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Vol. XVI, No. 7 King's Gate Club - a 55+ community, Nokomis, Florida February 15, 2003

Sunday, Feb. 16, Regatta on KGC Lake, 1:30 PM
Tuesday, Feb. 18, Ohio Luncheon
Wednesday, Feb. 19, Entertainment - Jack Brokensha Quartet
Thursday, Feb. 20, Jetty Picnic
Saturday, Feb. 22, Pizza Horse Race Party
Monday, Feb. 24, Honore Avenue Meeting, 2 PM, Clubhouse  (IMPORTANT EVERYONE ATTEND!)
Monday, Feb. 24, Book Club
Thursday, Feb. 27, New York - New Jersey Patio Party
Thursday, Feb. 27, KGC Solo Club

HEALTHLINE:   Jean Loveday, 227 Duchess, had two knee surgeries.    Gene Euvrard, 279 Ave. of Queens, is home from the hospital and is on the mend, using the services of Home Health Care.    Betty Markoff of 326 King Arthur is at Health South on Proctor Rd. for rehab after back surgery.    Ken Savage, 156 Duchess, had knee surgery.    Art Carlson, 137 Camelot, is still in the hospital recovering from pneumonia.  He has been moved to Rehab.  He's doing much better but isn't able to have visitors yet.    Eleanor Norman, 55 King Arthur, is recovering in the Venice hospital.  She has been moved to Rehab, and she is able to have visitors and would enjoy cards and phone calls.           --- Blanche Madden,  480-1514

ORCHIDS:   This week we want to thank Jerry Robinson who compiles our Calendar of Events.  Thanks also to Leanna Robinson who sees that they are printed.  And, finally, thanks to Kerrie Morawa who is Chairperson of the Block Captains (she sees that the Calendars are distributed to each Block Captain).  Of course, we also want to thank the Block Captains:  Fred Bethke, Pat Edwards, Ann Fisher, Arlene Herbert, Dee Hicks, Mary Ann Lyford, Betty Mohr, Mary Lou Richmond, Grace See, Rodney See and Jim Steele.    THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

THANKS TO TRAVEL COMMITTEE:   A BIG THANK YOU to Nip and Jackie Barker and Don and Mary Lou Richmond for the work they do for US.   On February 1, Nip presented the Round Table with a check for $3,000, which is the KGC Travel contribution for the past year.  We do appreciate it, and know it represents MANY hours of work on the part of this committee.  And Nip, the countless hours you have put in on our behalf are also noted.  You ALL do a great job!!!  And, as you all know, this is great help to the Round Table budget.  (REMEMBER:  When you travel with the KGC Travel Group or make arrangements for your trip through Nip and Travel Committee, it benefits all of us!)                    --- Shirley Bethke

OHIO LUNCHEON:   Tuesday, February 18, 11:30 AM at Sharon's Restaurant.  We will have a choice of five entrees, all include the salad bar, choice of soft drink, ice tea, or coffee for $7.00 complete including tax and tip.  A guest speaker will talk on Put-in-Bay.  Come meet your Ohioan neighbors, guests are welcome.  Please wear name tags.  Sign-up sheet is on bulletin board in back.  Need a ride, any questions, please feel free to call Mary Lou Richmond at 484-6807.

JETTY PICNIC:   The next Jetty Picnic will be Thursday,  February 20th at the North Jetty.    Bring a dish to pass, your beverage, dinner service and come on down to the Jetty.  Gather and social time 4 PM, eat at 5 PM.

--- Claire Becker and Gloria Carey

SHOWTIME:   On Wednesday, February 19, 2003, at 7:30 pm come hear the world-renowned founder of the Australian Jazz Quartet, vibraphonist Jack Brokensha, lead his current quartet through some songs that will rekindle thoughts of by-gone days for you.  And don't let the word "jazz" turn you away, for Jack knows we're not a jazz audience, but rather a group that responds to great tunes played with professional skill.  With Johnny Moore on drums, Kenny Fitzgerald on bass and Matt Bokulic on keyboard, Jack promises renditions of your favorite melodies that will delight and thrill you, so come on and bring your friends.  Tickets only $4…..on sale this morning.

HORSE RACE PIZZA PARTY:   Tickets for this event - $4 per person - are on sale today.  Buy your ticket today so you won't miss out.  DATE FOR THIS EVENT IS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22.  The horses are ready, the bookies are ready.  Save your quarters.  BYOB.

HONORE AVE.- I-75 MEETING:   A new Honore Avenue plan will be presented in our Clubhouse on Monday, February 24th at 2 p.m. by the Sarasota Highway Department with our Commissioner Jon Thaxton present.  It is imperative that all residents of the two King's Parks and Laurel Landings make every effort to attend.  The plan that we accepted in talks in 1998 and 1999 was to use the two south lanes of I-75 for the extension of Honore Avenue south and the construction of two north lanes all to take place when I-75 is extended to additional lanes.  Please mark your calendars for this very special meeting.                        --- Don Moriarty

BOOK CLUB:   The February book choice is "Cross Creek" by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.  Read the book and join us on Monday, February 24, at 12:40 PM in the Library.  This is 20 minutes earlier than originally planned so we can finish in time to go to the Honore Ave meeting at 2:00 PM.

NEW YORK - NEW JERSEY PATIO PARTY:   Party will be Thursday, February 27, at 5 PM on the KGC patio.  Sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board.  Please bring your drinks and hot or cold snacks.  Any questions, call the Barths at 485-9714.

KGC SOLO CLUB meets February 27th, 5 PM at Waterfrontoo Restaurant, 2205 N. Tamiami Trail.  Order from 14 Sunset Specials at $9.95.  Draft beer $1.85, glass of wine $3.50, well drinks $3.50.  Sign up in back.  Please wear your name tag and bring a solo friend.  I will be looking for you.  Any questions, call me at 485-1039.                    --- Dick Bartlett

KGC TRAVEL:   The Travel Festival scheduled March 2 has been cancelled.  The RTEC now has Application and Job Description available for the position of Travel Coordinator. These are available in the Travel Carousel.  We will be your coordinators for one more year, until March 31, 2004. The goal is for a willing person(s) to work with us in training to become the future Travel Coordinator(s).  Still need wait list for "Kiss/Kate" 3/9. "Sailor Circus" - absolutely last date to order tickets - 2/20.  Please book ALL Happy Heart Tours with KGC Travel.  Check the travel board and notebooks for info.

--- Jackie & Nip Barker

LADIES' SPRING LUNCHEON:   Tickets are on sale today for this event.  Our Fashion Show and Luncheon will be held on Thursday, March 6, at Mission Valley Country Club.  Come and enjoy the fashions by Laurie.  Social time at 12 noon - lunch 12:30 PM.   Price $17.00 each, including gratuity.

"MOVEMENT FOR HEALTH":   Remember all are welcome to attend this health program.  There is a 45 minute session when you exercise to music on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 11:15 in the Clubhouse.      --- Gigi Conway

COMPUTER USERS:   Carl Rigney will be teaching Basic Computer again at King's Gate RV Park across the creek for 6 weeks starting Tuesday, Feb.18, 1:30 PM.

KING'S GATE CLUB LADIES ARE INVITED by our neighbors across the creek to attend the King's Gate RV Park Luncheon & Fashion Show at Jacaranda Country Club on Friday, Feb. 21st at Noon. Tickets are $15.00.    Contact Ginger Waldron at 483-9082.    Last date for tickets 2-15-03 (TODAY).

VALENTINE POTLUCK:   Another wonderful Club event was this dinner at the clubhouse last Saturday evening.  Chairpersons were Charlotte Alex and Blanche Madden.  Co-Chairs were Shirley and Emil DePasquale.  Tickets were in charge of Sandy McIntyre.  Cooks were Dick Madden, Tony Mazzotta and Anna Donnelly.  The crew were Jim Alex, Wayne Anderson, Joan and Norm Aubry, Arnold Baldwin, Betty Brady, Jim Breitweiser, Loretta Brian, Margaret and Lee Chiles, Wayne Crippin, Ann and Bob Curtis, Marion Daur, Mickey and Gene Fournier, Ruth and Rex Ingerick, Ellie Lambiotte, Chuck McIntyre, Jeanne Randall, Patty Ray, Angie and Ike Richards.  The dinner was delicious - lots of good cooks at KGC.  And, of course, the Sahib Banjo Band was a real musical treat - thoroughly enjoyable entertainment.  THANKS to ALL who made the evening run smoothly.  It was another memorable evening at KGC!

RESTAURANT RAFFLE:   This year we will not have people going door to door selling restaurant raffle tickets for the Fair.  Instead, we will be selling them at the Saturday meetings until the week before the Fair.  The cost will be $10 for a chance to win dinner certificates at local restaurants and a grand prize of $100.  We hope we will sell as many tickets as we have in prior years because this has raised a lot of money for the Fair.  Also, if you do not go to the meetings and want to purchase tickets, please give me a call at 486-1428 and I will come to your home with the tickets.            Thanks,  Arlene Hyde

Shuffling was cancelled this week due to wet courts.   Standings carry over from last week.
Next Day of shuffling is Monday, February 17, at 9:30 AM.  Team #7 makes courts ready for play and is responsible for clean up after play.  The order of play is Yellow - Black - Yellow.          --- Gordy Brown


High Games High Series
Rod See
Fred Carbone
Charles Brady

Congratulations to Valentine Cash Event Winners:

Meeting after bowling 2-18-03 at bowling alley regarding the Sports Banquet scheduled for 3-26-03.

KGC-101 STUDY GROUP:   Next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 18, at 9:30 AM in the Ceramics Room. Cindy Simmons, our Club Manager, will meet with us to explain the responsibilities and functions of the Manager in our Club.  Please plan to ask any appropriate questions you may have about the management of KGC.  If time allows, Robert's Rules of Order will also be taken up.  Anyone and everyone is welcome.  An attempt will be made to find an answer to any question relating to operation of KGC.            --- Thanks,  Dick Phillips

THOUGHTS:   When I hear of people who aren't speaking to one another because of differences on "political issues" here at the Club, it bothers me.  Democrats and Republicans speak to each other and are friends.  And I feel very strongly that socially, we should all be friends.  Let's enjoy every day here at our wonderful place - KING'S GATE CLUB!        --- SJB

KGC FAIR CHAIRPERSONS:   These are the Chairpersons for our King's Gate Fair which will be held on Sat., March 22. Many of these Chairpersons need additional workers. Please contact a Chairperson to volunteer to help. A new Chairman is needed for the Millionnaire (Lotto Tickets) Raffle. Chuck Tompkins will provide training and assistance. Call me to volunteer.          --- Chuck McIntyre, Fair Chairman 480-9503

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