, February 27 at 5 PM. Please wear name tags.  Any questions, call Barth's, 485-9714.

LADIES' SPRING LUNCHEON:   Ladies, it's time to get your tickets for the Spring Ladies' Luncheon and Fashion Show at Mission Valley Country Club on Thursday, March 6 at 12 noon. Hope you will all join us for a nice meal and lovely Spring fashions. Price $17 each, including gratuity.

TENNIS TOURNAMENT:   Preliminaries will be completed next week.  The finals will be on March 8, rain date March 9.  Hot dogs and soda will be served.  Bring lawn chairs for more comfortable seating.               --- Joe Fischer

VENICE ST. PATRICK'S PARADE, SATURDAY, MARCH 15:   Volunteer walkers needed to walk the route, following our float passing out flyers promoting our King's Gate Fair.  Parade route is approximately 1.5 to 2 miles.  Sign-up sheet is on bulletin board.  Any questions, call Gene and Mickey Fournier (488-8281).

LUMINARIAS  -   WANTED:   Volunteers still needed for placing luminarias on bridge and around Clubhouse for Christmas Eve.  Unless someone commits to these positions, there may not be luminarias in these areas next year.  Think it over.  I'll need to know in October.  Enjoy your summer.                       Judy and George Reardon

KGC-101 STUDY GROUP HAS FINISHED:   Average attendance was 15 at the six sessions. We looked at KGC Articles, By Laws, Rules, Finance, Policies, Round Table Operational Rules, and Roberts Rules of Order. At each session many questions were asked and answered. Club Manager Cindy Simmons came to the last session and explained her duties and responsibilities and responded to questions. Soon the Manager will be arranging group tours and explanations of our drinking water, sanitary sewer and swimming pool systems for anyone interested. Thanks to the 32 individuals who attended.             ---  Dick Phillips, Chairperson

NEW OWNERS:   Welcome to Ruth and Val Zabielski, who have purchased 280 Ave. of Queens. They are from Kansasville, WI. Local phone 484-6611. We hope you will enjoy many happy years with us at KGC!

RENTERS:  Welcome to Stanley and Josephine Koncki, who are at 254 Camelot. They are here until April 1. We hope you enjoy your stay with us at KGC!

GATES CLOSED:   Because there has recently been a home broken into at the Club, a boat stolen and people driving around our community in autos who definitely do not belong here, it has been decided to keep our entrance gate (and exit gate) closed 24 hours a day. The Sheriff states "gypsies" who work together, often in multiple cars, may be coming through the area. The closing of the gates is done to insure the safety of the community and of us. Thanks for your cooperation.

I-75-WALL PROJECT:   Weather permitting, the project was to be completed on Thursday, February 20. The planning, prep work, and painting was a big job well done by our KGC Staff - Cindy, Ed and Vince - and the membership, consisting of: Mike McDonald, Neil Crane, Rich Davis, Dick Nolin, Jerry Morrissey, Gene Fournier, Tom Potts, Jack Varty, Lee Chiles, Norm Aubry, Hank Ouellette, Fred Scheerer, Jerry Robinson, Bob Van de Steene, Roger Nicely, Jim Alex, Don Toland, Jim Hyde, Dick Lyford, Roland Carey, Bruce Collins, Emil DePasquale, Bill Thurston, Ike Richards, Bud Porzio and Bob Cook. We apologize if anyone's name has been omitted who did participate. Contrary to what we were told two years ago, the wall is in fine condition and will be for many more years. "Congratulations" to ALL our capable and hard-working volunteers. MUCH APPRECIATED BY ALL OF US! (And a special thanks to Gene Fournier who coordinated the job of getting all these "willing workers").

WATERING RESTRICTIONS STILL IN EFFECT:   The Sarasota Board of County Commissioners unanimously voted to maintain the previously imposed once a week watering restrictions, despite SWIFTMUD recommendations to allow twice a week watering.  Even numbered homes may water on Tuesday, odd numbers on Sunday between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM.  Remember, this includes all sources of irrigation water including the lake or your own well.  Once a week watering restrictions will help maintain a low consumption rate while allowing time for the aquifer to recover after many months of drought.  Your cooperation is much appreciated in the effort to conserve a most valuable resource.            --- Cindy Simmons, KGC Manager

TOUR OF KGC FACILITIES:  Are you interesting in touring KGC facilities?  Due to popular demand, groups will be organized to tour the Water Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant and Swimming Pool Facilities.  An explanation of facilities operation as well as a question/answer session will be conducted while on tour.  If interested, a sign up sheet is available in the Clubhouse.  Tours will begin sometime in early March - dates and time to be announced.                --- Cindy Simmons


Position     Team            Won              Lost      
1 3 45 27
2 8 44 27
3 1 41 31
4 2 36 36
5 7 35 36
6 4 30 42
7 6 29 43
8 5 27 45
Next Day of shuffling is Monday, February 24, at 9:30 AM.  Team #7 makes courts ready for play and is responsible for clean up after play.  The order of play is Yellow - Black - Yellow.             --- Gordy Brown


High Games High Series
John Schleicher
Charles Brady
Carole Gualdoni
Skeet Kast
Fred Carbone
Sports Award Dinner on March 26.  Tickets $10.00 per person.  Tickets will be sold in Clubhouse Saturdays in March.

THOUGHTS:   If you really want to show your appreciation to Don Moriarty for all the work he has done on the Honore Ave. project for ALL OF US, plan to attend the discussion about Honore Ave. at our clubhouse on Monday, February 24 at 2:00 PM. He has put in countless hours of work on this project over the years. Now he needs US - so PLEASE do plan to attend.              --- SJB

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