Notes from the Webmaster

A Work in Progress

This new website is very much a work in progress ... the old site had grown to almost 5,000 pages making it an almost impossible job to convert. This is just a start. I'll add things to the new website based on requests ... if there is something you miss or would like to see added, let me know.

I'll put up pages for the activities in the order people send me information ... anyone can send information ... nothing here is official ... if you see something wrong, send an update. (This new website is an experiment in better communication through a non-official channel ... if you know something, let others know ... if you see something that's incorrect, send an update to correct it. Over the last five years, the one thing I learned is that if I waited for something official there would still be no website.)


It's hard to design a home page that is both interesting and displays well on both low-resolution and high-resolution screens. Hopefully this one works for everyone ... if you have trouble with the way it displays on your monitor, let me know.

There seemed to be room for 8 buttons on the home page. As the website evolves, these may not be the best choices. Let me know if there are other ones you would like instead (and which ones you don't use very often and can be replaced).

Hopefully the new drop-down menus (on other page headers) are obvious and work for everyone. If they don't work for you let me know and I'll find an alternative. If you have trouble it may be easier to explain the problem if you call me.

In addition to being able to select one of the choices under a drop-down by moving your cursor onto it and clicking, you can also just click on the word(s) at the top of the drop-down list ... this is equivalent to clicking on the corresponding button on the home page. Speaking of the home page, you can also return there by clicking on the castle on any page header.

As the site grows it will be easy to change the drop-down menus, allowing more direct access to some of these new areas.


You see new Annimations on the home page and the top of most other pages. If you want to replay one of these you can either use your browser's refresh button, or you can right-click on the annimation and find several choices like:  rewind, play and loop.  (The annimations in the headers on the top of pages repeat, turning loop off will stop it after one cycle.)

Because I know many of us still use dial-up lines, I had stayed away from fancy things like annimations because they take so long to download. This summer I've discovered how to create very small annimations (also called flash's) that download quickly. Hopefully they will add more spice to the website.

The annimation on the home page will automatically change at least every week, so check back frequently to see What's New. Some of the annimations on the home page may take 30 seconds or more to download, but once downloaded should stay in your cache and appear instantly until a new one appears. For those of you with DSL or cable, once there are enough annimations, you can bookmark a home page which will randomly choose a different annimation every time you go go there.

Four of the buttons on the home page are also annimated, but this may be a mistake ... they tend to detract from the annimation in the center ... let me know what you think.

--- Wren McMains               
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